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  1. Can best way to explain why sikhs don't mobolise and use the democracy they have to vote in leaders who are not corrupt to run the punjab n have sikhs get into politics who put ego aside n focus on greater good of punjab Rather then ppl not Care let greed drive them n spend fortune on weddings while ppl starve on the streets around them
  2. Like why hasn't a sikh athlete made it to the nba or nfl in united states or pro soccer in england Why has country of jamaica with 2 million people have more athletic success then 2 billion south asians
  3. What role does nature play in success of a people What role does nurture play in a success of a people
  4. His ancestors were most likely converted by the sworD Pakis ancestors were either converted by the sword from hinduism or converted by the sword from sikhisn 1947 End of the day all these pakis ancestors were either converted by sword or raped into islam
  5. What role does nature vs nurture play in producing soldiers and building empires Its no secret that some of the best soldiers are most athletic African americans including africans in other nations dominate sports like over 70 percent of the nfl is african and over 70 percent of the nba are african and look at boxing mma and make 12 percent of the american population But historically the europeans have colonised africa thouigh africans have proven they are physically stronger genetic Nurture plays huge role cause its the culture people are raised in Bihar once had a martial culture that c
  6. Just like south africans fought to have nelson mandela released how can sikhs fight and protest for the release of rajoana And wake up the world to injustises done by the indian govt Won when it came to saving life But need to find way for rajoana to be released Cause he can mobalize sikhs together for a common cause of greater good If balwant rajoana is released sikhs can mobalise and begin the revolution for justice
  7. Actually iran and afghans including pathans and south asian muslims of pakistan sri lanka and bagledesh india ancestory were converted to islam by the sword South indian muslims converted by choice thousand years before when arab mcerchant came to south india Pakistani pathan kashmire bolochi sindhi punjabi n the rest come from ancestors who were raped into islam or brought in by the sword To say pathans are true islamic warriors is a lie they have bin conquered by arabs and genghis khan who was a non muslim raped khan into the muslim pathans Mughals conquered n ruled over pathans includin
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