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  1. Yeah bro.. I know your feelings. I am quite proud to stand out in public and if anyone's ask me what I am wearing on my head I am really happy to share ! It's a challenge but that's what makes Sikhism great! Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ji fateh !
  2. I like your positivity bro. But you have to look at the issue on a global scale. Sikhs in your area might be keeping kesh and dastaar but it's not like that everywhere else. We have to look and solve the problem no matter how big or small that is. When u visit a doctor he or she won't tell you how good your other parts of the body is doing; he is only gonna tell u about the weakness in you. We have weaknesses in our Sikhs that we can't overlook. When one sikh is throwing off his dastaar, it's our duty and responsibly to question and guide him in the right way. We tell people a Sikh is someone
  3. Why are the youths of today cutting their beards and kesh ??? Please explain openly ! Really wanna hear your thoughts.
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