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  1. 31 minutes ago, intrigued said:

    Is anyone else unable to view certain pictures? On both of my devices, I noticed that I was unable to see the profile pic of myself and some others...

    I also can't see certain pictures on different threads...

    I can see your profile pic. Could you clear your browser cache? If you are on mobile then try switching between desktop view etc.

  2. We ran out of space again. Probably a bug with the new upgrade or server needs fixing. We are still looking at the cause. But in the meantime, the files were moved to a new location to make space so it might have broken profile pics etc.

    One more thing to look at ? I guess.

  3. Born in Sikh family does not make one a Sikh. You become Sikh when you study the dharam, understand the concept and most importantly practicing its pure lifestyle.


  4. On 3/3/2021 at 12:28 AM, californiasardar1 said:

    These forums are so dead.

    Most threads barely get any replies, and there are only a few posts each day.

    What have the mods accomplished by banning one of the most frequent posters?

    Most of the people you mentioned choose to post without membership and some of them do post frequently. You cannot ban anyone who does not have any user id. 

  5. Dear Guest guest, 

    You got the definition of Sehajdhari wrong. From various sources: 

    Sehajdhari Sikhs (literally "slow adopter") is a person who has chosen the path of Sikhism, but has not yet become an Amritdhari. A sehajdhari believes in all the tenets of Sikhism and the teachings of the Sikh Gurus but may or may not adorn the five symbols of the Sikh faith.This is not to be confused with the term Mona Sikhs. “A person cannot claim to be a Sehajdhari Sikh by trimming/cutting his/her hair, beard or eyebrows in any manner.” – SGPC Expert Panel Report 


    ‘SIRGUMM’ – If a keshadhari whose birth and naming ceremony has been solemnized in accordance with gurmat, and under the influence of debauched company,  discards the holy kesh he is,  a ‘sirgumm’ (patit)

    Sikh Rahit Maryada makes no mention of the term Sehajdhari Sikh.   Section 4. (Chapter X). (Article XVI)(i) of the Sikh Rahit Maryada, which is applicable to all Sikhs (including Sahajdharis) makes  it mandatory to keep the Kesh of his children intact. 

    Living in consonance with Guru’s Tenets……..A Sikh should, in no way, harbour any antipathy to the hair of the head with which his child is born. He should add the suffix “Singh” to the name of his son. A Sikh should keep the hair of his sons and daughters intact.(p.24)

    For More detailed answer: Read here.

    Note: Due to sensitivity nature of this topic, we will not open this thread for public discussion. 

  6. Dear Guest Lazy, 

    Khalsa traditions as per our Sikh history is to keep our body as clean as possible. Guru Sahib jee gave Kanga as our kakkar to keep our kesh neat and tidy. As per Khalsa lifestyle traidition is to wake up early Amritvela which is 3 hrs prior to Sunrise. Take bath that includes both body and hair/kesh before doing the Nitnem and Naam Abhyaas. 

    If you are not following the Sikh Khalsa Rehat then you can start washing your hairs more often and comb at least twice a day.

    As from our old thread 11 years ago - 

    It is compulsory to wash the hair every day when you have your Ishnaan in the morning. Most people use just water on a daily basis, and use shampoo every 4+ days. Some people oil their Kesh every day.


  7. On 9/21/2020 at 4:10 AM, muscleman said:

    Welcome back. Pls, before you hand it over to someone else, can you remove me from the restriction you’ve imposed upon me? It would be nice to be free of it. I know I am not a regulator poster here but it would be good to be free, especially now that I am stranded here due to COVID travel restrictions and have no Sikh brothers or sisters to talk to. My hormones were playing up and causing a lot of aggressive behaviour in the past but now they have settled and I have grown up since then. Thank you.

    Sure brother. You are off moderation.

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