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  1. I'm a 17 yrs old gurusikh and i just seem to feel detached from the world , I don't seem happy anymore to my friends and family - nothing seems enjoyable,I know being detached is a good thing; as stated by guru ji - but is their shabad that can bring happiness and remove boredem and dis-satisfaction out of my life very quickly whilst remaining detached?
  2. I was recently wandering while doing ardas -hoping waheguru ji will help in this world with many things. But then out of no where I just thought to myself that if I want to attain something in this world then it will come through Rudi sidhi powers( which guru ji prohibits us from using, as it inhibits our spirtality) - is that true?? So my question is when doing ardas for asking prayers to be ansawered are we in anyway using ridi sidi powers or will waheguru ji helps attain what we want without us using our powers (through the blessing of waheguru ji blesses us with) - I ask this because I
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