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  1. Sat-Sri-Akal, Hello There, I am new to the SikhSangat.com and created my account so i can talk about Less Beard/Beard not growing properly. I am 28 years old and as per my age i should have complete beard on my face but unfortunately the scenario is completely different .. I have very low growth beard and not sure what are the factors behind it..I research always from Google/Internet and whatever the solution i found i tried it but to be honest didn't work at all or may be it requires more time...I went to doctor as well but his advice was totally stupid as he suggested me to shave off the beard and then rub the OIL (AS SUGGESTED BY HIM) Don't remember the name of it but his advice was against my religion as well as my own thinking so I simply disregard that idea. then someone told me that it may be due to genetics factor but in our whole family and even if i talk about my grandparents or from my mother side as well no one has less growth at all..MY Brother,dad, grandfather also my cousins all have full growth of beard and even if i talk about my Mother side my mom Father and her brother has full growth...Only Me who has the less growth of beard/body hair..Whatever my near-ones suggested I followed but can't see good results...Any suggestion if you have always welcome as I am single now and my parents are looking for girl and to be honest i don't to be rejected by a girl because of my beard look ugly because of less growth...Please help and I am sure you guys not let me down...
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