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  1. Pray for me brother as I hope to become a Gursikh once again in time. Once i know how to tie a turban that fits me I'll surely grow my hair back. Hopefully Waheguru will forgive me later in life.
  2. How long do you think hair from a really short hair cut would approximately take to grow back? And any idea what the turban is called that the magician magic singh ties? As for facial hair i only have a mustache but have never shaved in my life. I think i will be ready when i fully know how to tie a turban right now i don't know nothing about tying turbans. I've tried many times but it ends up a total mess.
  3. A lot of judgmental people and its nice to see the amount of respect i get for hair length. Not very noble turning your back on a sikh just because of the length of his hairs. Look i was just tired of being called terrorist everyday at school and getting fun made of my turban. Some a****** snipped a few of my hairs without me even realizing which angered me so much i dived for him, couldn't even focus on school because of the racism. i admit i'm not the best person no one is perfect. i just hope one day i will have the will to tie the Pagh proudly without fear of being judged.
  4. Are you serious this website is made for discussions like this? i'm trying to find out the importance of Kesh and all you can say is "Admin please"?
  5. fake problem? Cutting hair is a big problem in Sikhi so what are you on about? And you think I'm doing this for popularity?... You must be nuts, You only live once might as well do it the way you want to be happy. yes i do love sikhi many mona sikhs still have respect for sikhi. I'm not comparing myself to others everyone has to be their own person.
  6. not comparing sardars and mona you have to follow your heart and i feel better being a Mona end of. No speech will change this so save your breathe. I'm still a good person its about being a good person appearance means nothing. I.e a turbaned man commits a crime, I help the poor and be a good person.. Are you going to respect that turbaned man more than me just because of his hair length?
  7. Talk nonsense? i came to understand the reason of keeping kesh all i keep hearing is it's gurus orders??? Just because you've been ordered to keep hair doesn't mean you have to where is the reason behind this? I'm a mona and i can still look myself in the mirror fine knowing i made the best choice to suit me I don't want your sympathy, I dont feel ashamed at all matter of fact i feel better than i did with long hair. Hair length doesn't change anything. i dont drink smoke like most people my age and yet just for cutting my hair im hated more than these people? So your saying you only consider me a brother due to hair length. Mate you sound pathetic
  8. I want to see both routes i want to see mona route as I've already experienced the sardar route. However when i get to an elder age 30's etc i am going to regrow my hair and tie a proper pagh. I think leaving youth as a mona and at an elderly age as a sardar is the best thing for me. Please believe I HONESTLY LOVE SIKHI AND ALL OUR GURUS AND WAHEGURU, but Sikhi Isn't just about hair it's about being one with god and if I find that i feel comfortable and gain spirituality whithout long hair then thats me however I will still go gurdwara on Sundays and pray to god. I dont understand what the problem is most sikh have turbans and long hair etc and still drink alcohol and some sikhs even smoke. I have never smoked or drank alcohol. Wearing a turban may trick others into thinking yes hes a good man hes a sardar etc, but you don't know how they may be when not seen by anyone. I just believe sikhi has more to it than hair. And for that said you've made your mind up stop wasting time. NO I'M NOT I CAME HERE TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT SIKHI AND THE IMPORTANCE OF KESH but can't seem to find a good enough answer. Bottom line i've had both a joora and haircut and i think growing my hair back at this age now is no point I will when i'm elder and understand the importance but I dont now. You have to understand that we are living in the 21st century times have changed. My hair is now up to my shoulders and i'm thinking to go for another haircut i mainly tried regrowing my hair for my mom i honestly dont care about people judging me thats WAHEGURUS job, hopefully Mona are as respected by other Sikhs as sardars. Do you guys think I should my hair or keep it? VERY SORRY FOR THE LONG POST
  9. So just because you cut hair your no longer a sikh? Sikhi isn't about just hair if you comfortable with short hair then you should go with how you feel. Yes i want to cut my hair but i am not abandoning Sikhi, I still go gurdwara on Sundays. Sorry but i feel the need to have my body feel clean . And i respect male sikhs who wear turbans but most are being forced by parents. I guarantee you if most sikh boys had the choice they'd cut their hair than rather keep it and that is the sad truth of today's reality. Guru ji will understand if you feel you need to take the Mona route instead of the Sardar route. I am not cutting my hair for girls or getting bullied I'm cutting it because I think me as a person I feel more comfortable with short hair. Sikhi is a religion full of free will. Kesh is important but this rule was only foretold buy Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Guru nanak dev ji the founder was passionate about the turban and hair however he never mentioned kesh being to important in sikhi it was only said by the tenth and last guru. I think one day at an older I will tie the turban but as a Youth this is the choice I need to make. And i know everyone will dislike me however, If sikhi is just about hair and not you whats the point. Bottom line is Hair always grows back theirs always a chance to become a Sardar once again. E.g KS Makhan the singer was a mona and has become a fully baptized sikh
  10. I'm a sikh boy i've recently turned 17 and cut my hair once when i was 15 my mom was very upset, i felt bad for her so i said i'd regrow it and shes calmed down in time. However all my brothers have haircuts and just ignored my mom and i'm the last boy. My dad wore a turban when he was around but my bro's all cut their hair. And i still want to cut my hair but cant bare to think how my mom will react and feel. My brothers will get angry at me as well as my sister. I just don' understand why i can't still be a Sikh with short hair is it really that bad? I mean hair grows back in time. My hair is nearly up to my shoulders and my mom thinks i will wear a turban soon, what should i say to her? I know saying what i feel will just upset her really not enjoying life right now please help. My mom is going India soon and i'm planning on cutting it whilst she's away, everyone thinks i'm happy regrowing my hair but sadly i'm not and don't want to disappoint them i really don't suit with a turban and i'm hoping to go into the construction industry and my turban will make it harder i sweat a lot in my bricklaying class and get headaches hope Wahiguru will guide me through this rocky time. Guys don't get me wrong I really respect people who wear the turban and are proud I wish I could be too but I'm just not. Any help guys pray for me. I hope to one day wear the turban when i'm at a more matured age.
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