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  1. There's no change, but even the Hazur Sahib Punj Pyare say that if you can't do your nitnem to do 2 hour Jap of Gurmantar or Mool Mantar.
  2. Unless Punj Pyare specifically mention an alternative bhagti/nitnem i.e. if you're illiterate, the Nitnem bani is the same. But usually they don't mention stuff like Asa Di Vaar and Sukhmani Sahib still, they'd recommend Gurmantar and Mool Mantar Jap.
  3. Guru Granth Sahib is for whole world; while Dasam Granth is for the Khalsa.
  4. No, I don’t think that’s true, maybe prime in other aspects.
  5. Where’d you hear that sexual prime for women is in their 30s?
  6. Prime as in their best time. Too much transformers.
  7. @Premi5idk if you’re a girl or some hardcore feminist munda.
  8. Women’s prime is in their 20s, and mens prime is in their 30s.
  9. I think men become more high maintenance with age, while women become less high maintenance with age; the problem is when many guys are more high maintenance than their value, as their value isn’t just their looks, controversially a woman who’s more more high maintenance than what’s her value would still be able to get guys at a young enough age.
  10. I’m not married, but I don’t think lust ends with marriage. It’s something people have to fight with until they get mukti.
  11. It’s best to be married at the youngest age that you can be mature, most people these days are immature well into their 20s, while in the past teens were mature.
  12. You can know that a religion called Sikhi exists, but not know about Sikhi.
  13. People in Punjab have learned more about Sikhi in Canada than in India. I know there were some people who were full-blown Mona back in Punjab who became Amritdhari Singh/Kaur in the West.
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