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  1. Even if alcohol is completely banned and no Hindus, Sikhs, or Muslims drink alcohol in Punjab, this slavery would still exist because of profits and maya; we need to give punishments for slavers.
  2. Are you going to start saying Bihar and Maharashtra are more important for Sikhs than Punjab?
  3. Something I wonder is Nihangs and their use of Bhang, it's always been used for medical purposes; even though now people are just drinking it left and right. No one has peshed for Sukha, so I doubt it would be a problem for them, but for most mainstream Singh Sabha Sikhs, it would cause an uproar if an amritdhari was taking it.
  4. The thing Andrew Tate does is he exploits the issues in society to make himself more famous, he understands that the left has screwed up society so much that he can come in and take advantage of that, and unless society moves more towards a proper Gursikh view, people like Tate can continue to take advantage of the broken society. Either one influences society to go their way or people get absorbed into the society that controls everything, and right now the far left controls most of people's views, and this is just the counterreaction.
  5. Adultery is not allowed in any of those religions.
  6. I would say numbers are important for political power in democratic systems, but numbers alone is pretty much useless, as we can see with the average Christian barely following the words of their founder and at many times Christians themselves have no idea of Jesus maryada. If we give up the importance of Kesh and Rehat, we would be going more backwards, even with the people who cut their hair today; everyone knows the importance of the true Rehat and they try to respect it even if they themselves don't necessarily practice it. Giving up Sikhi to increase numbers will do us no good.
  7. What about people like Ravan or Harnakash who get Mukti despite being tyrants?
  8. I believe I heard a Sakhi that if even Aurangzeb was willing to ask for forgiveness from Guru Sahib that even he could be forgiven. The difference between disrespecting Guru Sahib is that he was Vaheguru himself, but Guru Sahib forgave Ram Rai in 10th form, (even if Ram Raiya are still excommunicated from the panth today). That said, those who make mistake should go away from their mistakes.
  9. If someone doesn't actually believe in Sikhi, what is there to an "interfaith" marriage? If someone does genuinely believe in all the things related to Sikhi, even if they loved the non-Sikh, why would they accept someone with a completely different lifestyle as a life partner?
  10. Jacfsing2


    I don't really believe in the western concept of dating, but if they are openly doing the 4 Bhujer Kurehits they simply aren't compatible with someone who doesn't do the 4 Bhujer Kurehits. It's easy to be friends with them, but when there isn't a compatibility spiritually; where does it actually go?
  11. In the past, when someone had to go for Tankhya for non-Bhujer Kurehits, they wouldn't have went specifically at Amrit Sanchars to get punishments and would get punishments from Sangat, (of which Punj Pyare would be selected). Non-Amritdharis still have never been giving punishments for Tankhya to Amritdharis, (which accounts for 80-90% of the sangat).
  12. Sikhs tend to be one of the most educated groups in India, other educated groups in India like the Jains also have very low birth rates per women. The difference between the old generation and our Sikhs now is that their very thinking was different. (Women would marry around puberty time same for men), also monogamy wasn't exactly required from the old generation, so one man could have a few wives assuming enough men would die from infant mortality or in battle.
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