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  1. I've never seen anyone do Giddah at any wedding I've been to.
  2. I'd probably just ask what their expectations are in the marriage?
  3. Medical Marijuana's been a thing for millennium at this point.
  4. I mean no offense, but arguing about meat one way or the other is pretty useless if someone doesn't know bani or rehat. For most people eating KFC is the same as jhatkaing an animal yourself.
  5. Jacfsing2

    Natural order

    In most scenarios an able-bodied father should protect the family, (including wife and kids), a mother should protect her kids, (after the husband is gone), and oldest siblings should protect younger siblings, (after the parents are gone). If a young child is protecting both mom and dad, something is severely wrong in that scenario. According to Sikhi all of these souls are equal, but by all accounts calling them equal in the pecking order is just not common sense. The ones calling Dhan Dhan Shri Guru Harkrishan Ji a child should have a deeper look at themselves on how they view Guru Sahib instead of saying a normal child should be a leader.
  6. I'd say start with doing Nitnem and Amrit Vela for a while before taking Amrit. If you are living the Rehat it becomes more easier to eventually take Amrit, if you never do paaht, it would be hard to keep the maryada. Just make another topic brava.
  7. People are afraid of what they don't know. Considering 99% of us haven't seen any ghosts or know much about them; we might not exactly be buddy-buddy with ghosts.
  8. I remember when mentioning Jhatka would get you warnings.
  9. If you're unsatisfied by the marriage you probably should get divorced, nothing is worth losing your mental health over.
  10. If western nations had open borders; it would be overpopulated by Desis; and UK would be India 2.0
  11. How do you know the Columbian woman isn't just after a green card though?
  12. Most Sikh kids in general cut their hair, even if 2 punjabi parents. Really up to the child at that point to choose Sikhi.
  13. Wouldn't the Columbian lady become a UK girl when she moves? I hear a lot of that happening where a woman who was traditional back home becomes less traditional in the new country.
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