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  1. Jacfsing2

    Beard curling

    For a Singh or Kaur to be going into a Barber shop for this curling thing is a bit odd, if they want to do beard curling, they should do it themselves instead of going to a Barber where Hajjamat is performed every day.
  2. In Punjab it's not that much of a sacrifice to wear a turban tbh. A grown adult who's relatively secure in his identity isn't going to just cut his hair, even if he doesn't necessarily believe in Sikhi in Punjab just because they aren't the perfect Keshdhari or Amritdhari gursikh.
  3. I'm sure you're just making stuff up at this point. If anything, our people fought Nihangs as the bad sides.
  4. Jacfsing2

    Amrit sachar UK

    You could arrive with the intent of taking Amrit, but if you feel they aren't practicing proper Maryada, you could just leave. But if you already disbelieve in the Punj Pyare at the Amrit Sanchar, best not to show up
  5. Andrew Tate saying truth only. Even the responses to Tate have only shown examples of old Gursikhs from Guru's time till Ranjit Singh.
  6. Unless the Dravidian states of India also split, India isn't likely going to give up just Punjab, (don't expect any other North Indian Hindu state to leave, as they've been influenced by "Hindu Hindi Hindustan").
  7. This is the truth, other communities tend to not be as self-aggressive as we are, which would just mean we have people who hate our own people more than any gora or kala.
  8. There's some Amritdhari in Punjab who are RSS agents, we really can't just assume that because someone is Amritdhari that they'd know what Sikhi is all about.
  9. Objectively speaking on some levels there's some truth in what they said, our Sikh faith has been abrahmized in the last few centuries, the original goal of the British was to convert the Sikhs into Christianity but when they failed at that, they decided if they couldn't convert the Sikh, rather they would create a new influence within Sikhi. That said, what many Hindus don't realize about these old school Sikhs having Hindu-influence is that from the time when Prithi Chand rebelled against Guru Sahib until Singh Sabha Movement, the Haramandir Sahib hasn't had control of Sikhs and after Banda Singh Bahadur's reign ended, Sikhs lived in jungles and even more Gurdwaras had fallen under the Mahants. We can't completely base Sikhi on a purely historical context and we need Gurbani and Rehitnamas, (most important being Bhai Nand Lal's), to guide the Panth.
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