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  1. Sat Sri Akal This may not be to do with the Sikh religion but... I'm in desperate need of learning Punjabi and Bhangra dance. I live in New Zealand have a Punjabi boyfriend and soon will be visiting India. Please any help what so ever would be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. I agree, all I'm wanting to do is learn more about the Sikh religion and get more in depth with it, I'm not really interested in hearing about how "Jesus didn't speak truth" he's the only truth I have known up until now, yes Christianity has become corrupted over the years with all the false accusations and a lot of Christians being so judgemental it says in the bible "love everyone" but a lot of people are so scared to stop into a Church as they think they will be judged, it's sad, the westboro baptist church in the usa made the religion look even worse although thats not really how it is at all. That's why I'm so interested in the Sikh religion, it really does say "truth" and "love everyone" it accepts all religions into the temples, accepts all people from different religions and won't be all in your face like "this is the truth you must follow" a lot of religions these days will try to convert you, although with the Sikh religion I never see this happening. Thankyou for all your comments. :-)
  3. Thanks heaps, I know there is a Gurudwara here in Christchurch, so I could check that out sometime soon and so I could really see more.
  4. Sat Sri Akal, this may be off topic but... I was born and raised in New Zealand to New Zealand parents, been Christian all my life. The Sikh religion is very eye opening, I'm very interested in becoming a follower, it's goes hand and hand with the culture in Punjab, I just love everything about the culture and religion. This religion just sounds so true & pure. I have a tiny bit of Indian in me, my nana mum was from Assam and came here when she was 18. I guess what I'm asking is how you Sikhs view people outside India becoming a Sikh also, I know Sikhism is a very accepting religion of every over religion, but I want this to be the mothership religion for me. Thanks.
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