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  1. @ sheikh Thanks brother. Just need blessings. Ofcourse i will share my pics. I m hopeful n believe that waheguru g will let me get thru this hard time and will bring peace n happiness all around. When i joined this forum, i was so confused and wanted to see from others perspective how they luk into this situation. I got support n few stood against . Thanks to those who supported me and thanks to those who stood against as now i feel more determined towards my goal. I feel happy to say that within this couple days i mean since i joined this forum, i met two angels who will support in my
  2. Thanks everyone. I had enough inputs from you all. We should stop here. Thanks.
  3. My parents havent consumed amrit but they read gurbani everyday. His family have consumed amrit and when i came to know, we both had decided that we will follow his family path and will consume amrit together
  4. @sat g His grandparents dont have two years and its their last wish to see us married. What can be done ?
  5. @sat Thanks for your advice. Yes, i m ready for turning into amritdhari and before you said this thats my goal. N not just my goal but its his goal too.. @ sat Yes i m argumenting because you were talking about sharm or laaj . Anyways leave.
  6. @ sat If your daughter come and ask same thing , what would you do , will you kill her ?
  7. @sheikh Thankyou for your support. 'I m still looking forward to have everything peacefully. I m trying every posible way to convince them. My wish is to have my family n my love n his family altogether. That would be heaven for me and i would b the happiest girl. Thanks for your support bro.
  8. @ Jagsaw I never set that if i go for arrange marriage my in law set me to fire or sumthing. I am not against arrange marriage. I m just saying that if my parents cant trust a guy i chose as they think may be he is takinng advantage for money or just to come abroad, then how can they sumone they wud chose?? I wont into detail but my bro in law is one such example. My parents chose him. My sis hv to adjust acc to him. But they way he treat my sis, my family cant bear. My parents dont like my bro in laws behaviour. But wat can they do. Even if he slap my sis, my parent cnt go n stop him. N
  9. @ khalsa1469 Longterm effects: If i leave him, i wont marry and throughout the life i will regret (if i will be able to survive) My parents will b happy. Society will be happy. But i will die each day like now. On the otherside, if he will b able to survive than he will b forced to marry sumbdy innocent to whom he would never be able to do justice. N if he does something to himself than his whole family happiness and life is gone as he is dear to his family. Yeah this society wil be happy as he didnt gt married sumbdy out of caste. Life is too short to make others happy.
  10. They are still quiet a few honest people in india. Relationships are based on trust. What if tomorrow, my prnts select a guy and he tourches me after wedding. You alwz have to take risk. Today its my parents decision , tomorrow if i have some issues than my parents cant come and help bcz at that time it will be called interference. I believe family comes first than society. God forbid, if there is fire in a forest and u have ur family member and somebody from society , who would you save first?????? Would you sacrifice your family member for society or you would save family first n then s
  11. @ khalsa1469 Thanks for your comments. To a some extend, you are right. 1. Most the guys misuse and cheat to come abroad for better lifestyle. I 100% agree with this. Sir, my ask from my parents was go, meet and investigate and then make any decision. This would give them chance to know whether this guys is not trying to take my advantage. Secondly, i told my parents that he was got a opportunity from his job to come here. At that time he rejected it due to some health conditions of his family member. Sir, i sAid to my parents if thats what you think, than lets wait for him to come her
  12. @garch Well to me having a bf means i have chosen a partner with whom i m ready to spend rest of my life. I dont see anything wrong or against sikhi.
  13. @garch First of all let me clear this habing a bf doesnt mean having physical relnship. We both are countries apart so i dont think wat you are saying have anything to do in this case. Secondly, lust can be fulfilled anywhere with anybody. Its not love. And i m not that cant of girl. So i would suggest before jumping to a conclusion better ask for clarifications.
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