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  1. Thank you for the encouraging posts. I've recently taught my son how to do "matha tekh" to BabaJi's picture and try to say Waheguru. He sleeps to Waheguru Simran and just recently for the first time, sat for more than an hour in a Gurdwara without any fuss! This is amazing and very promising progress. We will continue to pray for him and his atma. Forever seeking.
  2. Dear friends, Firstly, I do feel blessed that we have been gifted with a son with autism. But it is difficult. He is a happy boy and very loving - but cannot speak, has independence issues, cognitive disabilities and social challenges. I'll be honest - we do worry about his future and his complex care does add stress to our lives. Our lives are not following the "normal" path.. whatever "normal" is. But I stay steadfast and am a very positive person at the core. I'm starting to rediscover Sikhi and the power of Naam. It does help me stay centred and on course. But I do question, why us? Why him? How can his soul find Waheguru? What was in his or our karma that led to this? What can Waheguru do to protect and bless him? This not to offend anyone.. but just some questions I've always had. Forever seeking. OneZ
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