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  1. Thank you paaji this has helped me out a lot. It was a question asked by one of my students so hopefully I'll be able to explain this to my class! Thanks once again waheguru ji Ka Khasla Waheguru Ji K Fateh
  2. waheguru is in every living thing and soul- mahraj jis hukam is that we shouldn't eat animals but plants also contain life and a soul so why can we eat that? Can anyone give insight to this please
  3. Penji yea she has had all tests done ... She has polycystic ovarian syndrome which is very common and hence why I said her bad acne was hormonal ... She has been trying meds for almost 4/5 years now and nothing has helped her
  4. Gurfateh Ji, I have asked my friend and she said there is nothing in her rehat that prevents are from using it but she is just a little cautious about the egg part of it
  5. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji K Fateh I wanted to ask something as I am not sure about it and was hoping someone can shine some light or knowledge on my question. Basically, I have a friend, who has really bad acne prone skin- like the acne she gets is really big, angry, painful, and if they do shrink in size (eventually) they leave massive dark scars that stay for months on end , sometimes possibly years! She has been trying so many natural skin products and cleansers but nothing has worked, but somewhat made it worse... diet is not an issue as she has a very strict and healthy diet (apart from the few cheat days everyone is allowed) and drinks plenty of water... her bad skin is a hormonal issue... she has even tried medication which didn't work either.. so basically everything she has tried hasn't work... this girl is now in her early 20's and is not confident with her appearance at all... whilst researching, someone in a similar situation, recommended a Lush skin care product (for anyone that doesn't know- Lush products are all made from natural ingredients so no chemicals and no animal testing), which worked a miracle for this person... reading all the reviews and going in store to find out about it, my friend has come to the conclusion that she wishes to try it, however, the only problem is that, the product contains egg in it and my friend is amritdharee. Egg is supposedly very good in skin care products but she and I are both unsure about whether it would be right or wrong to use this product when she is amritdharee keeping in mind that she isnt eating it but just applying it on her face. Can anyone please advise us on what would be right? Many Thanks. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji K Fateh
  6. wjkk wjkf everyone! I can't be more happier whilst saying this that i'm so glad that i turned to the internet and more importantly this forum page for help.... I feel so much more better and guided after reading everyones views and advice, and from the bottom of my heart I honestly thank everyone who posted here for not judging me but treating me like their sister or daughter and guiding and advising me in the right way (this is something I've found very hard to find in the "real" world) so thank you.... Thank you for allowing me to see that what I am/was feeling and wanting was just a "weak" phase I am going through and yes! i have to keep strong- Mahraj is testing me.... when I am sitting an exam at uni and begin to find the paper hard, I don't run away from it, I find a way to tackle it and succeed, so why should this be any different? I knew from day one that going on this path, more than anything is going to be the most difficult challenge ever, but somewhere down the line, i think i forgot who am was... someone who was never afraid of challenges and someone who succeeded at every challenge... when you fall down, you have to get back up and try again and I thank you all for showing me my real self again... it really means a lot to me knowing that mahraj does have people out here to help people like me without judging us HARD OR EASY..... THE PATH THAT INVOLVES MAHRAJ AND ONLY HIM IS THE ONLY PATH I WANT TO BE ON ! Thank you once again to everyone here for allowing me realise that and apologies to anyone I may have offended wjkk wjkf x
  7. Gurfateh ji! Thanks for your reply... I don't think its always about the sangat....I hang around with the right sangat,... I have never been associated with anyone who does wrong things including drinking, smoking etc... everyone I mingle with are either amrithdharees or people from well respected families who practice sikhi but arent amritdharee ( they are living the best of both worlds without doing wrong things- if that makes sense)... Again, like i mentioned before, the society of sikhs i live in is very small... everyone can admit that the world we live in today, half the amritdharees, who claim to have higher mentality than a low selfish person like me and claim to be good role models, aren't... which clearly goes to explain why I have turned to the internet, to express myself.... I know that anyone or any amritdharee i talk to here will do nothing but judge me and look down on me rather than give me true advise.... in connection to dancing, i personally don't feel its wrong- yes I have read the gurbani line related to it but when i talk about dancing i don't mean, dancing in clubs, amongst boys, or any of the negative stuff people automaically associate it with,.. what i mean is that, when you are brought up in a family where there is not only religion but also culture you should be able to adapt- when t talk about dancing i mean enjoying amongst family... not getting drunk etc and making a fool of oneself.. talking about makeup.... what about those who aren't confident with their appearance? I for one amen't ... I have a lot of insecurities ... we live in a cruel world and everyone is different.. we all have different ways of dealing with a situation.... With all honesty, hand on heart... i want to stay in the path I have chosen, and that is guru ji's path.. but i'm scared of going ahead and making a massive mistake that i may regret... i'm scared of upsetting guru ji... i'm scared of disappointing my older brothers and sisters, who are proud of the decision ive taken.... i'm scared of becominh a bad person
  8. Waheguru ji Ka khasla waheguru ji k fateh thank you for your replies... it means a lot to me that there are people out there who will take their time out to help a total stranger! I agree with everything you three have said, and from day one I always kept it in my head that its not going to be an easy path but a tough one... i always knew that... I do simran almost everyday... if not do, I atleast listen to it through out the day every day,.. this is the one and only thing I ask mahraj everyday day, morning and night in my ardaas to help me, increase that love and help me to keep myself strong.. i have faith in mahraj and I probably know that He is testing me but what does someone falling weak and short of hope in themselves do? I feel so crappy that i don't have that strength to look positive with my apperance amongst all those girls who are like the old me? Don't get me wrong,. i always loved my dastar, do love my dastar and always will love wearing it and am so proud to be a girl who can walk with her head held high wearing one... but my confidence is breaking ... why?
  9. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji K Fateh I am a young, 19 year old amritdharee female. I am born and raised in a typical punjabi family, however, we all do paath and are well into learning about Sikhi. I am the only daughter in the family, I used to be the girl who was into her, makeup, hair styling(i've never cut my hair) and basically all the usual girly stuff a typical girl is interested in. From a young age I have been attending gurdwara, sikhi classes and doing kirtan on the vaja. In 2013, we had our annual dastar day, where I tied the dastar for the first time and I fell in love with it. When I told my parents that I was considering wearing the dastar full time, they weren't against the idea (both my brothers have worn a keski since birth but aren't amritdharee) but objected by saying it was just a phase I was going through and I would change my mind. I few months later, in January 2014, we had a jatha come for a week and on the last day they were holding an amrit sanchar. During the second last divan, something in what they were saying me touched me so much that, almost 12 hours before the amrit sanchar I decided to take amrit. I am someone who never in my life even considered the idea of taking amrit but I don't know why, but I just felt that I was ready and had to take the leap of faith. I felt sitting in the darbar sahib that night, it was either take it now or never. So next day, I take amrit. I AM THE ONLY AMRITDHAREE IN MY FAMILY AND EXTENDED FAMILY. Now almost year and a half on, I do my paath (timing is an issue - but something that can be worked on), follow my rehat, wear a dastar etc. The first full year, I was convinced fully, and also told others who asked me, that me taking amrit suddenly was the best decision ever and I would never look back, I feel so blessed to be on this path. HOWEVER, for the past few months my confidence has shattered. I can't stop my mind from falling weak to think that maybe I have made a quick decision- one which perhaps I should have thought about more carefully. I do my paath - I love doing paath, kirtan... I wouldn't be able to live without it... sikhi is my identity and one I'm so proud to be a part of BUT! My appearance.... I love my dastar but for the past few months I really miss the old me... the girl who was free spirited, carefree, girly,.. I MISS MY HAIR.. I MISS LETTING IT DOWN .. I WAS IN LOVE WITH MY HAIR!!! (I've never touched alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and I'm a strict vegetarian and have never entered a club apart from wedding functions with my family). I feel so weak when I say that I go to bed crying most nights these days because I feel so guilty that Mahraj knows what I'm wishing for.... to be free. I see other girls who are like the old me, who like to dance, wear makeup, style their hair etc but still keep intact with their sikhi, do their paath, learn about their dharam etc but aren't amrithdaree... I wish I took time to think about it and maybe today I wouldn't be sitting here crying whilst typing this up. My family and friends and my community are so proud of me for the step I took a year and a half ago but what do I do now??? I literally feel that I have no one to pour my heart out to that would understand what I am going through.... I talk to Mahraj about this but I feel like I'm trapped... no matter what I do I'll only bring badness... If i continue the way I am, I'll never be a good gursikh, and if i go back to the old me, I'll dishonour and bring shame to my family- HOW WOULD I FACE THE WORLD... I have never done anything wrong up till date and don't intend to. But when I look at my family, my sisters, my cousins, I see the old me in them- The happy me! I really need someone to advise me, I can no longer sit here with all this bottled inside me... I don't want to be depressed any more... PLEASE someone help me! Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji K Fateh!
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