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  1. Thank you cyber sangat! Everyone’s responses are greatly appreciated. I feel more at ease after having re assurance from everyone. We will be renting a car as well to see more than just the theme parks. Searching for answers online wasn’t helping, it was just making me more paranoid. I will definitely be walking proud with the Guru’s Crown!
  2. It will be my very first time to Florida or anywhere in the US for that matter. I have no family as well. Very nervous because of the increased racial tensions with Sikhs who wear Dastars and beards, in the US. Myself I tie a “Ghol” one. I would like to know is it safe for Sikhs? What should I be aware of? Should I be avoiding anything? Where is the closets Gurdwara to Disney? Any Disneyworld advice? I will be traveling to Disneyworld with my family If there is anything else you can add from your experiences. I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help and advice!
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