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  1. Every state has grown debt.. Punjab, Westbengal, Kerela all have slacked down in last 10 yrs. OFcourse the akali dynasty have destroyed Punjab from every angle. Nepotism, Drug culture, corruption and inaccountability are biggest problems. 80% of drugs in punjab come from Pakistan. 50% of our youth are drug addicts--We need to stop co-rrelating Punjab administration problem with these terror attacks. why cant some of you understand that 1. Enemy hits you where you are weak 2. Kashmir is hightly militarized state. 3. They open another front--Punjab is almost a lawless state--It shares 600
  2. Well, I have many family members who are Sikh---So we have common history-I am no RSS lover--I support everyone who work for humanity, protect our motherland Be them Sikh, Hindus, muslim or Christians.---3 Sikhs have laid down their life. Entire Punjab is under shock---Its shame on some of those people who bring in personal political differences to divert our attention. I have met many sikhs abroad including some who support Khalistan.--But they behave perfectly normal face to face and understand our common history,dedication towards Sikhi,Panth and Dharma. Only a fool will believe that
  3. fKKK advani...I dont believe in story of these patwant singh. Khushwant singh hates hindutva,RSS. 90% of his articles criticize RSS and BJP. Even then, he praised role of RSS in 1984 riots.. BJP is not corrupt but it is part of drug alliance supporting nepotism in punjab. No BJP supporter will vote BJP bcoz of Akali dal corruption and banana governance. BJP is still part of govt bcoz it believes in dharma and it is not backstabber. Akali are corrupt but not politically immoral and bankrupt like Ak420-AAP, Congress chors/scamgress/khangress
  4. ... I dont give Fukk about RSS but I dont believe in your conspiracy theory http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/death-toll-indian-base-attack-rises-troops-gunmen-36063531 The number of troops killed in the attack rose to seven on Sunday, with four succumbing to their injuries overnight and an elite commando killed in a morning blast that occurred while he was handling explosives, officials said. At least seven troops and four gunmen have been killed in the fighting so far.
  5. stop doubting Indian govt like a conspiracy theorist. India have lost 3-4 Sikh jawans and 4 other army officers. This is a cross border attack and have nothing do with political crisis. There is a shakargar barge where local and Pakistani use for drugs trading. Jihadis are entering via the same route near river line of ravi where there is no fencing. Police and corrupt politicians are involved in drugs business but this is not time for infighting & political point scoring. If The drug cartel is aware of the infiltration route, then we must go after them & arrest all sleeper cells
  6. These jihadis belong to Jaish-e-muhammad. They are motivated to attack indian army http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/behind-terror-attack-a-reborn-jihad-empire/ “To Delhi, O’ Hindus, the army of the Prophet will soon return,” reads a giant mural over the entrance of the Jaish-e-Muhammad’s headquarters at Bahawalpur, in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Inside the building, there is a swimming pool, stables, training grounds and accommodation for hundreds of students. Ever since 2014, Masood Azhar — imprisoned by Pakistan’s intelligence services after his cadre were found to
  7. Pakistan has not been able to catch 1 hindustani terrorist while India have killed 20000 Pakistani terrorist in last 20 yrs. Stop peddling lies... The terrorist who came to India speak multani & they hail from south punjab,pakistan! You are a Pakistani muslim or terrorist sympathizer
  8. Out of 10 killed, 5-6 are Sikhs--- Why are you bringing religion in this discussion??
  9. Badal is a fake sikh....Guru Teg bahadur contribution & sacrifice is recognized by every indian
  10. Lies.lies and only lies....Many RSS workers and Hindu Rw protected Sikhs in Delhi---Khushwant singh have depicted with proper citations http://www.outlookindia.com/article/victory-to-the-mob/228338 About 21 years ago, northern India down to Karnataka witnessed a bloodbath the likes of which the country had not experienced since Independence nor after. When I rang up Zail Singh as a mob was reported to be on its way to my flat, his office said he thought I should move into a Hindu friend's house.
  11. Hide, regroup and attack.. Their aim was to cause maximal damage which is only possible if they sustain it for longer time.
  12. Have BJP ever killed any Sikh??? Akali Badal govt have killed 5+ sikhs in last 6months. 1000muslim petrol bombed a train in gujarat,2002. riot was retaliation. Modi or no modi result would have been same Atleast Modi is not corrupt---He doesnt run drug business which have destroyed Punjabi youth
  13. The terrorist were hiding for 24hours. The AF base camp is very very large area.
  14. Badal is corrupt drug mafia who have destroyed reputation of BJP. BJP is forced to go along with him bcz that mafia is part of alliance
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