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  1. Every state has grown debt.. Punjab, Westbengal, Kerela all have slacked down in last 10 yrs. OFcourse the akali dynasty have destroyed Punjab from every angle. Nepotism, Drug culture, corruption and inaccountability are biggest problems. 80% of drugs in punjab come from Pakistan. 50% of our youth are drug addicts--We need to stop co-rrelating Punjab administration problem with these terror attacks. why cant some of you understand that 1. Enemy hits you where you are weak 2. Kashmir is hightly militarized state. 3. They open another front--Punjab is almost a lawless state--It shares 600 KM border with Pakistan. Drug agents have ties with Pakistani who can use the same route to push weapons. Police, some BSF are also involved in the nexus-- 4. Look-..Gurudaspur GPS log was given to US---US found that logs details and timestamp started from Pakistan!! http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/us-to-sharif-gps-ties-gurdaspur-strike-to-pakistan/ US to PM Nawaz Sharif: GPS ties Gurdaspur strike to Pakistan The evidence, based on Global Positioning System (GPS) sets recovered from the terrorists, was discussed during Sharif’s recent visit to Washington.The United States has presented Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with evidence that the terror strike in Gurdaspur three months ago was carried out by groups operating from his country, diplomatic sources told The Indian Express. The evidence, based on Global Positioning System (GPS) sets recovered from the terrorists, was discussed during Sharif’s recent visit to Washington. Sharif was warned that large-scale civilian fatalities in the attack could have forced India’s political leadership to order cross-border strikes on jihadi training camps and infrastructure, which could have potentially sparked off a full-scale war. ’Pakistani diplomats initially insisted that the Gurdaspur strike had nothing to do with their country. But when the US insisted that the technical data was irrefutable, they argued that there was no official complicity in facilitating it,’ said a Washington-based diplomat.
  2. Well, I have many family members who are Sikh---So we have common history-I am no RSS lover--I support everyone who work for humanity, protect our motherland Be them Sikh, Hindus, muslim or Christians.---3 Sikhs have laid down their life. Entire Punjab is under shock---Its shame on some of those people who bring in personal political differences to divert our attention. I have met many sikhs abroad including some who support Khalistan.--But they behave perfectly normal face to face and understand our common history,dedication towards Sikhi,Panth and Dharma. Only a fool will believe that Hindus or RSS want to dilute Sikhism----RSS and Hindu RW were the 1st group to raise awareness after 2011 population demographics shows decline in Sikh % population! I have personal respect for Sikh religion and I dont need to prove myself on this forum
  3. fKKK advani...I dont believe in story of these patwant singh. Khushwant singh hates hindutva,RSS. 90% of his articles criticize RSS and BJP. Even then, he praised role of RSS in 1984 riots.. BJP is not corrupt but it is part of drug alliance supporting nepotism in punjab. No BJP supporter will vote BJP bcoz of Akali dal corruption and banana governance. BJP is still part of govt bcoz it believes in dharma and it is not backstabber. Akali are corrupt but not politically immoral and bankrupt like Ak420-AAP, Congress chors/scamgress/khangress
  4. ... I dont give Fukk about RSS but I dont believe in your conspiracy theory http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/death-toll-indian-base-attack-rises-troops-gunmen-36063531 The number of troops killed in the attack rose to seven on Sunday, with four succumbing to their injuries overnight and an elite commando killed in a morning blast that occurred while he was handling explosives, officials said. At least seven troops and four gunmen have been killed in the fighting so far.
  5. stop doubting Indian govt like a conspiracy theorist. India have lost 3-4 Sikh jawans and 4 other army officers. This is a cross border attack and have nothing do with political crisis. There is a shakargar barge where local and Pakistani use for drugs trading. Jihadis are entering via the same route near river line of ravi where there is no fencing. Police and corrupt politicians are involved in drugs business but this is not time for infighting & political point scoring. If The drug cartel is aware of the infiltration route, then we must go after them & arrest all sleeper cells who help paki drug business. The same route is being used for jihad infiltration US blamed Pak for Gurusaspur attack. http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/us-to-sharif-gps-ties-gurdaspur-strike-to-pakistan/ US to PM Nawaz Sharif: GPS ties Gurdaspur strike to Pakistan The evidence, based on Global Positioning System (GPS) sets recovered from the terrorists, was discussed during Sharif’s recent visit to Washington. 1-2 trivia spy and odd cases from 1970's while we kill 100 of Pakistani terrorist & infiltrators yearly... ho hum ...everyone and his sister knows that 9/11 was an inside job ...and quoting weird newsreports is your MO ...anyone would think you are just sat in a sweaty internet cafe cutting and pasting away from RSS approved news sources Height of conspiracy theory!!
  6. These jihadis belong to Jaish-e-muhammad. They are motivated to attack indian army http://indianexpress.com/article/india/india-news-india/behind-terror-attack-a-reborn-jihad-empire/ “To Delhi, O’ Hindus, the army of the Prophet will soon return,” reads a giant mural over the entrance of the Jaish-e-Muhammad’s headquarters at Bahawalpur, in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Inside the building, there is a swimming pool, stables, training grounds and accommodation for hundreds of students. Ever since 2014, Masood Azhar — imprisoned by Pakistan’s intelligence services after his cadre were found to be involved in an attack on former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf — has slowly reemerged on the jihadist stage. Indian intelligence officials have said the organisation was responsible for Saturday’s strike on an Indian Air Force base — its first major operation in India since an abortive 2005 strike on a makeshift temple in the Babri Masjid complex. READ | Pathankot terror attack strikes at heart of PM Modi’s Pakistan peacemaking The recruits being trained at the Bahawalpur seminary as well as bases in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir has, however, become a growing concern for India’s security services. Long before the Pathankot attack, the Jaish had carried out multiple strikes in Kashmir, and had promised more in videos and propaganda articles posted online. In his book Fathul Jawwad, Azhar wrote: “The life of nations depends on martyrs. The national fields can be irrigated only with the blood of the best hearts and minds.” READ | Punjab again: Second attack in six months Formed in January 2000, soon after Azhar was let out of an Indian jail in a hostages-for-prisoners swap, the Jaish was intended to unite a welter of jihadist groups which had been fighting in J&K as well as in Afghanistan. It was endorsed by a cross-section of jihadist clerics representing the Deobandi clerical tradition in Pakistan. In 2000, Azhar’s newly formed group staged the first suicide-bombing in Kashmir, killing nine. Azhar imposed himself on India’s consciousness again in 2001, ordering an attack on Parliament House in New Delhi. The strike took India and Pakistan to the brink of war. In the wake of 9/11, though, the Jaish came under enormous stress. Musharraf, found himself forced into an increasingly bloody showdown with the Jaish’s constituent units. In late 2001, Maulana Abdul Jabbar, the Jaish’s overall military commander, began pushing for attacks on western targets in Pakistan, leading to a split with Azhar. Many young jihadists also broke ranks with the Jaish to join more radical al-Qaeda-linked groups. From 2003, matters came to a head as breakaway Jaish operatives were found to be involved in attacks on Musharraf himself. Later, elements of the group were involved in the July 2007 stand-off between the army and jihadists who had occupied the Lal Masjid in Islamabad. In the wake of these events, former ISI chief Lieutenant-General Javed Ashraf Qazi candidly told Pakistan’s Parliament that it “must not be afraid of admitting that the Jaish was involved in the deaths of thousands of innocent Kashmiris (and) bombing the Indian Parliament”. Azhar’s decision to stand with the Pakistani state at this moment cost him legitimacy as a jihadist leader. Pressure from the West also worked to push Azhar into hibernation. From 2013, though, the ISI again began to cultivate Azhar, in an effort to use pro-government jihadists as a counterweight to anti-Pakistan jihadists. He found a ready pool of cadre in southern Punjab. “Having no alternative ideology like Marxism or Liberalism which may challenge the feudal stranglehold, Deobandi militancy remains one of the few ways to counter it,” said social scientist Tahir Kamran. The second coming of Azhar, the Pathankot strike shows, could provoke a crisis no less significant than those he sparked off in 1999 and 2001.
  7. Pakistan has not been able to catch 1 hindustani terrorist while India have killed 20000 Pakistani terrorist in last 20 yrs. Stop peddling lies... The terrorist who came to India speak multani & they hail from south punjab,pakistan! You are a Pakistani muslim or terrorist sympathizer
  8. Out of 10 killed, 5-6 are Sikhs--- Why are you bringing religion in this discussion??
  9. Badal is a fake sikh....Guru Teg bahadur contribution & sacrifice is recognized by every indian
  10. Lies.lies and only lies....Many RSS workers and Hindu Rw protected Sikhs in Delhi---Khushwant singh have depicted with proper citations http://www.outlookindia.com/article/victory-to-the-mob/228338 About 21 years ago, northern India down to Karnataka witnessed a bloodbath the likes of which the country had not experienced since Independence nor after. When I rang up Zail Singh as a mob was reported to be on its way to my flat, his office said he thought I should move into a Hindu friend's house. In Delhi, over 3,000 Sikhs were murdered, their wives and daughters gangraped, their properties looted, 72 gurudwaras burnt down. The all-India total of casualties was close to 10,000, the loss of property over thousands of crores. What triggered off the holocaust was the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. On the morning of October 31, 1984, she was assassinated by two of her Sikh security guards. As the news of her death spread, rampaging mobs of Hindus shouting khoon ka badla khoon se lenge (we will avenge blood with blood), armed with cans of petrol, matchboxes and lathis set upon Sikhs they met on the roads—easily identifiable because of their distinct appearance—and set them on fire. Sikh-owned shops and homes were attacked and looted. Most of this mayhem and murder took place in Congress-ruled states. Word had gone round, "Teach the Sikhs a lesson"; the police was instructed not to intervene. It was then people realised how much ill-will Sikhs had earned because of the hate-filled utterances of Bhindranwale against Hindus and the years of killings carried out by his hoodlums in Punjab. No Sikh leader, neither Congress nor Akali, had raised his voice in protest. Consequently, when Mrs Gandhi ordered the army to enter the Golden Temple to get Bhindranwale dead or alive, no Hindu condemned the action as unwarranted. Sikhs were deeply hurt by Operation Blue Star and ultimately two of them decided to murder Mrs Gandhi. What followed was largely condoned by Hindus and the Hindu-owned media. I don't think Rajiv was himself a party to the anti-Sikh pogrom. Only, he was guilty of allowing it to go on till his mother's funeral was over. Girilal Jain, editor of the Times of India, wrote that Sikhs should have been aware of what lay in store for them. N.C. Menon, editor of theHindustan Times, wrote that they had "clawed their way to prosperity" and deserved what they got. There were few people left to share their pain. It must be acknowledged that some leaders of the Sangh parivar and the RSS, including A.B.Vajpayee, went out of their way to help the Sikhs.So did men like Ram Jethmalani, Soli Sorabjee and a few others. Doval was doing his duty...His duty was to save India & crush anti indian militancy...He did as per his duty.
  11. Hide, regroup and attack.. Their aim was to cause maximal damage which is only possible if they sustain it for longer time.
  12. Have BJP ever killed any Sikh??? Akali Badal govt have killed 5+ sikhs in last 6months. 1000muslim petrol bombed a train in gujarat,2002. riot was retaliation. Modi or no modi result would have been same Atleast Modi is not corrupt---He doesnt run drug business which have destroyed Punjabi youth
  13. The terrorist were hiding for 24hours. The AF base camp is very very large area.
  14. Badal is corrupt drug mafia who have destroyed reputation of BJP. BJP is forced to go along with him bcz that mafia is part of alliance
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