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  1. I request admins to close this topic as a response has been given, after I requested a honest reply. Singh132, Although I still have doubts, I will have to accept your response as I don't have hard evidence. (A little hint for you-) Finally I request you discuss all this with head granthi there and make sure he is aware that such discussions over any peshi is unacceptable. In the end antarjami Guru Sahib will make final judgment.
  2. Fair enough, let us give them the benefit of doubt, that they are unaware of this topic at the moment. Please may someone here alert them or someone who knows them of this topic, so that worldwide sangat can get a proper honest reply. This is very serious topic, whether they are guilty or innocent, this deserves a full honest reply. Could sangat start giving there views on this topic without directly accusing tapoban singhs for the moment (let's give them a fair chance to respond) Is it ok to break trust of peshis by talking about them outside the amrit sanchaar? Is it really bad to break trust in any way? Isn't this the highest level of violating trust possible? Sangat should be able to trust the punj pyare because peshis are meant to be going in to talk to Guru Gobind Singh jeeo, not individual gursikhs! Some very personal things can be said during a peshi, it is an extreme paap to discuss after sewadaars have finsihed their role of being punj pyare. They are no longer panj pyare after amrit sanchaar, so they should even try to forget details of peshis out of their mind and just concentrate on Naam at all times. Please let's all vocally condemn any sikh violating trust in general, never mind at such a high level.
  3. Benti to Tapoban Singhs of Toronto, There are serious doubts raised about confidential trust issues with you. Have any of the Tapoban SInghs of Toronto Canada ever been guilty of doing sewa in Panj Pyare and then breaking trust by talking about any peshi outside of the amrit sanchaar? Those who do sewa in Panj Pyare must be held accountable to Panth and Sangat. Remember it is a big sin to lie on such a serious issue. So do not lie and be honest. Just give us a simple answer. The sangat deserves the truth. If ANY Singh of any group is guilty of not being trustworthy in his punj pyare sewa then I would advise them to confess infront of Khalsa Panth whilst you still have a chance living in this world. It is harder to repent in Dargah. ijQY jIAW hosI swr ] jithhai jeeaaa(n) hosee saar || But there, in the Court of the Lord, all beings will be judged. nkØIN vFNØI lwieqbwr ]2] nakaee vadta(n)aee laaeithabaar ||2|| Those who have violated the people's trust will be disgraced; their noses will be cut off. ||2|| Benti to sangat, this is a serious topic please don't ruin it with immaturity. Wait for one of the Tapoban Singhs to reply. If they don't reply that should be seen as a sign on guilt.
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