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  1. Can you tell where i can find this shabad? 1) Guru Nanak Avtar liya ? Also 2nd shabad too. At 19:00 2)Yhi hn bandagi apni yhi hn zindagi apni Ki tera naam jab aaya , gardan jhukk gyi apni? Also suggest me any android app for this. Thnx
  2. I feel un-necessary sad, frnds contact me when they have some work only. So now distanced myself from such selfish people. But maybe i am suffering from depression now . Is there any path or a pankti that i can repeat continuously to cure this un-necessary sadness. Age 26 I was supposed to marry a girl, but she backed off 5 months ago deserting me behind. But i don't think its because of her, it's a problem regarding my inner self. I know only path can cure it for sure. Sarab dukha ka aukhadh naam Name of Lord is medicine to every problem.
  3. Gurbani teaches us that this world is like a dream, nothing here you see is going to go with you when messenger of death will come to you. The problem you are facing is the same most of the youth is facing today. Its called emotional attachment. Gurbani says help everyone without expecting anything is return, means live in this world but remain de-attached . Give God the first place in your heart and second position to your parents especially mother. Anybody else deserves 3rd place even though if she's your wife (my view). Remain attached to bani,
  4. I think yes you have broken. Start again today, getting involved sexually is only permitted after marriage(Lawfully wedding marriage). Don't let Kaam (Lust) sway you into these wrong directions. LORD knows you from inside Pekhatt Sunatt sadaa hn Sangee, Main moorakh janiya doori re. So next time keep distance and convey your this message to your boy to keep distance too, you are supposed to wait till Marriage. After that day you are allowed. Till then Strict No No I also said this thing clearly to my girl too and she being a believer ac
  5. I believe wherever you find peace of mind, you should go for that path. It's your soul's call. Don't think what people will say about me, what my family will say, etc. Remember each day our life is passing, hardly 50 Percent more is left, start living good life from today and let the negativity go away. Right now i feel that you are going through stage of 'Duality'. Whenever such situation arises, remember you have to die one day and how much life is left, automatically you will listen to your soul. Pehla maran kabool First accept death and accept the fact ea
  6. prince22gs


    Its kaam which is saying you to do so, Remember this thing always, never go beyond friendship, plus atleast if you are having problem atleast dnt distract her. Breaking someone's right direction is the biggest sin you can do. Dnt let kalyug take over your mind. Beyond frndship is not acceptable.
  7. Greetings everyone. A week ago a came across a beautiful shabad, but lost it now in dhur ki bani app. But i remember its meaning. "When a person is bound to lose by speaking, its better to stay quiet." Jithe .......othe changi chupp If somebody knows atleast a line, plz write the shabad or Ang number. Thnx in advance
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