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  1. Thank you I will ask them. I agree to your statement: The issue is that youngsters generally are not that interested, they simply have no need to learn and the elders are forced to converse in broken English. Few will insist on making it mandatory to speak in the home. Why do you think our community do not see this as a problem? I firmly believe it is, in order to keep people involved with Sikhi and the Sangat.
  2. Thanks, I will. Do you know of any Punjabi schools for adults? Do you recommend going or buying textbooks from online?
  3. I signed up to Sikh Sangat to simply find out where I can learn Punjabi. I would be grateful if someone could help point me in the right direction. I am a Sikh 24 years of age from the UK (Slough), and have been brought up in a household where English is the main language. My issue is I can just about speak and understand it, having this problem makes me feel very disconnected from the Sangat. I like to help people from my own community, but find it impossible at times due to a major language barrier. I know this is a common problem with many Sikh people I know, why is this issue not being addressed within our community? Thank you.
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