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  1. Dear Singhs Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh Sorry to say that but i think we are the most selfish people on earth that is why we lost so many lives since 1984 and gained nothing. The people who are talking nonsense about Jathedar Talwinder Singh know nothing about the khalistan movement. It is so easy to sit in Foriegn countries and type on the computer , the people in Punjab and the families of jujaharoo singhs know who Talwinder singh was . If you believe in the books read open secrets written by muloya krishina dhar he writes most of the singhs were bought by goverment of india. I am from Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal's family and we lost about 40 family members and so many kharkoo leaders use to call baba ji an agent of goverment, akali's called Sant Bhindaranwale an agent of goverment , police labeled Bhai Sukhdev Singh a multimillionaire and blamed him that he had bad releations with Bibi Jawahar Kaur of Nabha. Sukhdev Singh's first wife and three childeren live in Canada. People don't have a clue about Talwinder Singh, He was the first to punish the Narakdhari's with his jatha which included Wadhawa Singh, Tarsem Singh, Sewa Singh , Kulwant Singh Nagoke , Amarjit Singh Daheru, Surinder Singh Nagoke and after the police put 10 lakh of prize to arrest Talwinder Singh dead or alive, Sant Bhiandaranwale told him to leave India. After he left his father 80 yrs old was tortured , his father in law , brother-in laws were tortured . his house in Village Panchta was smashed by police and still is. Bhai Sukhdev Singh and other singhs joined Babbar khalsa way after Talwinder Singh started it. He spent over 2 yrs approximately in German jail. He served his whole life to khalsa panth but people doubt him . I am not mad but I feel so sorry for who don't know about him. Labeling somebody an agent is so easy it is beeen happening since 1978:- 1. Akali's blamed Sant Bhindranwale an agent of congress. 2. Bhai Sukhdev Singh and other singhs never got along with any of the taksalis they always blamed that sant ji planned to kill Fauja Singh, they blamed that sodhi and companion singhs were aracterless people and all this was published in the newspapers at that time. They almost fired at each other so many times. 3. Bibi Amarjit Kaur (wife of Fauja Singh) always blamed Sant Bhianranwale for everything. She even said to the press after june 1984 that it was all Sant ji's fault. 4. Parmjit Singh Panjwar and Wadhawa Singh have been blamed for drug traffcking. 5. Indian press said so many time that singhs raped women at DARBAR SAHIB during 80's. 6. Kps gill claims that all the singhs were killers in his book. If somebody wants to know about Jathedar Talwinder Singh that what he really was contact Bhai Gian Singh Leel (singh who punished longowal). If you believe that bagri 's speech was wrong then Sant Jarnail Singh did so many speeches like that then the whole movement was wrong. By writing all examples i am not saying that those singhs were wrong because to me who sacrifices his\her life for a good cause is a great person. I respect all the saheed singhs because my soul is still alive . The biggest reason that most people or so called good jeevan people never got along with Talwinder Singh because he always supported AKal Takhat Sahib's marayada not Akj's or Taksali's . For your info in march saheedi diharsa of Talwinder Singh was held in Punjab. So i would request before balming anybody look at yourself that can you leave your luxrious life in european or north american countries and die for panth like Talwinder Singh. I feel so ashmed of my brothers who respect the saheeds like that. Khalsa panth(we) needs nobody's certificate about our Saheed Singhs. Bhul chuk muaf Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki Fateh
  2. pictures of saheedi samagam of Saheed Jathedar Talwinder Singh ji Babbar
  3. Guru ke Khalsa ji wjkk wjkf these are some pics of the saheedi samagam .
  4. WjkK WjkF I am so sad to tell that i posted about the saheedi dihara of Jathedar ji at Tapoban.org twice but they never posted on the message board anyway still thanks to all the gursikhs and i will post the video or pictures of the event/ thanks for support wjkk wjkf
  5. Wheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh khalsa ji Jathedar ji's saheedi date is October 15, 1992. It is being held on march 11 because singhs in india been trying to hold it since last october. because of some legal issues in india and a suitable place it took us that long to set it up . bhul chul maaf karna ji waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  6. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh Khalsa ji , Saheedi dihara of Jathedar Talvinder Singh Baabr is being held at Gurdawara Sahib of vill. Dalla. Ludhiana, Punjab on March 11, 2007. more info Gian Singh 'Leel' (Longowal kand) 9915090224
  7. Gur Fateh khalsa ji thanks for comments on Jathedar sahib most of people have no idea about him what kind of singh he was, i am close to his family and companion singhs in canada and punjab. he started fighting against nirankaris in 1978 and nobody helped him he had wadhawa singh , Taresm singh, Saheed Kulwant singh ji nagoke Bhai Amarjit singh ji daheroo and many more singhs . For your info he founded babbar khalsa. i have senn a movie in india which bhai sukhdev singh ji and anokh singh ji and other singhs sent to Jathedar Talwinder singh i in canada about the contorversy was going on between babbar and taksalis. Bhai Sukhdev singh and anokh singh bhai sulakhan singh are in this movie it was shot in 1982 at darbar sahib. Jathedar Sahib punished dushts when nobody dared . there is too much propoganda about bhai sahib because he was neither Taksali nor Akj. He fought only for panth and never took sides. more info read the book called khet jo mandio soorma about Baba Gurbachan Singh Manochahal ( my uncle) so many people alleged baba ji of being a gadadar too but he took sahidi for panth and lots of so called kharkoos are back in india. so khalsa ji before alleging any saheed singh please make sure u know them personally. it is so easy to talk about someboday in Canada . we know how these singhs gave there lives for panth . hat jor ke benati please don't say anything bad about Jathedar Talwinder Singh ji or any other singh . it is really easy to talk but really hard to die.
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