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  1. most annoying thing at langars: perfectly healthy people sitting on the handicap designated seating; that is flipping annoying..... tabya is made for a reason
  2. all grat books veer, especially AR Darhi's. Highly reccomdended
  3. much like the concept of the big bang and unity. Sikh=science science=sikhi. Thats why theres no ridhya sidhya in sikhi, no black majic, or rituals.
  4. Bro Vinegar is fine. But i must say that this mentality of being over catious is just toooooo MUCH..taking things to extreme....
  5. Yes, Ramgharia was a misel again lead by a jatt leader. Not that it makes a difference, but Ramgharia is not a caste or should not be used as one.
  6. lol i know, would be pretty obvious but not to the RCMP. Even the corrupt punjab police where dumbfounded.
  7. I wish the Sikh kaum were able to defend its self, so that we could also defend others. That is the panths duty.
  8. I just have one thing to say...let the man live. He did it for a better life what ever. i don't see any defemation involved. Singh's don't attack the sheep and the poor
  9. These people are hilarious, always claiming to find drugs on Singhs, obvious bull <banned word filter activated>. And is it a crime to have the map of khalistan? haha my god. Guru ji keep this Singh safe either way he is giving quite the kurbani for the kaum.
  10. lol so much hindutva here. there is 1 man kind, religion is indifferent, god is NOT EGOTESTICAL. he does not "smite" because of your religious beliefs.
  11. Its happening more then you think, we are falling back into the fold of hinduisim. Things like exclusion (eating only from a fellow amritdhari), shaking weapons, or even believing that hindu gods existed are the tell tale signs of exactly that: dissolution. Ritiulism is running rampant in our communities from our mothers doing/saying wierd stuff like don't sneeze before you leave the home to Sikh youth believing that Gurbani can only be read by an amrithdari Sikh, or only Sikhs can attain salvation. Sikhs today believe that they should only be friends with fellow Sikhs, and that no matter how much better a person that non-sikh maybe then the amritdharis it is still jhoot to keep his/her sangat. We have taken way to many strides backwards, we believe seva is at the gurdwara: NO NOT ANYMORE. Seva of the guru is by helping the poor on our streets, not by doing meaningless langars/akhand paths. Unless ofcourse you are listeniing to the whole akhand path, becuase the walls are not going to benifit from it.
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