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  1. Okay no worries. P.s More new videos will be added soon. I have taken a break from making them as have not had enough time. Hopefully more content in the new year. So please subcribe on youtube for the latest updates.
  2. As you may be aware I created a Sikh website http://www.whychoosesikhism.com But am looking to change the domain. It would great if you could vote in the pole which you think would be the best suited for the site.
  3. Yeh I am aware of so many armchair critics that like to be critical in the sikh community but are to lazy to do anything positive for the panth that are jealous and don't have it in them to make videos and give their time. I don't claim to be any kind of expert but I do quite a lot of reading and research on Sikhi. So I only do videos on subjects that I know about. Thanks for your support and encouragement once again. Its comments like yours that gives me the motivation and belief to make more videos. Yep there's a few ideas for the new domain. I am still going to have think which one to choose. others I am also thinking about are. www.newsikhs.com www.livesikhism.com www.sikhism4u.com
  4. I am not sure if you watched the full video. But you must have missed the numerous texts that appear on the screen. Which clearly mentions Guru Hargobind as the Guru that introduced Gatka and the Miri Piri concept. Guru Gobind Singh Ji fomed the Khalsa. In all my videos I spend much time before I even get to the recording stage of researching what I say to make sure it is accurate. Obviously I am not saying I am perfect and if mistakes or errors happen then I apologise for this. My videos are designed to be interesting and appeal to the modern youth and non Sikhs to hopefully spread knowledge about Sikhs and who are and what we believe.
  5. Dear Pyaari sangat Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I am very excited to announce the much-awaited brand new Sikh Parchaar Channel with the blessing and grace of Waheguru. The channel is primarily aimed at non-Sikhs. So far 3 videos have been created and made after much hard work and hours spent in the design studio thinking of new ideas. Scripting editing and making easy to understand videos for non-Sikhs. I am not a turban wearing Sikh but have full belief in my faith and maybe one day I will. I am not sure the reaction I am going to get. I have done everything with the best of intentions from a Sikh point of view with the aim to make Sikh easy to understand videos. To change the perception of Sikhs. That we do want people to embrace and become Sikhs. To go from the uncaring and not bothered if anyone becomes Sikh attitude that we currently have. To one that is welcoming to all and going beyond races and ethnicity. I do not have any kind of agenda or political motives. I am purely trying to raise awareness about who Sikhs are and encourage people to learn. In my videos I am not afraid to touch on controversial topics. There are many videos currently in the making which will be cut of the edge and ground breaking. The aim of the channel is to reach millions. I know at the moment the channel just being launched only a week a go. It will take time to grow. But dear members the channel can only grow and get a big following if it is shared by the Sangat to reach the masses. I ask that all like the Whychoosesikhism Facebook page, groups and videos on their Facebook and twitter timelines. This will help the channel grow and reach the masses. I have done my bit. Believe me I have given up many days and hours of my time in making the videos. It may look like it is easy to make videos and post on YouTube. I tell you this it is not. Months are spent trying out different software and design art to find one that will work. I am not funded by anyone. Everything I have done in terms of making the videos and designing the website is coming out of my own limited money. I do have a big organisation and team behind me who are funded like basics of sikhi. I am doing all this channel website single handily and with out any help whatsoever. I am even promoting the basics of sikhi channel on my own channel. Now all I ask is everyone who reads this message to please only take a few seconds out of their time and like/share/follow the channel. Join the group and share the video amongst their peers through all social media platforms. Via Facebook and YouTube Why Choose Sikhism YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy-0JW2fxsxkf3VztmnIP_w?view_as=subscriber Why choose Sikhism Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/Whychoosesikhism-294417107828424/
  6. These videos are really just for practice and the first I have done. Will obviously do much more improved videos in the future.
  7. Thanks for the support Singh1989. I am glad at least some people appreciate the work I put into the whole project from creating the videoes to designing the website. I have given alot of time and effort into this to hopefully doing something good. I know I am not going to please everyone but I have done everything with the best of my intentions and ability. The only thing is I am not to sure about the website name. anyone taken a look? www.whychoosesikhism.com other domain names I had in mind where www.sikhyoursoul.com www.discoveringsikhism.com www.sikhvalues.com
  8. SSA all, I have created a new Sikh youtube channel aswell as website. It would be great if you could spread the word and subscribe. Please let me know your thoughts as feedback would be greatly appreciated. At present I am thinking of changing the name of the channel and website. As whychoosesikhism may come across as too forthcoming. www.whychoosesikhism.com https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCy-0JW2fxsxkf3VztmnIP_w
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