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  1. Be a good person try doing things that will make the world a better place for the people who live in it now. I want to save up $100,000 by the time I retire and donate it all to charity. One person will never be able to change the world but its the small things that count help people whenever they need help if you eat meat only eat the meat youve hunted and killed yourself dont support animal cruelty by buying from supermarkets, even just something as simple as being kind to someone who is sad is huge! Bottom line is be good and help people for the sake of being good and helping people but dont expect any rewards for it either in this world or the next.
  2. Rather than all this blind faith and dogma maybe its a better idea just to be a good person. There is no proof of any religion so why act so certain? I'm not saying sikhi is false by any means If it is true that would be wonderful. I certainly hope and wish that it is true all I'm saying is that I cant say for sure that there is a God because I just don't know for sure 100%. I have some questions that no religious person has been able to adequately answer without doing mental gymnastics. I don't see the appeal in any other religion other than the eastern dharmic faiths. Islam and Christianity are pretty insane and unscientific and out of all the eastern faiths, sikhi seems to me the most purest form of spirituality without all the superstitions and rituals that have been added into the other ones over thousands of years but there is still no proof. Did Vaheguru come down to earth and tell you personally that all this is true? Did he give you a world tour of all the non physical realms? Have seen any of your Sants or Babeh perform a miracle right in front of your eyes or is just a story of them conveniently doing it somewhere else in front of someone that mysteriously no one can track down and confirm enough for you? All your going off of is the words and actions of other people and stories from hundreds of years ago. You've seen or experienced nothing yourself if you had ever had a single spiritual experience or were a spiritually elevated soul you would not have racked up tens of thousands of posts arguing with random strangers on sikhsangat trying to convince them that your version of sikhi is correct. Lets say for a second that your version of sikhi is correct than shouldn't you be at peace with that? Whats with the need to prove people wrong so badly if Vaheguru controls every single thing in all of creation and nothing happens without his wanting it than all those people have a different opinion from you because Vaheguru wants them too. Shouldn't you just be grateful and thankful that God has shown you the truth and light but instead its hurts you so much when people attack your views because deep down inside you there's a part that thinks that your opinon might not be truth. When there is no proof all religion is just wishful thinking. The only difference between me and you is that I wish its true but accept that it might not be while your wishful thinking and indoctrination is so strong that you've convinced yourself that you know for sure or you have some kind of personal connection with God in reality though were both just desperately wishing we have no proof any type of good feeling you get when you pray or meditate can just be explained by chemical reactions in your brain the only real proof would be being able to perform miracles. In your head God has blessed you with the daat of sikhi because of your good karma from previous births but If you had been brought up in a kattar muslim or hindu household and been indoctrinated from birth into either of those faiths just as you have been into sikhi now than based on your personality from your posts on this site you wouldve racked up ten thousand posts on some hindu or muslim forum and been the most extremist member their. Forget the mainstream religions if you had been indoctrinated from birth into some wacko cult like scientology you wouldve been the most brainwashed and extremist member of that cult. I know that Sikhs have a much more rich and proud history and tradition than any other religion or cult so that will enough to make you scoff at that comparison but both of you are basing your beliefs on the exact same things just words and feelings thats it nothing else. So what makes your life more important than some cult member what makes your feelings worth more than his? You have dedicated and devoted your whole life to this belief that it would be impossible for you to even think about being wrong your so brainwashed that your not even capable of just considering a different opinion after you decide that its against sikhi your brain will just automatically decide that its wrong. It would destroy you mentally to question things and have doubts about god now at this stage it would feel like you wasted your entire life for nothing. Does the idea of non-existance after death scare you that much? When I was a naive and innocent young kid I thought there is no way possible that life wouldnt continue after death in some way or another now that I look at the world in a more logical and realistic perspective I'm not so sure. Lets play a little game lets pretend just pretend(no need to worry we all know that your right and I am wrong so no need to get your feelings hurt) pretend for a few seconds that everything you've ever been taught is a lie and once you die nothing happens theres no soul no god just non existance and you wasted your entire life being religious for no reason. Now how do you feel after that? maybe that feeling is the reason your brain automatically dismisses any viewpoint that is counter to sikhi. I've come to terms with both possibilites if sikhi is true than great that is what I wish for that is what I want but if not than that is ok too. Now having said all that imo its still 70% likely that sikhi is true versus 30% not likely due to a few reasons -the extraordinary experiences people have when try different plant medicines all around the world it seems that these plants maybe some sort of link to the other world -All the near death experience accounts people from all over the world have they are all so similar even the ones from completely different cultures the only difference is the dieties people see -The spiritual expierences people all over the world have just from meditation and the control over your body that focus and meditation give you( the buddhist monk who set himself on fire in protest but showed absolutely zero signs of pain comes to mind) The above 3 things can all be explained as being caused by chemical reactions in the brain from the meditation and plant medicines however that does not make that explanation correct but that is what a scientist would say -There is also Sikh history itself some times it feels like there is no way for a community to survive the persecution and adversity the sikhs have survived and still come back and flourish without the help of a higher power. God may not be real the sikhs have survived the most brutal and vicous attacks and come back and won more so than any other group in human history except perhaps the jews -Carl Jungs idea of a collective unconscious is similar to the idea of god in the eastern faiths What is better to be a good person because you believe that you will be rewarded in the afterlife or to be a good person for the sake of being a good person even though you believe that death is the end and there is no afterlife? Isnt it better to do your paath do your simran just because its the right thing to do and to just admit that you dont know what happens after death. Do your paath do your simran because its the morally right thing to do thats it dont do it because you think its erases your bad karam and will get you a spot in sachkhand after you die. Stop getting into pointless arguements with people be a good person and admit that we dont know anything.
  3. Most people on this site are all fine and normal but this @Akalifauj guy seems a little "culty" he seems like if he had been born a muslim he wouldve been one those guys jumping at the chance to blow himself up in a civilian area just to get to heaven but fortunately he was born in a faith as beautiful as sikhi so this is what we end up getting. Bro why do you write all your posts like that? Like seriously you dont talk that way in real life do you?
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