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  1. Why is everyone so negative? Here’s a screenshot of something that was written by one of the most special users ever on this forum, Veer Harsharan Ji. It was regarding ‘falling’ after taking amrit. I keep this screenshot on my phone to read when things feel hard or testing. Like those people who want daas to carry on posting on spirituality, go read through @harsharan000ji’s posts, that user is daas’s role model for how to encourage someone with love, kindness and patience
  2. Some other soundcloud keertan channels https://soundcloud.com/nirbaankeertan https://soundcloud.com/akjdotorg https://soundcloud.com/dgnsounds https://soundcloud.com/kirtanfi https://soundcloud.com/puraatan-reets
  3. Veer ji you could also look on soundcloud This channel has raag keertan and many sub-20 minute tracks https://soundcloud.com/akaali-sounds Am listening to the following while writing this reply and feeling quite mesmerised by it https://soundcloud.com/akaali-sounds/dhan-jeeo-teh-ko-jag-mai-raag-bhairvi-bibi-simrit-kaur To download mp3 from soundcloud you can use a site like this where you paste the url https://www.klickaud.co/
  4. Wedding ceremony is just about 2 people making a commitment to stay loyal to each other until death do them part. Hindu tradition of walking around fire is because fire is considered an ultimate power (cos it can burn anything). So it’s supposed to remind you if you break the promise you’ll get punished (in hell). In Sikhi we make the promise in presence of shabad-guru, cos that’s our everything So the most important thing is the ‘promise’. You know like in court people have to hold a bible and promise to tell truth. But for a Sikh they could hold a gutka sahib. It gives the cou
  5. Years of your life can pass where you won’t experience any bliss at all, it’s a test of faith. Even every single thing in your life can turn against you, it’s just tests. We should pray Guru sahib ji please don’t test me, but if you’re going to test me then please yourself help me pass the test. Shabad hazare bani is good when you stop feeling anand. For sure Guru sahib will let you feel bliss again. But what can be said of that thing because it’s beautiful beyond any logic or reason. So when that moment comes all you can do is thank him for it and enjoy it without trying to analyse
  6. Hopefully you are ok now Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh
  7. Lostguy ji. Been thinking about you recently. You sure must have had down moments since we last spoke, I had some too . I just wanted to say hi and again that I love you . Plus here’s a cute emoji
  8. Latest on 31 Dec 2021 There’s 5 upcoming Amrit Sanchaar in January 2022 > Sat 1st - Coventry > Sun 2nd - London > Sun 9th - Smethwich > Sun 9th - Glasgow > Sat 15th - Wolverhampton Posters attached
  9. Very very sad news It’s the apaar kirpa and compassion of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, daas found something special in this life. Went through hard things like grieving, bullying at school, depression and attempting suicide. Sangat ji daas isn’t even from a Sikhi background at all, nor from an area with much Sikhi. By his kirpa kept doing mool mantar, then age 16 darshan happened. Guru Sahib Ji personally gave daas jugat of dasam duar. Past few years daas has lived very gupat remaining hidden from the world. Only people in my life now are parents, work colleagues and few family friends. Life is
  10. Thanks for letting us help. It takes courage to write about your personal life on a forum. What even is depression? It just means you didn’t find happiness outside and now you feel upset. Gurbani tells us happiness is inside. A person at uni asked me why don’t you drink? I said this body is a temple not a graveyard. Within this body is a hidden treasure. You’re not interpreting anything wrong. You’re on a journey of finding true happiness (within). Gurbani is stern just like when your parents shout at you, they love you deep down, they’d sacrifice anything for you, but there’s a
  11. Since writing your post I hope you’ve had some ‘up’ moments. Where something makes you laugh , a good memory comes back or maybe that good feeling after doing exercise . Because that’s the reality of life - Ups and Downs
  12. Don’t die without taking amrit. Would highly recommend amrit sanchaar planned for 25th Dec as being inline with rehat of damdami taksaal. They have an Instagram page you can check out amrit_sanchaar_jatha_bhindaran Only those taking amrit or pesh can be present during the ceremony. Get in contact with numbers on posters above and they’ll confirm details
  13. Updated - 15 Dec 2021 There’s 2 upcoming Amrit Sanchaar in December 2021 > Sat 25th - West Bromwich > Mon 27th - Wolverhampton Posters attached
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