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  1. Hey bro, by Vaheguru ji kirpa you are doing incredibly well. You received Amrit at young age, and from Sri Anandpur Sahib, wow that’s awesome! Amrit doesn’t ‘break’. All young people are the same, kaam is strong at that age. As for feeling down, honestly every person in this world is miserable and down. Life is harsh and unpredictable. Death doesn’t always come in old age it can come at any time. Daas is not from any Sikhi background at all. My younger brother passed when I was 9, that’s what started spiritual curiosity. Religion is a game, spiritually is something different. Maybe life has to be unduly cruel to show you deeper things. The purpose of human life was to merge back with Vaheguru. Kulyug, maya, 5 vikaar are absolute snakes which wrapped themselves around people to distract them of that purpose. Bro Vaheguru expressed his love towards you by arranging you meet Satguru ji. Now you gotta take strength and fight. Your strength will come from gurbani, sangat, seva, simran, keertan, katha. Sikhi history will give strength too. Guru Sahib Ji loves you so much, he sacrificed his chaar sahibzade for YOU. Focus on your relationship with Guru Sahib Ji. Love him back and trust him.
  2. Singh375

    Amrit sachar UK

    Image upload worked Let's see if links work too... (edit - it didn't )
  3. Singh375

    Amrit sachar UK

    Vaheguru ji ka khalsa Vaheguru ji ki fateh There's 3 upcoming Saturday 12 November (1pm) - Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Smethwick B66 3AP Saturday 19 November (9am) - Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Slough SL2 5SS Saturday 19 November (2pm) - Sri Guru Tegh Bhadur Gurdwara - Leicester LE5 4QB Posters attached to next reply, if admins click approve
  4. My love for you is so strong @lostguyji, always
  5. Doesn’t this just create extra and annoying workload for admins? i think it would be better to allow un-moderated posts and just take down inappropriate posts as required @S1nghji
  6. A few days ago daas read a thread about ridhi sidhi and there was a beautiful reply by dearest Veer Harsharan Ji where he referred to these beings as being reservoirs of Vaheguru ji's power. It's a great way to describe it. You can see the full reply here https://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/77749-ridhi-sidhi-what-actually-happened/&do=findComment&comment=641262
  7. So cool to know, thanks! It’s a really beautiful recording
  8. Please avoid this, you’ll bump into judgemental types who push you away from Sikhi. Hanji go to the gurdwara and pray in front of Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, that Guru Sahib ji please help me. Understand this much, your soul won’t find peace anywhere else. There is no other than Satguru ji who can liberate your soul. Then take a seat in the sangat and reflect. Forget the situation for a moment. Vaheguru ji made his decision he would like to pull you back to him forever and for this purpose he arranged you have this mortal body and meet Satguru ji. It’s never too late, don’t feel bad about anything. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji are the living guru. Daas would advise to start a sahej paath, where you read the entire Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. It’s fine to use an app on your phone or online. Start with read 1 ang per day, but read translation too. This establishes your continuous daily conversation with Guru Sahib Ji. It will make a huge difference to your life. Personal experience daas would even call it magic. Whatever question or problems I have always seems to if by magic those answers come up in sahej paath. Then Mool Mantar, simran, seva, read history of Sikhi etc. @SikhInTheMakingji can give you practical tips because he got through this, just like you will too The punishment for drinking alcohol is molten metal poured down your throat in afterlife. Not to mention other hells your soul passes through. Why you want to drink that poison for? Make a RULE. If alcohol comes into your hand, without thinking pour it down the sink immediately! The best thing you could drink as a mortal on earth is beautiful and sweet Khande di phaul prepared by Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji. Guru sahib ji tells us Singh panchan main hamro vasa. Work towards taking amrit di daat.
  9. Singh375

    Amrit sachar UK

    Sunday 11 Sep - Smethwick Sunday 25 Sep - Wolverhampton Sat 22 Oct - Southall (park avenue) Posters attached
  10. Hanji daas was trying to hint towards Khalsa raj is not some type of Sikh empire over this earth, otherwise Guru Sahib ji would have created it himself. (rather it's a climax of the world being filled with papi souls, they all gonna fight and kill each other, only those doing naam simran will remain protected) Satguru ji are the most supreme spiritual authority. All of us, our souls have so much burden of paap and remaining karams. Be it guru sahib ji or true mahapurkh, none of us are ready to receive what they want to give us.
  11. Daas has a question. When Sri Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji did joti jot they gave bachan ‘baba bakale’ (next guru sahiban are at Bakala sahib). But it would be 26 years before Sri Guru Tegh Bhadur Sahib Ji became pargat (guru sahib were in deep bhagati that period). If you think about it it’s beyond crazy that why guru sahib ji were living gupat that long? Why not guru sahib ji could have made thousands or millions of sikhs in that time, or even established raj over India or the world?
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