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  1. Beautiful to hear Guru sahib fulfilled your ardaas of receiving amrit You are very lucky to find the true Guru in this lifetime, and at young age Carry on as you are, step by step walking on this special path
  2. agar - other, tha - place Just a guess? It's probably Hindi
  3. Tuesday 13th April 2021 - 12pm - Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar, Southall, UB2 4DQ Saturday 17th April 2021 - 1pm - Gurdwara Guru Nanak Parkash (hall 3), Coventry, CV1 4FB Saturday 19th June 2021 - 4pm - Baba Deep Singh Gurdwara, Birmingham, B21 0NA
  4. There's more technical stuff behind the scene than we think For handover I think best option is selecting a young person who Admins know in real life (family/friends, or someone from your gurdwara). Then you can sit down together, show them how it all works and handover admin tasks while keeping control
  5. For sure to reach sachkhand, liberation etc one needs a realised master/guru to guide them. Without a Guru nothing is possible
  6. Before doing bad we think twice; • ‘I could be expelled from school’ • ‘I could be sacked from work’ • ‘I could go to prison’ • ‘I could be punished in hell’ • ‘I could be placed on quality control by admins’ Naam contains nothing but happiness, so we do we think twice to meditate on naam? Isn’t it a no brainier that simro simar simar sukh pavo?
  7. For your context, I’d say take the kirpan off for safety of you and your opponent, like a duty of care. You know it’s a friendly, safe environment for practicing your skills. Taksali kirpan even in its cover are really sharp btw. And if that time comes where you need to use force as last resort, then full on angry tiger mode bro Restore peace, put the skills to use edit - tiger emoji should look more scary
  8. Saacha naam means sach da naam. Name of the true one i.e Vaheguru ji
  9. You are working hard by honest means to provide for your family and following Sikhi too. That's beautiful, god bless you The gatra could be worn around your waist (instead of over shoulder) with kirpan tucked into your trousers? (Some people do this for sports). Wearing a sheath on your belt sounds like a comfortable and secure option too
  10. A physical shop / retail will be successful in the coming times if it can offer an 'experience'. Coming out of lockdown people want experiences. Apple stores are good example, to visit one is an event in it's self. It's the 'buzz', the atmosphere in the stores that I look forward to experience again. If you're just selling products it's better to do it online. Even so, through channels like Amazon, Instagram & FB marketplace. I used to work in a retail business (office based role at the HQ) with a huge warehouse onsite. A company turning over £1M+ sales daily. They had a d
  11. @Arsh1469 I can relate more to how you feel than any other user. Hours of hard work go into writing posts to encourage others and you don't ask for anything in return. Then individual users inject their negativity. If our post is not good, why don't they write their own post for the sangat? Anyway, well done for taking your time to share valuable things with others. I pray you will be rewarded for your efforts Bro carry on studying gurbani and learning for your personal journey, for your own bliss. I think just wish people of this forum well and leave them to do thei
  12. I just read this. Basically I want to give you a hug, this is so cute! I / we all forget you are young because you speak wise words
  13. Sometimes religious people make their life way too complex Find a personal trainer, tell them your goals and they’ll design you a bespoke fitness/diet plan
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