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  1. I was 9 when my immediate family member passed away. That’s how the spiritual urge started. Might share more another time.. anyway a few points; - when do happy people remember god? People only remember god in pain - religion is a game, spirituality is something completely different. If your third eye opens you’re in for a big shock. Many religious folk who are famous/respected wear bana are on complete zero within. - 1st stage of bhram gyan is called sub icha (genuine desire of enlightenment arises). Pain is the only thing which finally pushes a person hard enough towards searc
  2. I’ve read all of his previous posts. He’s got a story. I like people with a story. @GurjantGnostic trolls will try to harass you via anonymous posting now downvote is removed
  3. Yes these 4 rakhya i.e protection shabad are read before kirtan sohila. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=tLb0BzlGy2U that’s just whenever sukhasan of sggs ji is performed But our individual Nitnem kirtan sohila before bed should include the 4 shabads
  4. There has been 15 Amrit Sanchar in UK during 2021. And now 2 more in September - 5th (Southall) & 25th (Derby). Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa, vaheguru ji ki fateh
  5. Singh375

    promise to God

    Yes.. found it to be true when searching for a job, after loads of rejection I ended with something much better than I could have dreamed of Trust Guru Sahib
  6. Singh375


    No but they do seem genuine to me
  7. Singh375


    Hang on, was the comment about me or the OP?
  8. Singh375


    Assuming it was a sly comment made about me
  9. It’s more bad than you think. Here’s a graph of world population, look at the exponential growth. There’s a fundamental law of nature - things are destroyed 100 times faster than they are made
  10. Singh375


    Dear guest, I’m sorry for not replying sooner, it’s because I didn’t know what to write, but your post has been in my thoughts. I know exactly what you mean because I’m that person, I don’t have any friends either. It makes me think, is this forum the closest I’m going to get to having friends? Spiritual journey is no fairytale, it’s brutally hard. Those who asked for further spiritual posts, I want to connect with them in space of friendship to try give them something truly special. There’s a project I’m working on in spare time called My Journey. Only if Guru does kirpa, desire is
  11. There’s a new Sikh matrimonial service on Instagram. I became aware of it because... they sent me a follow request If interested: https://instagram.com/british_sikhs_matchmaker?utm_medium=copy_link
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