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  1. Life is short, harsh and unpredictable. So don’t wait - go for it! You are so lucky to find Sikhi at this age Stay blessed
  2. There was a fire alarm once in college, the evacuation point was a grass field. But it was raining and it turned into a muddy swamp, and I was wearing white trainers
  3. ‘Leave’ sounds careless, like forgetting it’s uncovered lol Anyway part of good kesh care routine should include time with hair uncovered to air/let your scalp ‘breath’. Also oiling (weekly is good), regular (daily) wash, twice daily kangha But typically keep kesh covered for respect even just a small parna or patka
  4. Shower with it on, once done remove 1 leg at time from existing kachera and place into new one
  5. Is your desire to perform kirtan as per one specific style or to sing the praises of god? Because zameen asmaan da farak (difference as between ground and sky).
  6. I don’t think it’s a bani as such. Here bhai sahib say guru ji were asked how arrows fly in battle, how the drum of victory plays, how neela (blue horse) gallops. It’s big shame the only thing people remember 10th Guru Sahib for is they are master warrior. They are also master of raag, arts, poetry etc. The most compassionate father and so much more we never consider Based on my imagination and artistic license perhaps instead of giving a long descriptive answer guru sahib could have picked up their instruments and answered the questions via more creative way of sing
  7. Do nagi sell direct to customers? Maybe you need to look at music shops/retailer who stock the nagi brand
  8. It’s hard as hell if you want to follow Sikhi but your parents don’t want you to Sounds like you found a nice balance to keep your parents happy while building foundation of Sikhi jeevan with the rehit/nitnem Agreed it’s ok to wear kirpan prior amrit
  9. Just saw the following and thought of this thread https://www.instagram.com/p/CO9aGgvsbYZ/?igshid=k1ouwywc71s1
  10. Please note Saturday 19th June time has changed from 4pm to 12pm Latest poster:
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