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  1. Aim for the stars Sache dilo ardaas (pray from heart) then full trust in Guru sahib. If your wanting doesn’t happen something better is planned
  2. Religious pictures Shred the paper then recycle Paper containing Gurbani Ardaas & Agan bhet in a respectful way - check calendars they can contain the odd pangati, or ikonkar even. - Also dispose wedding invitations which contain gurbani(!) same method
  3. One day soon I will open this forum and see comment from yourself; that Sangat Ji today I was blessed with amrit di daat
  4. Motivation will come from remembering who you are. You’re a daughter of Sikhs. We’re the hardest working people, the highest achievers, we have the kindest hearts in serving humanity. Whatever Sikhs do, they do it better than the rest. Watch the film Kesari - it will motivate you Study, pray and also schedule time to relax. Basically - you’ve got this! Get those brilliant grades and make us proud!
  5. Amazing thanks for sharing Beautifully simple website with audio too!
  6. I was 13. The experience stopped me turning into a lazy khota
  7. Guru Sahib Ji’s happiness is on completion of nitnem. When starting the journey of Sikhi my ardaas was Guru Sahib please wake me up at 6am to read Japji Sahib. (I started with Japji Sahib and built up to 5 baani slowly). Guru’s blessing at 6am my eyes automatically opened wide. It continued, each day my eyes open, when I look at clock it’s bang on 6am down to the second. One day (weekend) I got lazy that I’ll sleep 5 more mins and closed my eyes. I heard a voice ‘fine stay sleeping’. Then a crushing pain on my right leg. I was screaming and biting the duvet so my family didn’t hear. Hours I couldn’t move. Finally when it felt ok to move same thing happens on my left leg Either it was Guru Sahib or a Shaheed Singh punishing me I’m not sure Guru Sahib really aren’t happy if nitnem is missed
  8. Same situation for any 15yr old Self esteem is just another skill to work on. Make a list of skills/things you want to develop, including Sikhi related like learning paath by heart, kirtan and work through them Learning a marital art will help with self esteem. I started Karate age 11 . I only did it a few years but it gave me so much confidence. I been learning some boxing too during lockdown watching YouTube videos. Goal being to develop my self defence skills As a fellow citizen of the world, I’d rather you were humble (whether a little or a lot) than the opposite
  9. I like your nimrta, very good Getting into Sikhi young is special beyond words. Enjoy this time period in your life. You’re definitely going to look back and miss it one day. My experience that day will come quicker than you think. Take one step at time and build your jeevan slowly (both rehit and simran).
  10. There's a theory called enantiodromia - excess of one thing gives rise to the opposite. E.g. no recession = confidence. Confidence leads to risk-taking. Risks lead to recession My parents/grandparents generation came to UK because they were poor with little opportunity in India. (1) Problem - Sikhs coming to UK didn't know English or have qualifications = had to work manual jobs = low income, trying to build stable life here (2) Solution - Encourage their children to study hard = good qualifications = good jobs and higher income (3) Excess - Comfortable off-spring enjoying the life their parents made for them here, 'wrapping our children in cotton wool' - not teaching them how to fight, defend themselves. What happens next? Comfortable life, living in a safe country = we think it will last forever, but it might not “Logic is an invention of man and may be ignored by the universe"
  11. I had a quick look, there’s some kind of personal agenda behind that channel. I’d invite everyone to visit my YouTube channel called Mata Sahib Kaur Ji, where the sole aim is to experience anand of Guru’s shabad. No ads, no negative comments. Just a beautiful space created to serve the Sangat https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC5gb595ghH7AzjECzZqbHXQ
  12. Dear friend, your post means you have deep compassion and love inside you (Dhiyaa comes with simran) I'm sorry it sounds harsh, but it really is everyone's karam. Equally, it's your own karam that you met the true Guru and he gave you compassion towards others. There's 3 mindsets you go through in simran: 1 - God please bless me 2 - God please bless everyone, but begin with me 3 - Praying for Sarbat da bhalla I think greatest thing of being alive right now is you have an opportunity to turn that compassion into something. Through seva/volunteering we can do this ji
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