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  1. I took amrit a few years ago and everything was going well until I started loosing track of my nitnem and started hanging with the wrong crowd. I still did not engage in any bujjar kurrehits such as beadabi of kesh, taking intoxicants, or kaam. However, I was not consistent with my nitnem. Last year I decided to stop wearking my kirpan since I felt like I was showing off when I wasn't really doing my nitnem, I was portraying my bana without the bani. Since then, i have changed a lot and have began to get on track, and focusing on the areas I have been lacking in. I constantly regret every that I should not have taken off my kirpan although I still wear all my other kakkars. I really want to stay true to the amrit I took however, with the decision I made I don't know what to do to? Do do ardaas for removing by kirpaan or are there different steps that must be taken?
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