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  1. Any amount you donate will assist in meeting the £500,000 goal please keep the donations coming. BTC: 18UEvmgFpmCir5RAsDczCj9MWyvisnBmFi USDT: 0x3f79949A3336D1e5066DBad43F342917c941D5D4
  2. I am organising this fundraising appeal on behalf of Dilbag Singh. Please check the gofundme page already raised £2,715 raised of £500,000 please keep the donations coming.
  3. The Guru Nanak Gurdwara Hull has been serving the Sikh community in Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire for the last 27 years. Our current building is a converted semi-detached house in a residential street. It is the centre for all religious and community activities. Unfortunately, due to the smaller size of the current building and lack of any car parking facilities, relocation to more appropriate building is much needed. Over the past few years, Hull & East Riding of Yorkshire has experienced a huge influx of new immigrant families and international students from India and other pa
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