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  1. An updated version has been uploaded, try that one THe web browser view now works.
  2. What do people think of it so far? It seems a bit slow starting on my machine..
  3. $ingh $oorma jee have you tested this with the powerpoint viewer? If it works with the powerpoint viewer then we could use your repackaged version to distribute it out to the sangat....
  4. just found out. you can change the templates in this version!! If you go to C:\Program Files\SikhiToTheMAX\GurbaniSearcherDemo\plugins\powerpoint11 you can edit the .pot file and change the colours and font sizes too. No more tiny transliterations and ghastly backgrounds.
  5. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Bhen Jis and Bhajis, I've been using this forum for ages but finally got the guts to post something. There is a new SikhiToTheMax demo avaliable to download, I created a TinyURL to it: http://tinyurl.com/k5y8b I stumbled upon it whilst websurfing. There is no name and contact details for the application and it says that it's only meant to be a demo of the Technology, to 'inspire' the authors of the real SikhiToTheMax to do a new version.??? I hope it does too. It's got some new features which are well worth checking out. However it does seem a bit rough round the edges, with loads of features that are not even working. But then again, it is just a demo. It looks like this version allows multiple translations, but only the Jap ji Sahib works atm.
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