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  1. keep doing ardaas everytime before you go to bed pray.gif

    yh do ardas but make sure you do it with love, don't do it cos you have to- do it cos u want to and ask maharaj for his blessing- if you keep asking, one day He will grant it to you pray.gif

  2. ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh THIS IS A GOOD ONE >> http://www.sevatothemax.com/mp3s/files/Kee...Singh%20Jee.mp3


    that kirtan darbar was amaaaazing!!, check the pics out on sevatothemax too

    oh and gurpreet kaur was another really good one!!!

    fateh ji

    waheguruuu, have a listen 2 bass singhs version on sikhsoul-gota get him bac for takin the mick outa me all da sat- :glare:

  3. I was taught to tie my turban by my great-uncle who was from Kenya and as such I have a 'kenyan' style starched turban.

    Anyhoo, I was recently told by an Amritdhari that he could tell that I was 'Ramgharia' from my turban. For me, I couldn't believe that he actually made that distinction and he was amritdhari. It didn't matter that he was kinda correct - we go to a Ramgharia Gurdwara, but for me that's the closest Gurdwara and that Ramgharia is merely a name.

    oh yhhh, damn

  4. Waheguroo ji ka khalsa, waheguroo ji ki fateh

    This is really good seva, and parchar. Love you guys, also we will be on Channel Panjab so need to dress up, wear a new dastar or something.

    Anyway, benti to every one please come down and take part, we also got singhs from London, Teji and akhara to do a Gatka Display around 8ish. We got other Gatka members to do Gatka, so its goning to be really good. Were thinking that we should'nt have a dhol, so we going to get a Nigara. Keertan and simran through out so we need keertanis aswel.

    The main part is the last 6 hours, so try coming then if you cant come through out.

    Also EVERY ONE is invited!

    Thank you

    Waheguroo ji ka khalsa, waheguroo ji ki fateh!

    SO TRUE they zoom inta ya face, especially wen ur lukin messed!!! I can say from experience!!!

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