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  1. that sounds confusing what exactly do you need done? if every1 else is to lazy..i'll do it.lolz
  2. hahahahahhaha slow down on the caffiene japman
  3. ok my turn! :D ive been addicted to........ 1) The Simpsons ( the tv show) 2) Canadian Ice caps!!! ( get get enough! Unfortunatly i had to live all the way DOWN SOUTH in the states where there isnt any ..anyone living in canada,,dont hesitate to bring me one :TH: ) 3) kirtan...cant get enough of it either. 4) lemonade, cake , and of course the wonderful HERSHEY CHOCOLATE hehe 5) samagams..i go crazyyyy when i miss one @ 6)forums theres a lot more but these are my main ones...
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