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  1. Since i can't PM Admin, ill have to post it here... TO ADMIN!! Can you delete my name from all posts please, and change the username of Kumi2 to something other than kumi, if you know that a group is using one account, change it to something appropriate to distinguish that group, i have enough to worry about with out you guys causing up a fuss, and putting my name in the middle!! One last thing, people may list or label me as an 'AKJ' but I'm Pro raagmala and Pro dasam bani, and lets leave it at that?
  2. Loll, nice to see u too.... I'm not staying, i don't really have time for forums. However, the admins are really loving my name at this moment in time, so i have to sort it out... Admins, come on? why change my brothers account to Kumi2? If i wanted to post on SS i would use my own account, so please can u change the name in the post on the first page and change my brothers username to something other than Kumi. Last time I'm posting now, I've had enough...
  3. Yes... I'm sure they do to, who said they don't? Admin Note: taksali101 or kumi: Your Taksali101 is now on deletion list as you are posting with double ids. Your Ip address is same and in one of your old post with taksali101, you did mentioned that its kumi.
  4. Yes, what is all this about (Mr Dj brought it to my attention). Mr admin are you stupid, you must be, i haven't visited this forum in god knows how many years, and yet im still being remembered. What is it with you people, do you miss me that much, that you have to create sum controversial topic and then jus somehow bring my name into it. Just get a life, i dont care about you or your contraversial topics you create, instead of faffing around forums, why dont you people do something useful. If you don't know what useful is, just switch over to the news and im sure you'll find something in there which will touch your hearts! But please, just ask yourself one question, why are u dilly dallying over forums, causing more harm than good? Dont you guys feel ashamed of your self. You are supposed to be Sikhs, i suppose you are, that is... Sikhs full of doubt! Oh and another thing...Just grow up yea? and Dharamyudd wagwan.. Admin Note: taksali101 or kumi: Your Taksali101 is now on deletion list as you are posting with double ids. Your Ip address is same and in one of your old post with taksali101, you did mentioned that its kumi.
  6. Right on brother!!, We should all be brothers in this brotherly event in the brotherhood of the hood!!! Brothers, not forgetting hopefully us brothers in the brotherhood should get some brotherly cake make by some brother or other in the brotherhood, so now that brother Kumi which is brother me has said this some other brother in the brotherhood sould spread the word to other brothers in the brotherhood, 'Cus the hood is where the Brothers are At!!!!!!!!!! Peace-Out Brother!! Word!!!!
  7. ARGHHH my mom hit me with one, not yday the day before, and i was bleeding, First she hit me on my arm, den i got hyper nd sed 'come on thenn hit me moreee moreee moreee i want moreeeeeeeeee', nd i grabedd it off her nd hit myself on the arm like 10 times, so she grabed it off me nd boffed it my nose, it started bleeding nd now i got a mark, also i got a bruise on my gums, LOOOOOLL was bare funny thou Argh my moms getto, any one wanna mess? AND IM 18 COME ONNN, WHOS MOM WUD DO DATTTT
  9. HEYY!!! i can eat loaddds more than you, AND YOU KNOW ITT!!! it was just on that day i was full I say, we have a competition, We'll see whos the so called McDaddy, belive me is sure as hell wont be u. Buraaahhhhh
  10. omgggg, lolll forget this nihang business, im tryna make the whole plot different than the original. God i seriously need help nowww
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