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  1. my cousins go every year, n dey went dis year too..(jus few daiis agoo) n just a day before..glacier broke n few died :(


    vaheguru. bhenjee i went about 2 years ago and the very same day we left, a glacier broke and some rocks totally fell and a bunch of sangat died. When we got to the glacier part before this happened i was pretty scared cause it was a thin route but my mom kept saying if this is were you are meant to die, then happily accept this hukum.

    The experience itself was amazanggg :nishaan_sahib_right: :BOW:

  2. PrIdw cwir gvwieAw hMiF kY cwir gvwieAw sMim ]

    fareedhaa chaar gavaaeiaa ha(n)dt kai chaar gavaaeiaa sa(n)m ||

    Fareed, the hours of the day are lost wandering around, and the hours of the night are lost in sleep.

    lyKw rbu mMgysIAw qU AWho kyrHy kMim ]38]

    laekhaa rab ma(n)gaeseeaa thoo aaa(n)ho kaerhae ka(n)m ||38||

    God will call for your account, and ask you why you came into this world. ||38||

  3. is the khalsa becoming some joke now? i've been seeing toooooooo many of these posts lately :( ...well veerji..u know what u did was wrong..and you basically got a big thupaar back from guruji for your actions...thank him:P and stop all this relationship stuffs...its not gonna benefit you in any way.

  4. hehe mehtab veerji has done it again! wootwoot! haha ... yeh bhenji, like if it doesnt seem like the family relationship is gonna get ne better, then stop the stressin n jus intro him to ur parents... cuz once day or another they will meet and it'll save u a bundle of stress to get it over with now so you can do some more naam jaap :)

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