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    tabla :D<br />lisenin 2 kirtan (manpreet singh aka monty)
  1. fateh anyone know where i can get rehraas in kirtan format...? (preferably jatha recording)
  2. WHAT? Sikh Youth Camp 2009!!! WHERE? Guru Nanak Gurdwara Well Lane Wednesfield WV11 1XT WHEN? Sunday 30th August (2pm-7pm) Monday 31st August - Bank Holiday (8:30am-6:30pm) Tuesday 1st Sept (9am-6:30pm) HOW MUCH? FREEEE !!!! MORE? Lots of activities such as Archery, Air Hockey, Bouncy Castle, Sports, Pool & Snooker, Shooting, Table Tennis and even a Surprise Trip!!! Contact: 07877759090 or email on mazara123@yahoo.com
  3. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! I don't usually visit Sikh Sangat but had heard about this post Firstly AKJ did Kirtan at Willenhall a couple of months ago on the stage without any problems and it turned out to be a really good programme. I think the majority of the blame for the Raensbai incident can be laid at the door of one individual rather than three . I was one of the eye witnesses to the whole incident. A request was made for mics to be put on the floor, but stage sec decided to start showing his power by announcing that Kirtan should not be done on the floor (this was def not an issue). Bhai T Singh said to the sec that we would be doing Kirtan on the stage however he seemed not to listen and carried on saying same so the Sangat would think we were making an issue of where Kirtan was to be done. Yes Bhai T Singh did handle the situation very well, we started putting instruments on stage and Bhai T Singh got on the stage said Fateh and addressed the Sangat and said that we had only requested mics to be put on the floor. Then the AKJ-hater Mohan (done a huge amount of damage to youth parchar at Willenhall) got up, switched of the mic and egged on the stage sec who started speaking a second time again repeating the same and saying things should happen the way the committe said. Then an older guy, i believe to be a trustee quickly came across to the front of the stage and started having a go, basically his words also showed a huge ego. I would not dismiss it as something minor, as what these three individuals did was quite disgusting, egoistic, it was an insult to the the Singhs present, an insult to the Akj and showed complete disrespect to Guru Maharaj. I believe a lot of the local non-akj sangat agree that the behaviour of these people was disgraceful. Fine, those that were not in the midst of it had good night but it spoilt things for me and i am sure several others. I think we should not dwell on this subject any longer as it will not make a difference. The stage secretary did apologise to the whole Sangat after Bhog of the Raensbai Kirtan. Let's learn from this, end it here and move on. Daas Gurinder Singh
  4. Rensbhai Kirtan Next Saturday 22nd November 7:00 PM to 5:00 AM Guru Nanak Gurdwara, 65-67 Walsall Road, Willenhall, West Midlands WV13 2RD Please pass on the message Contact Tirlochan Singh: 07846316842
  5. waheguroooooooooo soho roadiezz gwarrrnnnnnnnnn
  6. anyone know the rest of the schedule? where will harjinder singh sri nagar be tonight, and the rest of this week????
  8. there's a simran prog every monday @ smethwick high st gurdwara from 6pm-9pm i think
  9. under the review menu go to proofing and it has word count there under the language link if u get me lollllllll
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