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  1. Guru Panth Khalsa - Bhaji/Phenji, let's try to keep focus. I say to you again, would you please direct your concerns to the GPC in writing.
  2. Porsche 911 - Good point Bhaji/ Bhenji Guru Panth Khalsa, Could you direct your question directly to the GPC (perhaps in writing). They will have to reply, perhaps this will put your mind to rest ..
  3. So I understand .. newbies views are not valid as they are newbies (?) .. such suspicion brother, for one with such an open mind .. As regards Panthic - yes not new issues .. however have trouble believing everything I see on that website (then again I am entitled to a view). Would a statement on official headed paper signed by the General Secretary be good enough for you ? and an end to the matter ?
  4. Oh Dear - does anyone in their right mind believe a gurdwara would hold a Sri Akhand Path Sahib for Indira Ghandi !!!???? The original poster on this thread stated this as fact full well knowing that would stoke up justifiable anger should such a plan be true - one has to question the motives behind these statements. My understanding there are differences of opinion in Leamington Gurdwara however these are being talked through. When you are not capable of engaging in debate, in desperation you resort to fabrication and lies Sad times indeed.
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