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  1. My mentor is Guru Granth Sahib Jee. This is not to say that i have even reached one iota of the stage of a spiritual human being but we can try. As to the above picture, i will not stoop to your level by giving you a fitting reply.
  2. So basically, we should only accept the Akal Takht decisions if we agree with them? An Akal Takht decision is an Akal Takht decision, one cannot pick and choose, or can they? Does this mean that the supporters of Prod Darshan Singh are entitled to disregard the Akal Takht decision?
  3. When Prof Darshan Singh was excommunicated, many members on here were saying that the Akal Takht hukam is final and everybody should abide by the decision. Those who criticised the Akal Takht decision were lambasted. Now the Akal Takht has decided to give an award to Badal. So why not accept the decision gracefully instead of criticising the Akal Takht? Hypocrites?
  4. Miss Pooja's songs are extremely popular at wedding parties. Personally dont't care what Akal Takht says. Akal Takht decisions are only as good as the people who make them.
  5. The Sikh Regiment is one of the highest decorated regiments of the Indian Army. http://www.bharat-rakshak.com/LAND-FORCES/Units/Infantry/107-Sikh-Regt.html
  6. The ironic thing is that the protest was held because a Gurdwara associated property was not being respected due to meat and alcohol. Yet the very same building was vandalised by the protesters. Where was the respect then? :unsure2:
  7. No it is not ridiculous. Just because it has been going on at Hazur Sahib for ages does not make it right. Killing animals is killing animals. Some for consumption and Hazur Sahib for ritualistic tilak. As a Takht it has more influence and should be stopped.
  8. So Singh's have dealt with Dudley Gurdwara. Next step Hazur Sahib to stop the slaughter of goats for tilak? It is easy to deal with the little gurdwara and the Satkaar campaign should not want to be accused of picking on little gurdwara or be accused of hypocracy. The Satkaar campaign should deal with Hazur Sahib Takht and show it means business.
  9. http://www.dudleynews.co.uk/news/9054962.Policemen_and_public_injured_as_violence_flares_at__peaceful__Dudley_protest/
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