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Found 2 results

  1. Muktsar – Due to the apathy of the authorities, the model of Mukte Minar, a historic monument built in the memory of 40 Muktas (liberated ones), has turned into a “junk” item. The expensive model prepared by the Chief Architect, Punjab, along with other junk items, has been presently dumped on the second floor of the District Administrative Complex (DAC) in the open. It speaks volumes about the “indifference” of the district administration towards the contribution of 40 Muktas, who laid down their lives while fighting against Mughals in 1705. Sources said the model of Mukte Minar was brought to the DAC to display it for those visiting the complex. However, later it was shifted to a kitchen located on the first floor of the building adjacent to the meeting hall and thereafter, finally dumped with other waste material. The memorial having the tallest “khanda” (81-ft) in the world is located along the District Administrative Complex here. It was opened with much fanfare, but now a victim of officials’ apathy, the monument is gathering dust for want of proper upkeep. Hardly any visitor can be seen here these days and the slow pace of construction of a road connecting to it is proving to be a major hurdle. Heaps of clay lying in front of the monument have blocked the entrance. The rings girdled with khanda are now covered with rust and some of the lights installed there are also missing. The minar is crying for immediate attention of the authorities, which spent nearly Rs 5 crore to build it in February 2005 on the 301st martyrdom day of the “muktas”. The SAD-BJP government has hardly paid any attention towards this monument, because it was built during the Congress regime of Capt Amarinder Singh in May 2005,” a local said. Junior Engineer (JE), Markfed, said, “We are only responsible for the maintenance of the Mukte Minar memorial. The model of Mukte Minar was not even handed over to us and kept in the District Administrative Complex to show it to the visitors. I am not aware of the present status of the model.” Some social activists said if the district administration was unable to take care of the model of Mukte Minar, it should have been handed over to some museum.
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