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  1. I have been reading and listening to Sidh Gosht recently, I also have been researching and it has come to my attention that Sidth Ghost and Japji were the last two bani written by Guru Nanak ji. Has anyone else come across this information?
  2. This had me in stitches when 1st watched it
  3. Hmmm interesting maybe someone has stolen them, hope not, but I'm sure they will sort it out now its back on YouTube. In the about section of the YouTube page it does link to basics website.
  4. Just an update some of my 'private videos are now saying 'deleted' one thing to note majority of my play list were the 52 Hukams of Guru Gobind Singh Ji it might be just coincidence.
  5. Problem is as a teenager you will have wet dreams, and that is very uncomfortable.
  6. Depends on what you get and how its consumed, cannabis oil is known as a medical drug, smoking/eating the leaves is known as a drug but even that isn't the case in some places such as certain states in the US. I think Sikhs should use the oil if necessary it helps with pains, such as back and is similar to taking ibuprofen etc. We should not smoke or eat the leaves as that gets you high.
  7. What they need is a back up of all videos, so at least hackers, can not delete , their hard work, and still have access to their videos, hopefully everything can be restored. Just checked my basics of Sikhi playlist all 85 videos are set to private.
  8. SVAIYAA Paa(n)e gahe jab té tumré tab té ko’oo aa(n)kh taré nehee aanyo. Ram rahim Puran Quran anak kahai mat eek na maneyo. Simrat shaastr badh sabh bohu bhedh kahai ham eik na janyo. Siree asipaan kripaa tumree kar(i), mai na kahyo sabh tohé bakhaanyo. (30) O God ! Since I have held your feet, none other has entered my vision; Ram, Rahim, Puranas, Quran and many others recite, but I don't believe in even one. The Simritis, Shastras and Vedas describe many mysteries, but I don't recognise even one of them; O Sword-wielder God! All this I write, with your blessings, is not what I know but what you have shown me.
  9. Yeah its a bit odd doing it in protest, with nothing achieved after the act.
  10. People watched them burn alive?
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