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  1. Ohh God geeks and gamers have taken over the world
  2. Why don't you turn the topic on its head, and say <banned word filter activated> <banned word filter activated> that Sikhs do?
  3. Bantering over our Gurus, do you think that's acceptable?
  4. Sorry their knowledge, more into miya than what Guru taught you, it doesn't matter how big I am my knowledge you should follow, if not go somewhere else
  5. Does it matter, why don't you people focus on his knowledge
  6. Actually 1 in 12, but hey what do i know. For people who are confused, its our 10 Gurus, plus Guru Granth Shahib Ji, and Dasam Granth ji
  7. I'm I wrong, I saw a picture of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, I called him Guru Nanak Ji, people shouted at me abs swore, am I wrong or right.
  8. Problem being humans, translate, Guru Granth Shahib Ji, is Punjabi, persian, Hindu, and orher languages, they were so clever than us
  9. Why you so bothered? I don't understand why you are more bothered about how the Gurus look rather than what they teach.
  10. Like I said the videos have helped me alot recently, most people hear but don't listen anyway.
  11. Problem being people think listening to paath is actually connecting when it's not, the Guru Granth Sahib Ji is all 10 Nanaks, teaching you how to live life. But hey what do I know
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