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  1. No the term grooming which is being used is when muslim gangs , give young girls drugs and alcohol to rape and abuse them. So if you going to have a decent conversation then do so, or stop the jibber jabber and do one.
  2. Yeah is had my first drink at at christian high school, have to get these kids on bread and wine
  3. I bought a 1up arcade machine literally just finished building it so tired now cant be bothered playing it. Will put on the 52 Hukum series from basics of Sikhi for a bit.
  4. Wish more Singhs made it to high level football , elite leagues like la liga, premiership etc
  5. What monetary gain? It's a free video on YouTube, and the snakes analogy was for teaching his children.
  6. Interesting what others think of us
  7. So would you teach your children Gurmukhi before Punjabi? Think some of you are being really harsh
  8. Well it actually shows you what happens behind closed doors of Hollywood. Been watching old school movies recently Beverley Hills Cop 1/2 Clue Big trouble in little China Trading Places 48 hours Rambo Rocky Goonies Back 2 future 1-3
  9. Have you seen eyes wide shut? That will open your eyes
  10. Another black dies due to white cops, more rioting, this keeps going and going, dont think this will stop anytime soon.
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