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  1. Redoptics

    Embracing death

    How as Sikhs do we actually do it? Do we just make sure we break attachments to everyone? Still love them but understand everything around us going to die? And has anyone on here accomplished this?
  2. Redoptics

    Upar Wala

    It was a question, I wasn't fussing or fighting, if I am no longer allowed to question things anymore, so be it.
  3. Redoptics

    Boycott suleh shops

    Can we vape?
  4. Redoptics

    Number 5

    You know what, I like you, but get your head out of your a double ss, you are no better than a h0e who is no better than your sister because you all are 'Ik'
  5. Redoptics

    Number 5

    Your 'Sikhi' would help both if you understood
  6. Redoptics

    Number 5

    Why would 'I' do you lot even read Gurbani or just think its cool to be Sikhi
  7. Redoptics

    Number 5

    By the away I assume non of you would take these h0es into your house and look after them as they are h0e, right?
  8. Redoptics

    Number 5

    My head is at Vehegurus feet , where is yours ?
  9. Redoptics

    Miss my wife

    On here i dont want tell you how i feel sometimes,
  10. Redoptics

    Miss my wife

    I just want my wife back
  11. Redoptics

    Miss my wife

    Nobody understands
  12. Redoptics

    Miss my wife

    I know but its been difficult today
  13. Sorry a little tipsy but miss my wife, nobody needs to respond, its what it is.
  14. Redoptics

    Number 5

    What ever happened to compassion, think its lost you can not get away from you. Pause and think.

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