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  1. Why do you hold paintings so dear, do this act anywhere is bad if you understand Waheguru is everywhere.
  2. I read somewhere it was s set number of times before you reach a human being, might of watched it on an English Katha.
  3. How many times are we reincarnated until we become human again, also is this just Earth are are we reincarnated on different planets etc.
  4. Good point, just wanted the Sangat to be aware of what's being said.
  5. What are those beads for in his hand looks like he was counting them?
  6. The guy doing this is not going to stop im sure he is getting a pretty penny per wedding.
  7. Yup even the lightest of our kind is not gora colour, its more light weatish colour
  8. Well in from North , what usually happens here even the new generation, majority have proper Sikh names, however their nicknames would be more English orientated, such as Harvinder becomes Harvey etc. Anyway I said names don't bother me lol
  9. I think its a beautiful name, however I know first hand how whites and blacks feel about it.
  10. Sure sure, imagine you are female child with a name like Sukhdeep, it might be fine in schools you have been full of apnia, doesn't work in a school full of whites and blacks.
  11. Well you know maybe the parents of these children had a hard time at school and want to spare their children from that. I went to a church of England High school there was like three Asians per year thats it you know how much crap I had to take. I'm not condoning having English names but I can understand why.
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