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  1. Redoptics

    Please delete

    Please delete
  2. Redoptics

    Please delete

    Yeah as a group let's discuss Sikhi and where its heading, do some history like the khanda topic I had , like I said I'm fro. Leeds but will meet anywhere
  3. Redoptics

    Please delete

    I know but too many talkers
  4. Redoptics

    Please delete

    I'll tell you something muslims would of sorted thomis put rather trying to be funny
  5. Redoptics

    Please delete

    Either or
  6. Redoptics

    Please delete

    Really why don't we hook up in a hood? More about that, but can go nice places also I'll sort it if people r interested
  7. Redoptics

    Please delete

    Why can not us who talk on here just meet ? And talk , I agree some views will be different but we as group will solve it
  8. Redoptics

    Please delete

    The way we go forward
  9. Redoptics

    Coding tutorials in punjabi?

    Because u stuck in maya and I do not lie
  10. Redoptics

    Coding tutorials in punjabi?

  11. Redoptics

    Sikh Youth Uk

    No it's not leave the children alone, you people make them go 2 other religions

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