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  1. The Supreme sacrifices of Guru Ji's two younger sons- Baba Zorawar Singh Ji and Baba Fateh singh Ji. Mata Gujri and the younger two sons of Guru Ji stayed at the hut of Kumeh Mashki. A brahmin called Gangu from Saherhi took the Sahibzadas and Mata Gujri to his village.Gangu stole the possessions of mata Ji and claimed that theft had taken place. Mata Gujri knew that the culprit was Gangu brahmin but she urged him to keep her possessions if he wanted. Gangu became furious and accused Mata Ji of calling him a thief. Gangu informed the Kotwal. The thanedar of Murinda arrested Mata Gujri Ji and the two younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and kept them in a cell overnight. The following morning Guru Ji's younger sons and Mata Ji were escorted to the Thanah of Bazi in a cart. They were handcuffed and shackled and taken to Sirhind. They were kept n cold cell overnight. Moti Mehra risked his life to provide hot milk for the younger son's of Guru Ji. The following day, 24th December, 1704, the younger son's of Guru Gobind Singh Ji were separated from their grandmother Mata Gujri Ji and were made to stand trial in a court. The two younger sons of Guru ji with their radiant faces and blue dresses looked very handsome. Many attempts were made to frighten the two young princes but to no avail. Baba Fateh Singh Ji and Baba Zorawar Singh Ji stayed determined and in high spirits. The large central gate to the court was closed and the Sahibzadas were made to enter through a small window like opening. They were ordered to bow before the nawab but how could the sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji be frightened? The Sahibzadas stepped into the Nawab's court with their feet first and uttered “Waheguru Ji kaKhalsa;Waheguru Ji ki Fateh. The Nawab of Sirhind, Wazir Khan, tried his utmost to bribe the Sahibzadas.He encouraged them to accept Islam. But again and again, the two Sahibzadas of Guru Gobind Singh Ji refused. At last, the quazi ordered a fatwa or death sentence and accused the sahibzadas of being rebellious and traitors, hence they should be bricked alive. The following day, 26th December 1704, the Sahibzadas were brought to court again.They were bribed, frightened but the Sahibzadas renained steadfast in their beliefs.They answered each question very carefully. Two executioners volunteered to brick alive the two younger son's of Guru Ji. The executioners, Shushal Beg and Vishal Beg began to raise the walls.At each point, the younger Sahibzadas were requested to embrace islam but they refused. When the wall reached their chests, the two younger son's of Guru Ji became unconscious and the wall fell to the ground. The executioner took their swords and executed the two younger son's of Guru Ji. On hearing of the martyrdom of her younger grandchildren, Mata Gujri, the Mother of Guru Ji left this mortal world. Todar Mal bought some land from the Mughals in exchange for gold coins and cremated the bodies of Guru Ji's younger sons and mother. This tragic happening took place on the evening of 27th December 1704. Today stands the shrine of Gurdwara Jyoti Saroop, Fatehgarh Sahib. The common people were furious at the death of the two Sahibzadazas.The martyrdom of the Sahibzadas breathed into the cowardly people a new spirit of courage and freedom.
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