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  1. The Khalsa Panth in the west and around the world is being watched. The Amritdhari or keshdhari is being watched with a close eye. The youth who has the Dastar on his/her head is being watched with a very close eye. However how many of these youth are holding up the ethos of the Khalsa Panth today? The character the Singhs and Singhni carried at home (india) and abroad were the same and they upheld the Khalsa Panth's ethos. They respected each other as brother and sister. They sat together only if more than one Singh and Singni was around. Otherwise the only words uttered was Fateh. A Singh would never sit behind closed doors with a Singhni or a Singhni would never sit with a Singh behind closed doors. The sharing of a hug was only between a Singh and another SIngh. Also the same was for the Singhni. No Singhni hugged with another Singh. Blood brothers and sisters were the exception. The morals the Singhs and Singhni held were of the Khalsa Panth. They took it to heart that we are brothers and sisters. Even when a Singh married a Singhni the high moral standards of the Khalsa Panth were wired inside their brains. The married couple treated each other with respect when out in society. They respected each others committment to the Khalsa Panth, through speaking, listening, responding, and how they would approach each other out in society. No physical affection was shared out in the public by the married couple. Can we say today the same standard is being held? So many Singhs and kaurs are worried about being sucked into the Hindu rituals. They have 20/20 vision for Hindu rituals, but they forgot about the rituals of another society and are completely indulging in them. They have no problem hugging another Singhni either alone or in society and it goes both ways. Its gone so bad that its being done at the Gurdwara. Also they talk alone and push the point to where flirting is okay. Again the flirting is being done at the Gurdwara. The Dastar these individuals wear on their head is being dragged in the dirt. Just 20-30 years ago the Khalsa Panth gave the utmost repsect to the Dastar and the Nihangs, AkJ, Taksal, Nanaksar, and all other Panthic Jathas made sure of it. If the blood brother of the Singhni didn't stand up or blood sister of the Singh, then make no mistake the Singhs made sure, the one committing such disgraceful acts got his/her punishment. Where is the respect in todays Singhs and Kaurs? Then we have the married couples. I hold my hands together before you and say please uphold the character of the Khalsa Panth. However these married couples have completely losted it. They share physical affection out in society. Again the Khalsa Panth 20-30 years ago did not disrespect Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji Maharaj in this way. Husband and wife respected each other and didn't even go to the extent of holding hands in public. But today Singhs have gone to the extent that can't be uttered. Then to make everything worse these individuals or married or soon to be married couple, display there disrespect for the Khalsa Panth on a public sites; facebook, etc. Then you have some other lost Amritdhari Singhs or Kaurs writing disgusting comments under the picture. The western lifestyle has complete sucked many Amritdharis dry of any morals or respect. They have no fear of Sri Vaheguru ji Maharaj. Next time a Singh or Singhni chooses to behave in such manners, ask yourself if Sant Baba Jarnail SIngh ji or Bhai Sahib Randhir SIngh ji, or Sant Baba Isher Singh ji, or Sant Baba Nihal Singh ji were standing next to us, what will they do or say to us? I know three out of the four will make sure the Singh is walking home with a black and blue face. and the Singhnis parents would deal with her in a proper manner. And Sant Baba Isher Singh ji would make sure the Singhs and Singhni parents and brothers hear about it and they deliver the black and blue message. By parents i mean the Khalsa Panth. The Amritdhari youth are deciding the fate of the Khalsa Panth. If this continues, Singhs and Kaurs will not hestitate to take matters into their own hands and then you would be screaming, they are extremist. Fear the Khalsa Panths hand before it strikes and stop this nonsense or build the character by devoting yourself to Gurbani. The second way is the best way and this is exactly what the Khalsa wants. Have respect for one another and stand together on the Khalsa Panth character. Mistakes have been made, they are in the past, so move forward by fixing the character we are. SIREE RAAG, THIRD MEHL: Listen, listen, O soul-bride: you are overtaken by sexual desire - why do you walk like that, swinging your arms in joy? You do not recognize your own Husband Lord! When you go to Him, what face will you show Him? I touch the feet of my sister soul-brides who have known their Husband Lord. Page 38 If only I could be like them! Joining the Sat Sangat, the True Congregation, I am united in His Union. || 1 || O woman, the false ones are being cheated by falsehood. God is your Husband; He is Handsome and True. He is obtained by reflecting upon the Guru. || 1 || Pause || The self-willed manmukhs do not recognize their Husband Lord; how will they spend their life-night? Filled with arrogance, they burn with desire; they suffer in the pain of the love of duality. The happy soul-brides are attuned to the Shabad; their egotism is eliminated from within. They enjoy their Husband Lord forever, and their life-night passes in the most blissful peace. || 2 || She is utterly lacking in spiritual wisdom; she is abandoned by her Husband Lord. She cannot obtain His Love. In the darkness of intellectual ignorance, she cannot see her Husband, and her hunger does not depart. Come and meet with me, my sister soul-brides, and unite me with my Husband. She who meets the True Guru, by perfect good fortune, finds her Husband; she is absorbed in the True One. || 3 || Those upon whom He casts His Glance of Grace become His happy soul-brides. One who recognizes her Lord and Master places her body and mind in offering before Him. Within her own home, she finds her Husband Lord; her egotism is dispelled. O Nanak, the happy soul-brides are embellished and exalted; night and day they are absorbed in devotional worship. || 4 || 28 || 61 || SIREE RAAG, THIRD MEHL: Some enjoy their Husband Lord; unto whose door should I go to ask for Him? I serve my True Guru with love, that He may lead me to Union with my Husband Lord. He created all, and He Himself watches over us. Some are close to Him, and some are far away. She who knows her Husband Lord to be always with her, enjoys His Constant Presence. || 1 || O woman, you must walk in harmony with the Guru's Will. Night and day, you shall enjoy your Husband, and you shall intuitively merge into the True One. || 1 || Pause || Attuned to the Shabad, the happy soul-brides are adorned with the True Word of the Shabad. Within their own home, they obtain the Lord as their Husband, with love for the Guru. Upon her beautiful and cozy bed, she enjoys the Love of her Lord. She is overflowing with the treasure of devotion. That Beloved God abides in her mind; He gives His Support to all. || 2 || I am forever a sacrifice to those who praise their Husband Lord. I dedicate my mind and body to them, and give my head as well; I fall at their feet. Those who recognize the One renounce the love of duality. The Gurmukh recognizes the Naam, O Nanak, and is absorbed into the True One. || 3 || 29 || 62 || ang 38 Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
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