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  1. Only five

    Blood Test

    You have nothing to be worried about. They use alcohol to reduce transmission.
  2. Surely, you could say that, but actual Taksal Singhs are very vocal when it comes to who is the Jathedar of Taksal. They don't think twice to say Dhumma is a government agent. Additionally, they have separated from Dhumma. But the same is not the case for Budha Dal. They praise Santa Singh without question and agree with his actions.
  3. Do you think the main Kathavachaks that are touring the world from Budha Dal have said Santa Singh was wrong for what he did? Instead they agree with Santa Singh and then blame Gurmukhs of committing wrong acts. Mainstream kathavachaks from Budha Dal are praising Indira Gandhi and blaming Gurmukhs for staying in Sri Akal Takht Sahib. They blame Gurmukhs for the attack on Sri Akal Takht Sahib. This teaching is embedded into their jatha.
  4. I actually feel sorry for the man in the video as he is being misled, but he has sincerity in him. He does got that funny accent......lol......... I'll apologize as I am not mocking the man in the video, but the one's that manipulated him into this backwards false practices.
  5. Missing that special someone in your life!!!!! Well, don't look no further, the cult of 3HO has solved your problem. Pull out your magic carpet from under your bed. Don't forget your purity white garb.......and the most important objects......stone idols!!!!!! I actually took the liberty to try this and guess what I found that special someone. I felt so green and relaxed inside. There was a faint voice in the background telling me puff, puff pass, puff, puff, pass, but my relationship is special, I don't share this joyful joint union with any hippie or Nihang. If anyone is missing thumb
  6. If the police really wanted to do something about this. They could set up sting operations around the country and even infiltrate these sexual grooming gangs. But this type of crime is not one of the top concerns for them. The idea is not to go after those who do it, but those who supply the means. Break the network and these giddars will not know which direction to run in. If the police were interested they could map out where cases have occurred in a city and even predict where the next attack will most likely occur. Victim reports can tell which areas the groomers are taking the vict
  7. Everyone knows meat is not accepted in Sikhi. Don't start these nonsense debates over and over. The idea is to climb the ladder of spirituality.
  8. I was thinking about this dilemma for couple of days and don't you think the SachKhand of state of mind is no different than ultimate reality place? What is the outside layer of the reality place. We know that our bodies don't go with us, but we also know Satguru Sri Guru Gobind Singh Sahib ji Maharaj said I will show my Darshan to those who keep their hair uncut and are shastardhari. Sant Baba Kartar Singh Ji Khalsa got in a bad accident and refused to have any hair touched on his body. If Sachkhand is a state of mind (Consciousness), then what does it matter if hair stays intact? The un
  9. Yes, please do this as you will be able to hire employees, if needed and please do look into the liability side of everything. I know many more people will be willing to donate once they know you are a registered charity and this means both sides get a tax break which is always a plus. I don't want to sound negative, but you know how it goes when someone tries to do good, there are 100 ready to knock you down. Registering as charity and the sensitive issues your volunteers are dealing with means being familiar with the state laws. Initially, you will have to pay, but get a good accounta
  10. Do you have anything in mind on how to deal with them?
  11. What does it matter whether someone goes naked, or wears a deer skin, if he does not remember the Lord within his soul? ||1||Pause|| ang 324 by the same logic then bhagat ji is saying being naked all day everyday and everywhere is groovy................anyone got a joint
  12. What we seriously need to be concerned about is when governments try to change the name of cities and states. While a name change looks harmless, but all past history tied in with that state is lost. Once a name change takes place the new name defines a new history that has nothing to do with the old name history. Same thing happens when structure changes are made to Historical Gurdwaras and institutions. The future generations are not aware of why certain structures were created in a certain way. All they see is the glamour and glory of expensive rocks and not the historical significance
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