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  1. 'In India, Sikhs fear cops the most & Panjab shows highest police dread' IP Singh | TNN | Updated: Jun 12, 2018, 13:24 IST JALANDHAR: Sikhs have highest level of fear of police amongst the religious communities of India, according to a report on policing in the country. In state-wise analysis, Punjab has the highest incidence of "police fear." Religion-wise distribution of "police fear" analysed in the Status of Policing in India Report 2018 by Common Cause and the Centre for the Study of Developing Societies shows that 37% Sikhs were highly fearful of the police - over double the national average. The report says this "can have a possible connection to the particular history of Punjab in the last four decades." Upper class Sikhs are much more likely to be scared (42%) compared to upper class Hindus (14%) or upper class Muslims (9%). Discrimination by cops: Pb No. 13 on perception index Among Hindus, the upper castes are least fearful of police while Scheduled Tribes are most fearful. The report also highlighted that the likelihood of poor Sikhs being scared is higher — a trend repeated across all other religious groups. “A religion-wise distribution shows that Sikhs have the highest levels of fear, which turns out to be much higher than the national average. The statewise distribution shows the high incidence of this fear in Punjab. Given that a majority of the Sikh responses are coming from this state, it is the high fear levels in Punjab which are contributing to the high figures,” the report said. Punjab, according to the report, ranks last among the states on the Index of Police Fear and Himachal Pradesh tops the list, meaning Himachalis are the least fearful of being victims of police excesses. “The control and responsibility of the police falls under the state list and such a relative analysis tells us about the vastly differing perceptions the same institution inspires in different states, opening the space for deliberating and comparing different state policies of policing,” the report added. Tamil Nadu has highest acceptance of police brutality towards criminals, followed by Gujarat, the report found Interestingly, in Himachal Pradesh, highest number of respondents showed least acceptability of police violence, whereas Punjab figures among the states which showed high acceptability of police violence. Recommended By Colombia On a state-wise summated score in which the state with the least acceptability towards police violence is ranked highest and the state with highest acceptability is ranked lowest, Punjab figures at 15th position. In the Index of Perception of Discrimination by Police, Punjab figures at number 13, with Bihar emerging as the worst state and West Bengal the best. Haryana and Himachal have shown most positive perception of police while Punjab is ranked lowest. Punjab is also among the lowest ranking states on police independence. Kerala is ranked highest on police independence and Odisha is the lowest, followed by Delhi and Punjab. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/amritsar/in-india-sikhs-fear-cops-the-most-panjab-shows-highest-police-dread/articleshow/64554802.cms
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