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  1. I think thats the correct assessment once nato and us troops leave its gonna be a jihadi royal rumble again just like syria was recently and still is in some parts. The only 2 reasons they hadnt left is because they didnt want to leave the previous ancient gurdwara that is very important to Sikh heritage and history. And secondly most of them are not economically well off enough to afford to get out through legitimate or illegitimate means. They are in a very dire situation surrounded by rabid evil islamic dogs who have no love for them. Perhaps if USSR had used weapons of mass destruction and dropped them on afghanistan just carpet bombed flatten it until all islamic influence and corruption was removed maybe afghanistan would have a chance to breath but right now the islamic jihadi virus has got a strangle hold over it. The problem india faces is when NATO leaves the attention from these bastards will turn towards them especially in kashmir. Both pakistan and india is in the eyes of the map of IS-K. Pakistan thinks its safe from is-k al-qaeda but it isnt they are playing with the devil right now but they will get hurt again as they decide to over run the pakistani government kuffar regime that isnt implementing their version of sharia islamic law.
  2. https://www.aninews.in/news/world/others/italy-sees-889-coronavirus-deaths-in-24-hours-toll-reaches-1002320200329003141/ in this article below he also blames pakistan for supplying drugs and weapons over the border in punjab to destroy the youth. Which is true nobody can deny that. https://www.aninews.in/news/world/europe/pak-destroying-misleading-punjabs-youth-khalistani-leader-jaswant-singh-thekedar20191007184554/ I dunno how credible this guy is or how big a following and influence he has in khalistan / sikh seperatist circles but he seems to be reasonble in what he is saying and for once a khalistani leader not licking pakistani or islamic backsides is quite interesting
  3. Going back to the video I posted did you see the bit where IS-K lot lined up and blew up pasthun muslim elders who opposed their satanic salafi islamic rule? It goes to show these IS-K are not indigenous afghans to the region they are mostly made up of muslims of other nationalities pakistani pasthuns, arabs, uzbeks and other central asians. Basically they are mostly al-Qaeda re-branded as IS-K. And this is why for a long time I suspected that it was salafi al-qaeda type pakistani tribal pasthun muslims who had murdered the 39 chattisingpora Sikh kashmiri brothers in march 2000. It was global jihad shariyat musilms not indigenous kashmiriyat jihadi muslims who had no beef with Sikhs and were often helping khalistani's in fighting indian authorities.
  4. Sikh separatist leader condemns Kabul gurdwara attack, requests India to shelter minorities from Afghanistan ANI | Updated: Mar 28, 2020 15:15 ISTFounder of Dal Khalsa and UK-based Sikh separatist leader Jaswant Singh Thekedar (File photo) London [UK], Mar 28 (ANI): Jaswant Singh Thekedar, the founder of Dal Khalsa - a Sikh separatist organisation, has condemned the barbaric attack on a historic gurdwara in Kabul and requested the Indian government to shelter the remaining families of Sikhs and Hindus from Afghanistan. On Wednesday, armed terrorists killed 25 civilians in a terror attack on the 400-year-old Gurdwara in Shor Bazar in Kabul. The Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan claimed responsibility for the attack, but many experts believe that Pakistan's spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), propagated it to oppose Ashraf Ghani, who was re-elected as the President of Afghanistan last month. In a video message, Singh said, "In Afghanistan, the way the Taliban carried out a barbaric attack on the Sikhs in Kabul's historic gurdwara and killed children and women who were praying for the people affected by coronavirus pandemic is highly condemnable." "The attackers are not religious people and they have no humanity. They have only one motive to call others as 'kafirs' or infidel and kill them. It is also preached in their holy book. This is an unforgettable incident for the Sikhs," he added. The separatist leader also stated that he has requested the Indian government to allow the remaining Sikhs and Hindus from Afghanistan to get them settled in India. "Our request has been accepted and after the COVID-19 crisis. Whoever will apply for a visa, the Indian government will facilitate them," he said. "We are thankful to the Indian authorities. We are also reaching out to the victims' families with all possible help. We are your brothers. The horrific attack has happened on the entire Sikh community. We all stand together with your pain," Singh added. The Sikh community in the war-torn country that once constituted a vibrant, well integrated and economically active part of the Afghan society has been persecuted and driven away, since the Taliban grabbed the reins in the 1990s. Their depletion has been so rapid that of the once close to a quarter of a million population, only a minuscule 1000-odd still remain in the country, barely eking out a livelihood amid extremely violent circumstances. (ANI)
  5. Sadly the SWJ type of Sikhs haven't used common sense and read Sikh ithihaas properly they read only sugar coated stuff. They seem to think Sikhs sat around a fire with everyone holding hands singing komb by ya. Bit like how most ignorant arrogent muslim nationalists go around preaching islam is the best trying to convert others with falsehood but yet they havent read any of their quranic ayats or hadiths that expose the true backward nature of islam. And when knowledge non-muslims show and read it to them for the first time they tend to shut up and backtrack running away with tail between their legs. Our Sikhs need to acknowledge true dark gory history that yes atrocities were committed by our side too at times but it was done so in times were we were fighting for our very survival after suffering extreme persecution and oppression by the various invader enemies. And if it came to our survival or getting rolled over by living totally up to Sikh principles all the time then yes Sikhs wouldn't exist right now we'd be in the history books especially when 1947 happened for sure.
  6. True these nasty sexual frustrated guys have no limits. Also the reason why most muslim men sexually target and exploit non-muslim women they find them an easier target than muslim girls who they could be killed for by an angry muslim mob or the relatives of the girl. The poor girls of hindu, sikh and christian minorities in muslim countries are in constant danger and fear.
  7. this is what the british imperialist establishment used to eventually subdue the Sikhs of khalsa raj first militarily using traitorous agents then indoctrination telling occupied punjab sikhs they were helpless and then using Sikhi as a way to steer war wanting Sikhs to become baptised khalsa for the british indian army only not for safeguarding their religion and land. And then the indian establishment did the same to make Sikhs docile. It was only during 80s/90s that Sikhs woke up from the slumber and thought to themselves hang on why we getting treated like 2nd class citizens and letting non-sikhs telling us what to do in our own land and started a serious fight back to regain lost political sovereignty.
  8. Quite a few interesting documentaries on youtube regarding these beasts. How they brainwash kids and gullible low IQ cannon fodder sunni muslim into fighting a jihad for them using videos of incitement against the non-muslims and Quran as tools. non
  9. Tell your friends and relatives in india/punjab to keep away from crowds and especially people displaying symptoms of corona. If you have a relative suspected with the disease try to treat them at home giving them help from a distance. Try not to take them to hospital you are unlikely to get the help there you will require they wont have ventilators and enough bed or staff to cope. To maintain health during this dangerous period drink hot drinks, hot ginger in boiled water, mint tea, eat citrus fruits. Clear and mucus with doing gargles with salt and warm water. Use tissues to disgard any spit/mucus and always actively wash hands with soap every time or every 30mins.
  10. I would say it it's alot earlier than that it was during the times of banda singh bahadur that Sikhs started this revolution in military fight back. When guru hargobind sahib ji and guru gobind singh ji were alive they fought the most righteous fight against the enemies for survival. Never going beyond the limits of warfare such as targeting killing civilians, capturing enemy women/rape, destroying whole area's their mission wasn't actively seeking enemy troops, capturing and liberating lands their mission was to spread sikhi dharam the righteous path for humanity to follow. It was during banda singh bahadur's time that Sikhs become more serious ruthless killer types using ancient Rajput warfare tactics and skills. Plus it's the hot punjabi blood, the DNA, the bravado culture together with scriptures that sanction Sikhs during war to enjoy and seek martyrdom in battlefield to have mukthi liberation from cycle of birth and death that most sikhs have inherited (but some may have forgotten) that was the driving force behind switching from a very peaceful community to ruthless mass killing pyscho rambo types willing to go to any excess to defeat the anti-sikh enemy. It's a good thing Sikhs remain peaceful because the opposite would be a nightmare for any enemy to face as the indian government learn in the 80s/90s. Alexander the greek also too learnt the hard way when he entered the punjab and faced king pourava (king porous). The western historians make out that he won and he let the punjabi king stay alive. Yet we know Alexander never spared his enemy opponents they were made examples of and killed ruthlessly. There's something about punjab that breeds heros and diehard noble brave-hearts who fight the righteous fight when required.
  11. I think alot of well meaning Sikhs have not researched the hidden aspects of Sikh history. If you read much older books written in 19th century you'll find authors have written that Sikhs in history have resorted to forced re-conversions of muslims to become sikhs, whirlwind sacking destruction of anti-sikh area's and generally alot of mayhem for the enemy and if you see the example of what revenge minded Sikhs did in 1947 you will see that punjabi Sikhs can be alot more vicious and crazy than muslims when it comes to war for survival. Sikhi doesnt teach this unlike islam and during times of peace the sikh masses generally are the most docile and pacifistic hippy liberal type of religious humans you can find. But as per human nature when times get hard some Sikhs will act on whats best for them and theirs. Before Sikh raj was established in punjab, the persecuted and oppressed Sikhs would eventually learn to fight back and regularly ambush and raid area's controlled by the enemy. it was because of these conquests and raids on the area's controlled by afghan muslim empire, mughul muslim empire, etc. Only then was Sikh rule able to be establish not nicely nicely approach begging the heartless world governments and doing huge peace marches. Sikhs were able to liberate themselves by adopting the tactics of the enemy by doing revenge attacks so that enemy thought twice taking on the Sikhs. Just knowing they will be fighting Sikhs would send a shiver down the spines of enemies so much so that afghan muslim troops under ahmed shah durrani and his offsping successors would run away from battle when only few decades ago it used to be the reverse.
  12. I came across this. ------------------------------------------------
  13. I fear the low IQ amoungst the Sikhs in punjab are not heeding the advice from people aboard and in india by continuing go to gurdwara's and sit in congregations in huge numbers shoulder to shoulder with potential to spread coronavirus very easily. It will be the Sikhs who will be the biggest loosers again because of their low IQ thinking pig headedness. And sadly when they are unable to breathe in a couple of days requiring hospital treatment and ventilators no one will be there to save them.
  14. i think you meant troop of singhs and yes they did. From years of analysis i and many have come to the conclusions all the good work Sikhs do would never be remembered how they helped various and diverse communities only when Sikhs act by the exercise of arms to protect whats dear to them and theirs they will not back us up nor stand with us but will start to condemn the Sikhs for resorting to violence.
  15. What would also be interesting to find out is who is funding these IS-K beasts? is it qatar? saudi? russia? britian, america or israel? There is a wider geo-political game being played here. And Sikhs need to call out the bastaard funders and handler commanders who are being offered as sacrificial lambs for the slaughter by killing our people in their "great game" of afghanistan/south asia.
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