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  1. While quran does have its fair share of "law verses" which dictate what should be eaten and some asking for amputations and lashing , just like old testament books. However to be honest , there's 99 names of allah which I found pretty impressed with . Al asma al husna as it is called One of the best names I found in it was al-haasib meaning "the accounter" or "the bringer of judgement" , the god who settles accounts of people, communities and countries. Like for example if someone is oppressed and oppressor is too big , god is still al-haasib, he makes justice to the oppresse
  2. Out of interest was Muhammad a good logician? He established his own criterion (apparently from Allah) via which he commanded Muslims to recognize his so called divinity and integrity, but where is the subjectivity in that? What non-Islamic principles can prove his authenticity? Put simply, other then Muhammad's word what else is there to say Islam truly is the veracious path to God? Isn't it a defeatist mentality when da'wah givers penultimately proclaim that for not accepting Islam you will burn in hell?
  3. The story says that the angel Jibril (Gabriel) dictated the Quran to Muhammad from the mouth of Allah. What is the Sikh perspective of this? Is the Quran written by Allah (Waheguru), Jibril, or Muhammad?
  4. So I have been reading some Sri granth, but I am little bit confused now. Since sikhism is monoteism (one god), how there is alot scriptures about: allah, shiva, brahma, vishnu...? I got that picture, that you guys believe in all of those... or do you believe that god is one and it doesnt matter which god you worship? I am little bit of lost now, so much confusing texts. -------------------------- I want also ask, is it ok to meditate to hindu gods. ?
  5. Guru Nanak Dev Ji's visit to Mecca. Despite rejecting the prevalent sub-continental philosophies surrounding him, Guru Nanak Dev undertook extensive travels in visiting the sites of pilgrimage often associated with his neighboring traditions. He visited Rome to view and dissect the Christian faith, he visited many an eminent Hindu site to dispel prevalent superstitions accepted as spirituality whilst he visited Mecca to dispel the myth of a singular supreme faith. It is his visit to Mecca which has become a matter of extensive debate between Islamic and Sikh scholars. The queries raised by th
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