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Found 12 results

  1. https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2017/dec/02/our-love-turned-us-into-pariahs-but-we-never-backed-down Opinions? Read the article before commenting, please. Don't go off based on the headline. Thoughts on the reason for a British newspaper posting such an article (can we keep the half-cocked comments on the two people involved to a minimum). Can such relationships ever be innocuous and above board, or is the history between the two faiths reason enough to assume that no relationship between a Sikh and a Muslim - particularly when the dynamic of the coupling is Muslim male and Sikh
  2. Australian-first Sikh Grammar School aims creating future leaders and fast bowlers http://news.pardesilink.com/rajkot/article/1250/australian-first-sikh-grammar-school-aims-creating-future-leaders-and-fast-bowlers
  3. CARING FOR OUR BAJURG (ELDERS) http://www.kaurscorner.com/caring-for-our-bajurg-elders/
  4. I was researching for a university essay and came across this rather interesting blog piece. It's a great deconstructive take on the growth of major religions. Would be interested to see what everyone else thinks. http://ramblingsofasikh.blogspot.co.uk/2014/09/sikhism-recent-and-modern-phenomenon.html
  5. The Progressive Teacher http://barusahib.org/the-progressive-teacher/
  6. Have you ever noticed how similar politics and religion are? Both make promises and predictions that rarely come to pass. Both set standards that are either unreasonable or impossible to attain. Both believe their sovereign leaders are fair and/or flawless, but the truth is that is only imaginary. Both crusade for a better life, but usually hopes and dreams remain what they are. Both promote freedom, equality and justice, yet only a minority enjoys those rights. Both vow to be transparent and trustworthy, but historically that is something that almost never happens. Both offer help and safet
  7. Are we obliged to challenge religion as unbelievers? 26 May 2014, 10:32 Should unbelievers be actively challenging the religious and their ideas or should we take a more passive approach? Should unbelievers be working as hard as the religious, to promote knowledge over faith, reality over superstition? Ive been accused all too often of being too open and aggressive with my views on religion and its lack of validity. Often being accused of being Just as bad as the evangelists, pushing my ideas whenever I can. This is my take on the issue It is our reasonability as unbelievers to point out
  8. Sikh temple shows how to become dementia-friendly We meet the Bradford doctor working with her local gurdwara to improve access to information and support By Victoria Lambert 6:59AM BST 05 May 2014 Dementia can make all types of communication difficult for patients and carers especially when English is not your first language. Among the Punjabi-speaking older Sikh community, where there is a particular stigma attached to the disease, this leads to isolation among sufferers and puts additional strain on families. As a result, a pioneering West Yorkshire scheme to turn Sikh gurdwaras (tem
  9. Sikh Community Needs To Reconsider Its Perceptions About The West, Russia And China DR. SAWRAJ SINGH INTERNATIONALAFFAIRS / EDITORIAL Generally, the Sikhs have an impressionabout the 1984 tragedy that IndiraGandhi (the Indian Prime Minister at thetime) was too close to the Soviet Unionand was very hostile to western countries.Even some Sikh scholars feel that Russiaincited and helped Mrs. Gandhi to attackSri Harmandir Sahib and the Akal Takhtin 1984, while western countries wereopposed to the attack. These impressions,along with some other factors,have contributed to the westward tiltamongs
  10. A few days ago, I think it was on this forum, that I came across an article regarding Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. It answered some question relating around him and the police. It mentioned something about him presenting himself to the police along with 50 others before going into Nanak Niwas. I have been looking for it ever since but cannot find it. Can anyone please help me look for it?
  11. Just ahead of Sant Baba Deep Singh’s Shaheedi divas this Friday (10th February 1758), an inspiring and informative article has been written on Sant Jees entire life. From growing up around Guru Gobind Singh Jee, to fighting the Durrani army in Battle of Amritsar, all is revealed in this exclusive biography! -Guaranteed to be an interesting read! Please check it out on www.kclsikhsoc.wordpress.com We have written other articles on -History of Sri Harmandar Sahib –destruction and restoration -Guru Gobind Singh Jee and His Gurbani -Battle of Chamkaur Sahib -Saka Sirhind -Shaheedi Guru Te
  12. Waheguru Jee Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Jee Ke Fateh! Daas is co-president at Kings College London University Sikh Society and with a group of students we have started a new project called 'Sikhi Explored', where we research and write about Sikh historic events. We design the newsletters ourselves and reference all our sources. All the writing is original and we refrain from copy and pasting from websites. The aim is to produce articles that are interesting for Sikh students/ youth to read and give them a basic understanding of key ithiaas. We read different aritcles, books and listen to katha to m
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