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  1. Almost as unbearable as some Singhs constantly crying about not being able to get women for vague, unspecified, and unconvincing reasons!
  2. Hey there, bro. Thanks for asking after me. I'm surrounded by timber, tiles, and paint from morning to evening, leaving little time for much else, lol. I've stopped getting notifications on mobile unless I login on a computer, but I haven't had time to do that for months. Thankful to be earning a crust in these tough times. God's grace as always.
  3. Any so-called spiritual figure that throws their weight behind a political regime to the extent that he has should be viewed with skepticism. He's obviously entitled to his views, but you can't market yourself as this great and balanced transcendental figure, and then be a staunch Modi mouthpiece on principle regardless of merit. I can't take that kind of partisanship seriously. I expect it from the uninformed average man but not from someone who's supposedly a viewer of the bigger picture.
  4. I'm sure most of you would refuse to acknowledge any person who considers themselves a Sikh who doesn't believe and follow the basic tenets of Sikhi regardless of their self identified labels. Same theory applies to "Muslims" of the Guru period (as well as those whose Bani was included in Sikh scriptures) who rejected Islamic philosophy and practices. They were viewed as apostates by the Qazis and the general knowledgeable Muslim population, but we, in all our "wisdom" seem to love reminding the world how these saints and devotees were definitely Muslim. How could they be Muslim when they arri
  5. I'm glad you've raised this issue, Singh. Sikhs need to be aware of and reject the erroneous propaganda about Sufism that's been run rampant among us for centuries. We've been convinced that Sufism is the acceptable, friendly, and pro-Sikh brand of Islam from which we should take some of our cues. History proves that powerful Sufi contemporaries of our Guru Sahib's were far from enthusiastic about Sikh growth and their existence in general. But we love to get our Sufi on and act like we're a bunch of desert dwelling mystics like Sartinder Sartaj and the rest of that bollox. As I've said
  6. From my experience homelessness is linked to severe drug addiction. If the drug dependency can be tackled the homeless problem can be fixed permanently in most cases. Nobody decides to be homeless. It's usually the result of a rather grave set of circumstances spiralling out of control. The subtext of whenever we meet a homeless person is, "I need money for drugs and possibly something to eat and drink." Grinding their gears with anything else designed to inflate the ego / standing of the person assisting is cruel IMO.
  7. They're probably the black equivalent of their white racist counterparts. Someone or another is riling them up with nonsense.
  8. https://www.wagmtv.com/2021/05/02/sikh-man-struck-in-head-with-hammer-on-way-to-work-in-nyc/ Don't know why black men in the U.S. seem to be going after orientals and Sikhs in this way?
  9. Covid is something that certainly exists but this kind of media bull5hit doesn't help those who like to stir the pot.
  10. I spoke to a younger relative of mine in india who's currently training / on a placement in the medical profession, and she says the Indian media is causing hysteria. Apparently, it's like as if a switch has been flipped and they seem to be going all-out with a particular narrative. There are obvious problems but they've always been there since the outbreak started. Quite interesting from someone on the front line. I don't think she's a desh bhagat defending Modi.
  11. One aspect of religious mass gatherings during the pandemic is the idea pushed by prominent preachers / personalities that God will protect his "true" devotees from the Corona, so there's no need to worry about distancing and the rest. Hilarious and dangerous.
  12. What's caused this explosion in cases? I mean, why now and not earlier?
  13. They've really started to enforce various unrelated minor things since the pandemic legislation came into force. It's like they've been given a greenlight to be busy bodies.
  14. The underlying Indian mentality will never change. They crave the impulse to worship something whatever it may be. They cannot deal with internalising that worship by channelling it towards venerating an abstract concept such as a formless force. They feel there needs to be a physical representation of it before their eyes. Literal minds. It's not helped by the concession in Sikh philosophy that Sargun worship is permissable which kind of contradicts the opposing "no idolatry" edict, because Sargun can be extended to worshipping anything with physical attributes as a manifestation of the Nirgu
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