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  1. It's a woman even if she returns and claims to be a male to discredit my judgement. It's a woman. Only a woman objects to a light being shone on the unflattering and rarely mentioned aspects of her sex's psychology and habits. When I've dragged Sikh males over the coals on this forum, not one guy ever objected to me doing so. Neither did any Sikh females interestingly enough. Nobody said, "But not all Sikh males are like that." You all quietly accepted my assessment of the situation. Your silence meant you agreed. As for Ajeet, I castigated him in the past for not having the courage to spurn marriage. He only got married to get his parents off his back. He's deceived a woman into a lifelong union that should never have happened. He tried arguing in the past that what he'll provide for his wife will be no less than what a hetero husband would do for her (and therefore, in his mind, that makes it morally acceptable), which he feels is difficult to refute, yet I believe had the girl known about his orientation there is NO way she would've agreed. She deserved to know. Despite all this, he asked for advice, and I gave him my take on the situation. I gave him an unpleasant and stark take on his problem. I won't grind my gears and shower this place with empty platitudes that are useless and impractical. I told him what MIGHT happen based on a few variables in play. I didn't bother softening or sugar coating what he needed to hear.
  2. Wonderful women. Nothing like the ones we decry, hence why some of us are able to discern the quality women in our lives versus the devious, one-dimensional trash trying to gaslight society into believing they possess any virtues whatsoever. Which category do you fall into?
  3. We can only hope. Seriously, I think you're absolutely correct to a certain degree on a surface level, but you make it seem like all these events are organic in origin and execution. I would argue there's an element of planning and organisation that goes into these world-changing events. I definitely don't think there's anything of accident or chance when it comes to the major events in "recent" (post-Enlightenment) human history (including wars, social upheaval, social and political movements and policies, even down to smaller issues such as those affecting cultural and artistic endeavours that shape the human consciousness, etc). We do not stumble from unknown event to another unknown event, hoping we work it out along the way. I think this management and direction of events is becoming obvious and clear to a great percentage of humanity compared to previous decades and centuries. Whether this awakening of sorts is a natural part of the yugic cycle, or it's something more mystically directed is difficult to know.
  4. This one could've easily gone in the Laughter thread, but the social angle makes it relevant here.
  5. Why do you reckon that's become a trend; this desire to dodge certain responsibilities and perpetually extend adolescence? I don't think it's something that's unique to us, by the way. I think it's happening to males across the world. Maybe a frustrated or petulant reaction to the slipping of the veil that we do in fact live in a female-oriented society with its requisite values (despite what the TV and other sources try to gaslight us into believing otherwise)?
  6. Good point, bro. Need to be very diligent and almost on your toes when dealing with and studying these things. It's easy to be mislead when your bias' are being confirmed through what you're reading, which is a major problem if your bias' are rooted in error.
  7. The modern day organised religion of Science? When someone who dares to deviate from the orthodoxy of accepted scientific thought finds themselves tarred and feathered as a scientific heretic, losing academic tenure, cushy employment opportunities, and their career? Yes, they're all lining up to join the unemployment queue, lol. There's a difference between being a healthy sceptic of the myriad experts who claim to know it all, and someone who believes the earth is flat, but scientists rarely admit they are wrong. Others who come later may disprove their findings, but scientists, especially in this day and age where science and politics are becoming ever entwined, struggle to admit their fallibility especially if it means them being de-personned. That's where their God Complex comes from.
  8. No, it's all those Sikh females sneaking into Gurdwareh during lockdown to marry white guys and Muslims that seem to be letting the side down. I guess in your reality that's acceptable.
  9. The same people that insist God is a coping mechanism also insist the above is untrue. How dare they!
  10. Same here. I won't pretend I have any of the answers. Just possibilities and theories and personal belief.
  11. I think it's more than that. You've probably heard of the phrase, "An old soul" used in reference to a young child or youth who has a mature or sensible air about them that's ingrained in their sense of Self, whereas there's guys like those you mentioned who spend most of their lives as if they're unruly teens.
  12. Some people grow out of shakeeni as they grow older and mature. Others spend their entire lives under its influence.
  13. I'd imagine there's a few possible answers someone determined to justify and relish the damnation of others () could proffer: 1. What's stopping such people from searching for their salvation? It might be argued the modern internet age has made available knowledge, philosophies and spiritual paths that were previously hidden from only but the students and enthusiasts of these schools of thought. If someone still chooses to remain in their comfort zone and languishing under ignorance, that's their apathy that's preventing them from seeking out something that is immediately available to them. 2. If we believe in reincarnation and that each subsequent janam is a potential step closer to the ultimate goal of merging with the One, then it's something that's going to happen when it's supposed to, and not any earlier. Usually, I think there's lifetimes of learning, pain, lessons, and experiencing atheism, Christianity, Islam, Rastafarianism, etc., lol, before the soul absorbs the necessary critical information required to reach a particular lifetime that's the so-called special janam where everything comes together. We as Sikhs believe that's Sikhi janam. Who knows how many lifetimes we've laboured under other faiths before arriving at this particular stage? There's Sikhs who squander their Sikhi janam while non-Sikhs enter the world as something else and end up finding Sikhi. It's karams IMO.
  14. What do you feel their thinking is behind adopting that particular style? I don't think we can entirely blame Western influence because they get triggered when anyone suggests they are trying to assume a non-Indian or non-Punjabi manner derived from Westernised fashion. But it's not classic Punjabi style, is it? So, could it be a natural progression of Indian style in the modern era being influenced by the larger urban or metropolitan areas?
  15. Does Sikhi say they are punished? I'm asking straight up, I don't recall the answer either way.
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