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  1. MisterrSingh


    ^^ Sounds amazing TBF.
  2. Register, even if it's a throwaway you'll never use again, and we'll have a discussion.
  3. There's certainly a difference between a misguided fool and someone with treachery in their veins. The former may have certain personality defects (arrogance; believes he is more capable than he is) and this type ends up being manipulated and duped into working against his own interests, while the latter is perfectly aware of the natural ends of his deviousness, and simply doesn't care.
  4. Did Gates and his foundation get kicked out of India last year? I swear I read it somewhere in passing, but I can't recall if it's true.
  5. I think we'll see the reconstructing of many long established social norms in light of this outbreak. Although, I think many calculating and cynical sources will take advantage of the situation to force through certain practices for their own benefit.
  6. Twice I've been out in the last two weeks to do the weekly grocery shop; I'm wrapped up and protected, but both times when I've returned home I've felt like my body's been battered around, and I'm aching and sore from picking up fruit and vegetables, and driving home. What the hell's been unleashed out there?
  7. I forgot about the issue about accents. Yes, you're right, that's part of it, too.
  8. Doabans seem to think Malwens are loudmouths and quite coarse, haha. I don't know why we love to subdivide ourselves into continually smaller niche groups. Some don't take it seriously, but others are deadly serious.
  9. Amazing isn't it. Who'd have thought this year would've brought these kind of issues for everyone to deal with. Unprecedented times.
  10. I was wondering what this thread was regarding based on just the title, because I know a girl called Simran in Punjab.
  11. In my experience, it's nothing sinister, just a little bit of good-natured ribbing. Although, I've never heard of or experienced males mention the Doaba v Malwa issue; it's mostly women teasing each other about their temperaments and habits. I honestly can't say whether my experiences are reflected across the board. It might be different with other people, I can't comment on that front. Malwai women are apparently rather feisty and outspoken, whereas Doabans, supposedly, are a little more guarded yet no less lethal, lol. Just what I've seen and heard.
  12. I've come across a feint Doabiyeh Vs Malwai mentality, although I have to say it's quite one-sided as it seems to come almost exclusively from the Doaba camp, lmao.
  13. How's everyone holding up with the lockdown? I worry for folks who have never had to spend extended periods of time in one place. It's a real shock to the system. I suggest keeping your mind active as much as possible with things that don't involve worrying and watching the news, lol. If you've got a backyard, sit outside for a while, breathe in the fresh air, listen to nature, etc. Don't stay couped up inside, especially since the weather's warming up in the UK at least. Keep yourself active within the walls of your home as much as possible. Listen to Gurbani or Kirtan. You may not believe it, but it works in ways that affect us on certain frequencies that gives us peace and contentment when done regularly.
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