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  1. MisterrSingh

    Modern-day singhs being weak.

    The overlooked or sometimes conveniently ignored aspect of their physiology is their diet, i.e. chicken and meat in general. I'm not being funny or stereotyping, but black people LOVE their chicken. Obviously, inhaling chicken all day and sitting on your behind playing video games is going to cause obesity in everyone, black or not, but certain foods coupled with an active lifestyle and perhaps a genetic predisposition to building and retaining muscle better than other races, also plays a factor. Testosterone (in natural) animal products is key. As a lifelong vegetarian I'm content and secure enough in my beliefs to acknowledge this truth.
  2. The youngsters themselves find themselves between a rock and a hard place. When they're growing up and perhaps vaguely aware of their fruity inclinations, it's a case of, "Why are you not in saroop?" from the religiously minded in their community. They then adopt the appearance partially through pressure and perhaps in the hope it somehow eliminates their leanings through some form of divine benevolence. When that doesn't happen and those proclivities increase with age, they find themselves exposed to incessant propaganda originating from their western host communities or the global propaganda machine which encourages them to embrace and accept their feelings, and at the same time people like us lambast them with stuff such as, "Why are you in saroop?!?" It's a no-win situation for them. Of course, I'm not seeking to excuse the degeneracy and the subversion taking place, but I just wish some of these people stepped outside of their own shoes for once, and realised how they're being used as pawns to further agendas that ultimately don't care for the individual. Humans have a desire to belong, and if they've spent most of their lives feeling alienated and misunderstood, they're obviously going to leap at the first group who extends a hand of understanding and tolerance. Most people are incapable or just aren't ready to accept or process anything beyond the material. That's life.
  3. I think we're (as in the Sikh community) moving into an interesting phase that reflects the social changes being promoted across the wider Western world. Are these developments organic and a result of "monkey see, monkey do" behaviour, or is there something a little more deliberate and organised at play? The emergence of the gentleman behind the Nanak Naam initiative heavily promoting these progressive philosophies can't be a coincidence. One unfortunate downside of succumbing excessively to the exclusively tolerant and liberal side of Sikh belief is the reluctance to express a perfectly valid opinion that apparently upsets others even if the objection is fair and required. This brand of moral relativism masquerading behind a "Never hurt a soul" ethos is admirable in isolation but in an era when tyranny uses the veil of tolerance to gain a stronghold, it actually does more harm than good in the long term.
  4. MisterrSingh

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    I've seen too many episodes of Columbo to realise what I'm seeing here is the beginning of a plan to bump off the missus.
  5. MisterrSingh

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    He's not going to be able to take veiled digs and passive-aggressive shots at fellow LGBTers on an exclusively gay forum. This place is a good opportunity to exorcise his various frustrations at who he considers to be the root cause of the various problems plaguing his existence, i.e. religiously-inclined straight males, because we've apparently crafted the society and the conditions under which fellows of his ilk are suffering.
  6. My point stands: he / she wants to pass for the traditional image of a man who hails from that particular part of the world. That style of turban and general appearance leave no doubt that the person in question is male. Masculine or not, that turban is a signifier of belonging to the male sex.
  7. MisterrSingh

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    As for Ajeet, I'm not one to kick a man when he's down. I still maintain he's a decent guy who's made some poor decisions when faced with the unenviable issues in his life pertaining to his sexuality and related matters. Regardless of the belief that homosexuality is attributable to nature or nurture, the fact is that he IS gay, and I can only imagine the struggle of trying to come to terms with it all while trying to also deal with uniquely cultural and family issues impacted by his turbulent mental state. The daily constant battle going on his mind is probably unbearable for most people. Where I diverge from his point of view is with his decision to seek a wife in order to satisfy the expectations of his parents. I would not have brought a woman into the situation (and I certainly wouldn't have borne an innocent child with that woman). Regardless of the pressure from external parties, I'd have been more than ready to labour under the mental anguish of my issues completely alone before I'd ever drag somebody into my conflicted life under duplicitous circumstances. I could never do that no matter how strong the forces acting upon me. Now that he finds himself in a situation where I sense he feels suffocated and pressured into an ever stressful home life, I worry what he may resort to. Someone of a volatile emotional nature - such as effeminate gay men and shortsighted women - resort to desperate yet ill advised acts in the mistaken belief that they will find a solution to their problems. I can only advise that he doesn't increase the karmic burden on his shoulders in any way. I believe he's incapable of toughening up his state of mind because if it was on the cards it would've happened by how or at least the early stages of the process would've been instigated. Latching onto corrupt, decadent and misleading western ideologies is of no purpose to someone in his situation. He'll never find the answers in what passes for internet-fueled liberalism in this day and age. I wish him the best. I hope God blesses him with a solution to his problems.
  8. MisterrSingh

    Here's why I am permanently boycotting this forum ...

    To summarise: "I see the various deficencies in myself that are raised during the discussions that people like Misterrsingh contribute to, but I'm so heavily in denial and afraid of the process of change and improvement I'd be forced to undergo that I'd rather pretend the people raising these issues are misinformed and ignorant than confront those issues in myself and become a better person. I'm also envious of people like Misterrsingh but I can't bring myself to admit such a thing because it would reveal various insecurities about my intellect and limited understanding of the world around me."
  9. MisterrSingh

    Which countries can Sikhi look to expand in?

    They don't like the Dravidian strand, lol. I had to explain to a few old-school Japs regarding the circumstances that lead to the formation of Sikhs and our faith in general, and they were impressed with the fighting spirit and rest of it, but generally from my experience the older generations, i.e. 30+, consider Indians to be weak and unclean. There's very little respect there due to the repeated invasions and conquering.
  10. Soy-infused Sikh males can't muster the courage to tell them to cover up.
  11. I agree with the social skills aspect of the discussion. It's essential to be able to engage in conversation with anyone of any background particularly in a professional environment where even the slightest verbal interaction is noted as an indication of ability even if that idea may not be entirely accurate. What I don't agree with is unnecessary small talk and feminised banter / gossip which has the potential to spiral into problematic situations. Maintaining a respectful distance without coming across as arrogant or uncooperative is key.
  12. If he's been reading Sun Tzu lately, which he has, he's probably been inspired by the strategies contained in the writing. I wonder if he's playing his wife off against his parents to engineer conflict, while he benefits from the fallout by encouraging a situation that either leads to divorce or something a lot more malevolent and permanent for somebody...?

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