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  1. I hear this regularly. In your opinion, what do you think is the root cause of this depression? Not enough support / understanding from their wives? Pressures back home? A general existential despair?
  2. Organised religion is the death of religious and spiritual devotion. Sounds paradoxical but it makes sense to me, lol. There's never any serenity to be found in a heaving, confused rabble. Those gianis need to depart their cushy, well-paid tenures at the major takhats (aside from the lucrative overseas summer tours), and begin to take the message to the people who need to hear it the most. If not, they can continue preaching to the choir, and when their time is over on this Earth, they'll realise how much more they could've done.
  3. Murdoch, Conservatives, and the like, is a very limited and outdated way of processing this issue. It runs deeper than these cursory ideological labels that are meaningless to anyone but those who still believe the world functions according to the Left and Right / Liberal and Conservative paradigm.
  4. For someone at rock bottom, even faux concern or help with vested interests doesn't seem so objectionable. To a rational, "normal" person it seems insulting, but for someone desperately seeking some understanding and kinship it's the difference between offing yourself due to loneliness or alienation, or suddenly feeling as if life is worth enduring.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-5117118 Plus, why do my posts need to be moderated before they're published? Who went crying to mods?
  6. Funny thing is it's true, yet as I've mentioned on previous occasions, it's trying to guide someone onto that path when they aren't ready to make that leap of faith. The Christian tries to bridge that gap by being personable, relatable, and sympathetic (whether it's genuine care or a ploy for the purposes of recruitment is debatable), understanding that for the vast majority of people with issues, the afflicted just want to unburden themselves and be heard before even thinking about making that next step to actively responding to the problems plaguing them. There's no to very little of this approach in our community, because we generally lack those traits in our demeanour as a people (although the younger generations are better in this respect), and this attitude seems to be even more significant in religious circles, which is madness because of all the areas where compassion and understanding should be in evidence, the spiritually floundering or just the generally forlorn and disenfranchised should be made to feel they're being listened to, not dismissed with a course of treatment that's abstract at best.
  7. Ironically, most women can see through that brand of disingenuousness and are repelled by it, whether they consciously realise it or not is another subject.
  8. There's a Pirthiya (Guru Arjan Dev Ji's dodgy brother) in every family, lol.
  9. Hopefully he does his brother's efforts justice, and doesn't try to reshape and re-assess Bhai Jagraj Singh's beliefs and legacy to promote the Globalist neo-Communist doctrine of which he's a passionate adherent. Hey, what am I saying, this is Sunny Hundal and the BBC, they can't not follow the narrative. And I'm beginning to suspect Hundal has latched onto his brother's untimely passing as currency to advance his own career and ideals. If that's actually true, then he's a terrible human being.
  10. THEY BURN IN HELL!!!! THEY'RE BEATEN BY DEMONS! Nah, I'm kidding. It's a good question. I myself have wondered how the "system" for organising and processing these issues in the afterlife is designed. It would suggest, based on what happens here on Earth, that the followers of all but one faith will be disappointed, to say the least, when they're confronted by the objective parameters of the reality of in the Great Beyond. My theory, based on years of unhinged daydreams, is that every soul needs to incarnate into every belief system before "moving on" and completing a particular cycle of rebirth. If you're spiritually attuned, it's quite obvious to spot the people in their present lifetimes who previously belonged to a particular religion, or held certain beliefs, in a previous lifetime, because they carry over much of the baggage, attitude, and demeanour of their previous selves, which they just haven't been able to shed in their latest incarnation. So, what happens is they transpose that innate manner of being they've accumulated over many lifetimes, and it's continued in their present. There's no conscious desire to progress on a higher level. Now, you could argue the material world makes it impossible to keep these lofty thoughts at the forefront of our minds; that navigating life is difficult enough without the individual going to the lengths of conducting a parallel spiritual meta-narrative alongside their daily corporeal narrative, that is seemingly difficult to prove in an objective sense, and therefore increasingly viewed as non-existent and foolish in this age of spiritual decadence. Contrary to what's taught by preachers, transcending religion and becoming one with the Creator is not an overnight or one-lifetime feat for the vast majority. You have to earn it through arduous, countless lifetimes, and I feel in this respect many Sikhs will be immensely disheartened when they come to realise this in their own situations. But, yeah, keep following and listening to the corrupt God-men, lol. They've got your back...
  11. I think you meant to post this in the Jazzy B thread.
  12. They won't confront you with this openly, but Christians are taught to believe religions based on Vedic traditions (including faiths like Buddhism) are ultimately in homage to Satan and the many pre-Christian demonic entities such as Baphomet, etc. There is no getting around this fact. They believe the Great Deceiver is the God we worship, and we're destined to burn in an eternity of hellfire unless we're "saved" and diverted onto the path of Christianity. Whether they genuinely believe this to be true, or it's a justification tactic for the purposes of converting non-Christians stragglers who are easy prey for these people, I'm not sure. So whenever some chumcha Sikh community "leader" ends up promoting inter-faith dialogue with the Semetic religions, it would serve him well to realise that the people with whom he's sipping watery tea and shaking hands for a photo opportunity, believe he's a devil worshipper. If that's not enough to get through to some of our clowns, there's no hope.
  13. You are a fool. Civilisations fall, resulting in the deaths of millions, with men like you at the helm. If you are so eager for oppression and destruction, may your loved ones and their descendants be the first to be crushed under the weight of tyranny. Everyone loves a revolution when it's others far removed from their own who are undergoing the brunt of the change.
  14. No, it's not even that, and you make it sound like "test" is a pejorative. As for problematic, that's a worryingly Marxist term that's white noise to me. Usually, adjudging someone's demeanour and the way they carry themselves and in the manner they interact with others, is enough to get a accurate handle on whether someone is worth the respect being potentially doled out. It's rarely, if anything, to do with appearance for obvious reasons. This can happen at a distance if a person is capable of reading signals. I don't leave my house in the morning under the assumption that every human being I encounter will be wort the effort just because they're alive. Withholding respect in the absence of any redeemable qualities usually entails, for me, keeping my distance and ensuring contact is eliminated or kept to a minimum at best. It's not being mean, aggressive, rude, or even generating an atmosphere of unspoken tension where it becomes obvious something is "up". On the subject of women, there's a whole other aspect of considerations that need to be taken into account when interacting with them in this day and age.
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