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  1. I know that you American cuck! How am I not speaking in RELATIVE TERMS? 50 SIKHS in a CITY is still greater than 5 SIKHS in another CITY. You'd expect those 50 SIKHS to have some greater sway than the 5 SIKHS in the next city. Frig me, you're a frustrating so-and-so.
  2. What's that? Are there MORE Sikhs in Richmond Hill than other places where they aren't attacked? When I talk of a "stronghold" does your mind conjure up an image of a fort with the tops of turbans sticking out over the ramparts? A stronghold in the contemporary urban sense isn't what you're thinking it is.
  3. If Sikh immigrants flock to an area and setup roots there, it's a Sikh stronghold. We'd call it a Muslim stronghold if the majority of arrivals were Muslim. Is this where you get a bit touchy because you're not the physical type that fights back?
  4. But it's weird to hear of Sikhs being attacked in areas that are recognised as Sikh strongholds. Where's the fear of numbers?
  5. During my lifetime, the British press has consistently mangled Sikh names in their reports, lmao. We know that ^^^ is actually "Harjot" but they end up making weird spelling mistakes which they never do with Muslim or even weird 15-letter names of Hindus or Sri Lankans. @Premi5 Not a rishtadaar of yours, is he?
  6. If Hindus in India do kick-off (I doubt it), I can guarantee Indians on work visas in the Middle East are going to be easy t1t-for-tat retaliatory targets. It'll be a bloodbath.
  7. If a person has a platform and the power, it's a necessity. But even this late in the game I think it's too late. Should've been kicking up a fuss or at least having serious discussions about "Behave / Reform or Deport" about 10-15 years ago. With the media having completely abandoned the pretence of partiality and maturity in the past 4 years, they're in full defence mode now, and will likely get worse.
  8. Not enough religion in the West; too much of the wrong kind of religion in the (Middle) East. Cucks who throw the idea of religious belief under the bus because they're too cowardly to call out the 5hit religions are clowns.
  9. Keep us updated on the Twitter bukwaas that's inevitably bound to spew from both sides, lol.
  10. It'll be intriguing if it develops into a geopolitical boxing match. India will dominate Muslims IN India itself, BUT if Muslims around the world decide to go after Hindus residing in other countries where Hindus are a minority to stop Indian Muslims being targeted in India, then Hindus will have no chance.
  11. Yeah, lmao. Whatever you think about Churchill, his summary of these two groups was astute.
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