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  1. Personally, I think this can only come from a religious directive IF the religion itself is strong and hyper-focused on its own interests. Since we don't fulfil neither of these conditions, we'll follow personal or wider cultural trends which allow low birthrates.
  2. We're content to turn a blind eye to the current blasphemies because "our own" are supposedly responsible for them. It's easier to get rid of those viewed as "outsiders".
  3. Do you cultists really believe these singers and dancers are kamayi-wale Gursikh reborn to lead us?
  4. I've checked out of politics this year. In summary, nothing short of prolonged civil unrest can fix the problems in Western countries. It's all one big stitch-up.
  5. Most of it is in a 3 volume work called The Secret Doctrine by Madame Blavatsky. There are tons of other minor works that I read to connect the dots. Predictably, the Christian religion decries this as heretical Satanic / New Age nonsense, but they do that to everything that threatens their limited understanding of reality. Admittedly, it might be nonsense, or at least partially true, but it brings together so many disparate fields of knowledge in a way that makes OUR beliefs make sense that just doesn't happen if one tries to force accepted mainstream Indian / Dharmic narratives onto proven history and vice versa.
  6. The moon and that round tray aesthetic is You see the wives doing this devoted carry on for their husbands as if they're these fine specimens of manhood... until you see them and they're little fat-bellied pigs.
  7. These "gods" were royalty of a land / continent that was destroyed in a deluge. After what was a cataclysmic incident that destroyed that particular land,the survivors of this one sunken continent migrated to various places across the world, one of these groups being the tribe that set up home in the Indus Valley. The tales of the exploits of these beings were passed down through generations through oral storytelling. Eventually (I'm talking thousands of years), Valmiki and Vyas (of the Mahabharata) retrofitted these "ancestral memories" to the land of their birth, i.e. India / Bharat. So, these devte did exist, but they weren't Indians as much as Thor wasn't a Viking, etc. Where-ever the aforementioned survivors migrated to is where the local tribes drew upon this collective mythos from this now lost continent, and then imprinted their own customs, culture, and racial "makeup" (from their "new" home) onto those distant figures. Even something seemingly as unique as Japanese mythology has the same core personalities and events common to nearly all ancient peoples and cultures, because it all eventually stemmed from one central location. This also, I think, might explain where the various cyclical yugs (Sat, Dwapar, Treta, Kal) were actually in evidence. It's all in the Occult texts of the 18th and 19th centuries. There have been past-life regressions where those in the present who believe in this theory have described their various lives on this land that was swallowed by the sea. They describe what sounds suspiciously like the Pandavas and Kauravas royal clans and their vendetta with each other as well as the earlier events of the Ramayana. Others who've undergone even harsher regression routines begin to describe their previous lives on other worlds before their incarnations on Earth. All this was done under the guidance of Hindu rishis, etc. It's very interesting.
  8. Not enough bottles of Famous Grouse in the house? Couldn't quite splash out on the 90-inch TV, so had to settle for the 82-inch one instead? Wanted a BMW i7 but could only afford the iX3?
  9. When your minority religion doesn't assert its identity and has a very unstable spiritual and cultural mooring, the larger and better established faiths with the greater infrastructure and socio-cultural reach will inevitably begin to attract stragglers. It's not unexpected.
  10. I heard this katha! Giani Jaswant Singh was going in hard on everyone. He was giving the Muslim deras a hard time, too, speaking about how when he sees their functions on TV, he sees tonnes of Amritdhari Singhs at these functions. But, yes, there's a lot of anti-Karvachauth and anti-Rakhri katha around the relevant time of year for each festival. Someone needs to remind our people what our customs are, because I don't think the people remember.
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