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  1. MisterrSingh


    Always remember that Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the three sides of an unholy triumvirate of Semetic monotheism. Don't fall into the trap of believing one side is less harmful, and therefore more agreeable to our existence, than the others, or that one faction bears the greater weight of its crimes, and is therefore more deserving of scorn than the others. In their eyes we are pagan heretics destined to an eternity in Hell.
  2. MisterrSingh


    I had to pull aside a young Sikh (late teens) a few months ago and explain to him that mainstream Muslim belief considers our Guru Sahibs to be frauds and liars per the teachings of Islam, because of the idea that Islam was the final revelation to mankind, and all subsequent spiritual messengers were false prophets, etc. It was almost as if I could see the cogs in his brain grind to a halt. He was so hellbent on defending Muslims that he replied with, "Well... maybe the Gurus weren't divine?" This is the level of indoctrination we're dealing with in the West.
  3. MisterrSingh


  4. MisterrSingh


    The Palestinian plight has been, from an image perspective in the West, blighted by certain poseurs and cynical political and social movements which serve to capitalise on Palestinian suffering for vested reasons, but objectively what the Palestinians have been subjected to since the 1940s is a tragedy on a scale the mind can scarcely comprehend. You don't need to be a Leftist or someone of that persuasion to realise it's an ongoing crime against humanity that seems to have no end in sight. I was quite cynical of the whole Middle Eastern 5hit show that's been in full force for decades, but having started reading into it all quite recently, it's definitely nowhere near as clear cut as it's portrayed in the West.
  5. MisterrSingh


    Hanji, the facts aren't even hidden. It's all in plain sight. It's quite fascinating how a disproportionately small group has held sway over the majority of human history. That's not divine patronage; it's entirely the fruits of their cunning and enterprise.
  6. MisterrSingh


    That's the perfect comparison. For Sikhs there is no clearer analogy.
  7. MisterrSingh


    Their entire existence is predicated on the idea they are God's Chosen People. This idea lends them the temerity to operate without fear because they believe they have the Divine Right to rule over the goyim, i.e. non-Jews of every hue. Their scriptures refer to us as cattle to be herded and enslaved. This is an indisputable fact. Sikhi disproves the lie of their divine supremacy in the Mool Mantar with the word 'Nirvair' : He is without Favour. Do Jews have a monopoly on suffering throughout history? What of the victims numbering in the hundreds of thousands who suffered at the hands of the Hebrew tribes under the behest of their Jehovah? And that's just one biblical period. You remember the Jewish genocides where they were the victims because society is continually reminded of these genocides. Ask yourself why their suffering is deemed to be more noteworthy than every other race or tribe.
  8. MisterrSingh


    No, hell no. Don't even go there, bro. *** I was about to add to my previous post that it's silly to assume that all or every follower of those faiths have had a degrading affect on civilization. I shouldn't have made it seem there are absolutely zero redeeming qualities to those particular creeds. Some considerable good and positivity for mankind has certainly arisen from the action of those who've professed a belief in Judeo-Christian values to a certain degree.
  9. MisterrSingh


    The Semetic faiths are a joke. They were duped from the very beginning to push a message of Godlessness. I never realised how much they'd been compromised until I started to dig into their histories. I'm not criticising the founders who, I suspect, have been co-opted as figureheads to push teachings that are in many cases a distortion of their original intent but there remains enough vague traces of the initial teachings as to create a semblance of believability. The proselytizers and the firebrands use the non-sequitir of, "Our faith contributed to the enrichment of human civilization," yet it's clear to me those contributions were made in spite of the faith of their followers not because of it. The Semetic faiths are DANGEROUS. They will prove to be the death knell of mankind. Devils, all of them.
  10. MisterrSingh

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    We aren't any worse or better than other communities when it comes to following fads, but when our people living in Western countries continually ape Western trends or adopt new ones, it's so cringe, lol. It lays bare the fact that despite all the education in the world, apne are so, so easy to manipulate into acting according to the mainstream view regardless of moralistic, ethical, and political bent. The mainstream encompasses a wide spectrum, but bypassing that spectrum is unthinkable for most people.
  11. MisterrSingh

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    It's the Sikh equivalent of a hen night: a kukhri-do.
  12. MisterrSingh

    Dealing with an angry wife

    Paradoxically, the rabble then flock to holy men who are, to all intents and purposes, docile, spiritual and virtuous. What's the draw of such men if the negative characteristics the public seek in the average man are seen as positives in someone apparently religious? Lol, what a confused bunch.
  13. MisterrSingh

    Dealing with an angry wife

    This is exactly what it is. How can you win? Take dowry, and you're a villain, greedy, anti-Sikh, etc. Don't take the dowry, and the bride's family consider the groom and his family to be an easy touch, which then causes the bride to resent the groom for not bleeding her parents dry, and gives rise to niggling issues between various parties. Do people enjoy a boot on their neck, lol?
  14. MisterrSingh

    who is this guy - sikh priest

    Argh, you're winding me up just by telling me about this nonsense. I went to a Sikh Anand Karaj a few years ago after around 11 years of not attending one, and I could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. It was a most irreligious spectacle. Nattering and full blown conversation as if people were in the langar hall. Absolutely no respect for the occasion or a sense of spirituality. It broke my heart, and at the time I felt a strange sense of dread for what lay in store for us as a people in the coming years and decades.

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