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  1. How authentic and objective can a guy's perception of his existence be (and the decisions he makes according to his understanding of what he sees and feels) when that "reality" struggles to pay a passing resemblance to objective truth? When people - in this case, women - let the mask slip and reveal their true selves for the first time, guys' first thoughts are almost exclusively, "Why did I not see this earlier?" He didn't see it earlier because he had no reason to. That suggests that "former life" of his was almost a dream of sorts. Yet he was happy to prolong that dream because either he wa
  2. Do you think our guys in the West are as prone to the dramatics as resorting to suicide? I personally think they've thrown in the towel; a quiet acceptance of defeat which is mostly attributable to the broader culture that has compounded the idea that it's toxic for a man to question a lady about her antics.
  3. This is the absolute crux of the matter; to find a girl who's pretty enough to get the lad hot and bothered BUT not too pretty that her attractiveness has made her a target for other lads from the moment, as they say in Punjabi, her jawani char gayi in her mid-teens onwards. Before the undercover brahmgyanis chime in about prioritising kamayi and Gurmukh values, for those of our people who don't float around in their own little Satyug that keeps the rest of the Kalyugi world out (a bit like Trump's non-existent wall), these are valid considerations that should be looked at in detail for t
  4. Do your due diligence. What does your gut instinct tell you about the person you're looking at for a marriage partner; not what everyone around you is chattering about in the hope to "sell" you her to you as a prospective wife. Then do some further digging, lmao.
  5. I would dismiss as conspiracy theories when it was said that the CIA (and Pentagon) were the chief drug and child traffickers on the planet. This is how they make their money. Never in a hundred thousand years will this corrupt system ever admit this to be the case. They still want the people to believe there's a multitude of James Bond-type figures running around, saving the world so we can sleep safe in our beds. The reality is that James, if such a figure existed, was most likely sharing the spoils with Blofeld!
  6. Maybe this is anecdotal but I get the impression that low birth rates in Sikh families back in Punjab might have something to do with the entanglements that arise between brothers who have to vie for a limited acreage of inheritable farmland. We all know that for those people, accepting one's rightful share is sometimes never enough. It's not the complete picture but I think it's a contributor. EDIT: I forgot to write my main point: The more siblings there are born to one set of parents, the less each sibling receives of the land from the father's estate. In the higgledy-piggledy thinking
  7. Objectively, this is what's ideal for stability (from a particular narrow point of view not taking into account matters of economic prosperity, social progression, etc). Subjectively is another matter.
  8. The problem for the world is the community that seems to be rising, relatively speaking, in comparison (and taking into account birth-rates) to everyone else. They'll need to be looked at eventually...
  9. Or you've got these NRI Sikh jathas consisting of western born Sikhs playing at spirituality in public while behind closed doors these Singhs are cracking each other off and playing tonsil hockey because apparently that's a spiritual test. Naming no names...
  10. I've said on a couple of occasions in the past about there being certain pragmatic elements of Islam that works in its favour particularly during moments where its followers aren't in a strong position, or even generally when other religions would seek to impress on its followers that life is a beautiful, spiritual bed of roses if you just believe hard enough, Islam says, "Well, actually, it's not, and you need to do this-and-this when it comes to dealing with Christians / Jews / women otherwise you WILL suffer." I think that's the undisputed socio-political aspect of it coming to the fo
  11. There was an urgency to the practice of the original Sikhi; it was a necessity, in some cases a literal case of do or die particularly when the need for militarisation arose. To be fair the very early contemplative form of the faith prior to Guru Hargobind was far from theoretical; it may not have manifested the thunderous vigour of the later form, but it was still a "violent" revolt against the social and religious status quo. Now in the current era it's become for most a leisurely pursuit; a first world activity of belly-aching over shariat ritual or at the other end of the spectrum a d
  12. Because discussing spirituality in the way that western Sikhs do (particularly on forums such as these where the contributors are anonymous) tends to come across as disingenuous attention seeking, or at least a discrete way of seeking praise and flattery for being "special." One only has to peruse the Gupt section for the past 20 years on this site, lol, and see the many threads about "I had darshan of such-and-such. What does it mean?" The people who start these topics aren't looking for a genuine, down-to-earth explanation ("maybe it was your subconscious assembling a narrative like a d
  13. When all you have is goodwill and so-called civility, what else could you possibly offer in response when times and people aren't so forgiving and forthcoming? Also, this "goodwill" and "civility" is conspicuous by its absence when these same obsequious Sikhs are dealing with people from their own racial or cultural group. So, it's selective "goodwill" and "civility" which suggests it's neither authentic nor comes from a place of selflessness as you seem to be suggesting. To borrow Dally's vocabulary for a moment, this docile sepoy-ness is in full affect when dealing with what's perceived to
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