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  1. You should turn up at the laavan like Stone Cold Steve Austin. If there's any beadbi, start giving out Stunners.
  2. We're drawn to honest physical labour despite being devious and calculating in our own social groups, yet if we were truly intelligent we would bypass the blue collar grafting, and want to head the various trucking unions and dependent organisations in white collar environments. In our case, every successive generation of immigrants start at the bottom instead of building on the efforts and sacrifices of the previous generations. There's a mentality of, "I suffered when I first came here, so why shouldn't they?" This creates a culture and ethic that remains firmly rooted in the same social dynamic with every generation. An intelligent community uplifts its own by creating opportunities for advancement. We seem to relish seeing our own facing adversity and having to struggle. Fundamentally, that's why we'll never achieve anything of note.
  3. Depends on what type of beings they are, and how you define 'advanced.'
  4. They wouldn't dare try it in the UK. They're mostly middle-class, fat, studious types who'd get wrecked in a physical encounter with Sikhs. Sure, they chat 5hit on radio and TV, kvetching like Jews do, spreading propaganda, but I'd like to see them try it in front of a Gurdwara.
  5. The problem with India is that it's full of Indians. Same country minus Indians would be heaven.
  6. Did humanity turn from spirituality TO modern conveniences? Define 'modern', and 'humanity'. What year did this switch occur?
  7. How will you support yourself over there? Food, shelter, etc?
  8. Unlike our dear, beloved Muslim brothers, we aren't going to murder our own for making their own way in life even if that direction is contrary to Sikh norms. Live and let live.
  9. Some studious, straight-laced girls relish flirting with danger in order to escape their reserved and unexciting upbringing. This was usually the preserve of repressed middle-class white girls in the past, getting involved with guys from the so-called wrong side of the tracks. On some level they realise if they ever get in over their head, the benefit of the doubt will initially always be on their side. They can cry victim or feign oppression to weasel out of mistakes of their own making. Now, apniyan seem to be jumping on the bandwagon. But whether these girls are Indian, white, black or whatever else, when it comes to settling down, the astute girls always seek the somewhat accomplished, successful guys with assets and resources. These girls have had their fun in their youth with the no-prospect losers; now they want stability and security that comes with these safe guys. These types of men are so utterly pathetic and lacking self respect, they swoop in to the rescue, and perpetuate a behaviour that would otherwise have been stamped out in previous generations through the potency of shame.
  10. Still, is it harsh to admit that the young Singh who got killed was in the wrong, too? I'm not suggesting his death was justified or in proportion to his mistake, but I've come across enough of these entrepreneurial religious Singhs in my time to realise that they aren't angels by any stretch of the imagination. They hide behind their religious identity. Unfortunately, they have enough gullible allies who are all too ready to defend and excuse their transgressions. Just calling it as I see it. I'm not simping for this she-devil, but I'm also not going to defend the indefensible.
  11. She seems to want to rehabilitate her image in the public, perhaps with a view to launching a public profile as a commentator? Her husband seems to have the resources to help her out in this respect.
  12. A Frenchman, an American, a Canadian, and a Scot walk into the Gurdwara and say to the Granthi...
  13. He'd be as idiotic as she is in his own way. He'd have to be a fool not to realise the type of person she is.
  14. The Loyal Siddhas vs The Treacherous Siddhas? I don't know, I think they might be playing us. They might be utterly evil, but they're also monumentally intelligent in a worldly sense at least. This is their planet. Can't be bothered with this nonsense anymore, lol.
  15. It's either true and the mainstream narrative is a carefully crafted vanilla projection of what "they'd" like things to be so that humanity doesn't realise the truth about its subjugation. OR these conspiracy theories are carefully crafted half-truths that are released into the ether as a form of misdirection to mask the drab realities of economic and political scheming by powerful corporations and individuals. I'm erring towards the latter. The former is fun to think about, but it's pie in the sky stuff.
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