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  1. It's consumed either way. True, it's not puffed. I'm not knocking them because I kind of get it, but when trying to explain to the average person who doesn't have the ability to process nuance, they won't see the difference between a Nihang's use of bhang, and a normie Punjabi's use of sheesha.
  2. It's over, bro. No amount of quack cures are going to cure hereditary hair loss. Just pray a stiff wind never reveals your hidden shame. Unlike a mona, at least you can pretend there's flowing locks underneath your dastaar. Count that as a blessing.
  3. It sounds weird but you have to remember this is a hardcore Nihang gurdwara. There's bound to be some deviation from what we consider to be acceptable and normal. I think it was up in the mountainous regions of Haradwar or somewhere like that.
  4. No, no, lol, not random street food. They only serve them in their Gurdwareh as langar. I should've clarified that earlier. I make it sound like a joke, but it's not. There's a maryada to it even if I don't entirely agree with it. When my cousins (who were born and lived in India) were very young they went on a jatra. They went to a Nihang Gurdwara, and unbeknownst to anyone in my family they consumed food in the langar which was full of bhang. Both of my cousins were about 13 or so at the time, and after eating they were tripping like amlis for hours. Apparently, it was hilarious.
  5. Yes, sure, bug I'm referring to the average, impressionable person from a sober and "clean" background. Those exposed to these vices in reality don't need a show or film to reinforce this behaviour in order for it to appeal to them.
  6. True, true. When the target population is impressionable and easily led, to put it kindly lol, some type of censorious measures might need to be implemented.
  7. I think the onus should be on the individual to exert restraint and self control. Showing a character with particular habits and doing certain acts shouldn't be an endorsement to the audience to follow suit.
  8. So true. But when you've got Nihangs arguing they've got special dispensation to get high off smoking weed it does let the side down.
  9. Don't know about you, but I was wondering why I was feeling so down after watching Pixar and Disney productions, lmao. It's not normal.
  10. For me, it wasn't even plot or story issues. I just wasn't feeling enriched or nourished by anything I was watching. It was all subversive propaganda designed to make me feel and believe certain things; things to make me a good goy citizen. I also came across other metaphysical issues such as how Hollywood in particular employs symbolism that targets the Dasam Duar so that it accepts negative energies, etc. For the last handful of years I always felt very anxious and uneasy after having consumed these so-called films, and as soon as I stopped watching I felt so much better.
  11. They both destroy braincells. Bollywood is low iq bakwaas; Punjabi industry will eventually arrive at the same place Bollywood is now in the next 15 years. They're currently pandering to Sikhs, and getting you hooked like a drug addict so you can't walk away. Hollywood gets to you through subliminal symbolism and associated magick techniques. As a lifelong film fan, I realised the affect films were having on me, spiritually, and I knocked it on the head late last year. I'm not paying for these film industry paedos, perverts, and druggies to do a number on my soul.
  12. Fair enough. I don't have an axe to grind with the Singh either way. I took the video at face value. I assumed the makers of the video were panthic Sikhs in the know. If he is being defamed, then that's unfortunate. Nice house, though.
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