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Found 5 results

  1. I hv been blessed with baby boy We took gurvaak yesterday and got aira akhar A Granthi wanted us to give him name there so he can shout jaikara. We name him Arshdeep singh. Come home Later I become anxious of this name as although arsh means throne or sky and sounds nice but at the same time arsh in Hindi also means suffering or piles. It's name of a disease, and saw some white guy on YouTube make fun of one guy ArshDeep as "arse deep" So I am very careful of selecting a name for my son. That should be Divine, short and sweet. Can we change his name now, anyways it's not on papers yet I m thinking agamjot, or anhad, or Amrit . Can u suggest. I fear if I name him agamjot , he will become agam (inaccessible) . Sorry if I sound ridiculous Also another nice choice is "akshdeep" which is closer to Arshdeep But not sure if akshdeep is Sikh sounding Then there's also a possibility of his friend's calling him aksh or Akshay which sounds hindu
  2. Hi As per hukamnama by guru sahib we are looking for name of our baby boy starting from J we have names Jefraj, Jaisamar but we are looking for a unique name can someone please help us in finding one
  3. There's A LOT of questions that Sikh Women have about what Paath or Nitnem they should do when Pregnant or what they should be doing before pregnancy, etc. There's also questions about what to do after the baby is born and just about family life in general. For example, do mothers have to observe Amrit Vela? Do ALL Sikhs need to observe Amrit Vela? Fortunately, there's a new non-profit organization that's completely DEVOTED to educating about Sikh family life... and it's called... Sikh Family Life (!): https://www.SikhFamilyLife.com/ There's a whole series on Mother's Duties and Responsibilities (starts BEFORE pregnancy): https://www.sikhfamilylife.com/maa-de-farz-series-a-mothers-responsibilities/ ALL pregnant mamas should be doing Sukhmani Sahib, here's why: https://www.sikhfamilylife.com/2018/04/a-secret-power-of-sikh-mothers/ And for the scoop on Amrit Vela (and why it's SOOOOO Important for Sikhs): https://www.sikhfamilylife.com/2018/06/the-low-down-on-amrit-vela/ There's even a post on one way to teach kids Sikhi: https://www.sikhfamilylife.com/2018/06/one-fabulous-way-to-teach-kids-sikhi/ Hopefully this resource is helpful to some of you searching for answers on this incredibly important topic of Sikhi, pregnancy, and motherhood!
  4. VJKK VJKF My sisters due in a months time and I'd like to get her, the brother inlaw and the baby some Sikhi inspired gifts. so for example, I've gone out and got 4 square frames- I'm thinking of gurbani caligraphy? But I'm struggling on what to write...I'd like it to be about birth, baby, family, etc. so its really personal. Any ideas guys? Would really appreciate your help if you could kindly provide ang numbers with short quotes please. Thank you Also, I'd like to make a kirtan CD of calm, soothing kirtan to play in the babies nursery. Any favorites? Thanks in advance with all the rubbish on tv radio and punjabi households in general, I want the baby to have as much good influence as possible. Gurbani and Sikhi inspired art work, stories, music kirtan etc. Please help guys Thaaankk youuuu :biggrin2: Pul chuk muaf ji VJKK VJKF
  5. With Guru Jees kirpa got a new born on the way, Which milk is the best to use but at the same time without meat products and egg. (The child will be breast fed also) Thank you in advance
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