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Found 2 results

  1. The ringleader of the London Bridge terror attack was a former Underground and KFC worker known for his extremist views. The 27-year-old attacker, who can only be identified as 'Abdul' at the request of police, was a home-grown jihadi who came to the UK from a village near Lahore in Pakistan as a child and spent his life in Barking, East London. But in recent years he had become increasingly radical and was twice reported to anti-terror authorities, it has been claimed. He even appeared in TV documentary about British jihadis and was questioned by police after an Islamic State flag was unfurled in a park. The revelations will put further pressure on Britain's security services after Manchester bomber Salman Abedi also appeared to have slipped through the net before carrying out the atrocity. A neighbour recognised this picture of the killer in an Arsenal away shirt (Photo: AFP) Police raided a number of addresses in barking, East London, on Sunday (Photo: PA) Abdul was well-known in his local community, with one mother claiming she confronted him for trying to brainwash her children with extremist religious views in a park. A neighbour said he immediately noticed the Arsenal away shirt Abdul was wearing after being shot dead by police outside the Wheatsheaf pub on Saturday night. He said: "I looked on Twitter and saw one of the terrorists who had been shot by police and he looked 90 per cent like my neighbour - he was even wearing the same Arsenal shirt that I had seen him in at 5pm that evening." A number of arrests have been made in the Barking area today (Photo: PA) Searches are still ongoing (Photo: REUTERS) Officers unleashed a hail of bullets after the trio used a hired van to mow down pedestrians on one of the capital's busiest bridges. They then leapt from the vehicle and began knifing people at random in bars and restaurants. According to The Times, Abdul is the only one of the Pakistani attackers positively identified so far. He lived in a block of flats with his wife and two young children which was raided by police early on Sunday. Ken Chigbo, 26, who lives in the same building, described him as "really sociable" and said the killer had invited him to a barbecue just last week. "I know he was quite a devout Muslim, I heard him talking about the Koran," said Mr Chigbo. "He would preach to young Muslims at the flat. "Sometimes up to six people quite regularly.” Twelve people have been taken into custody (Photo: PA) CLICK TO PLAY WATCH NEXTSecurity guards dance with the crowd at One Love THREE SUSPECTS SHOT AND KILLED BY ARMED POLICE An online CV suggests the attacker worked for Transport for London and took a course in teaching English as a foreign language. He also worked at fast-food chain KFC but quit around two years ago, according to a friend. "He began stopping his neighbours in the street and asking them if they had been saying their prayers and when they had been to the mosque." One man who knew the killer told the BBC he had become so concerned by his extremist views he rang the anti-terrorist hotline. He claimed the attacker was not arrested and was allowed to keep his passport. Locals in Barking said they had raised concerns about the killer (Photo: REUTERS) Erica Gasparri, 42, said she had also raised concerns. She said Pakistani terrorist Abdul would sit in a park opposite Northbury Primary School in Barking with two other men and talk to local children. The mum-of-three said he would offer the kids sweets in order to groom them and claimed to be "teaching them about religion".
  2. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/senior-officers-still-target-other-crimes-above-child-grooming-8932247.html Senior officers 'still target other crimes above child grooming' Approach 'varied significantly' across the force's four districts - Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham Jonathan Brown Monday, 11 November 2013 Senior officers from the police force that was heavily criticised over its handling of child sexual exploitation cases continue to prioritise burglary and vehicle crime over grooming victims, a report by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) found. The watchdog expressed "serious concern" over the actions of South Yorkshire Police which it ordered to improve with inspectors describing an inconsistent approach to child protection at local levels of the force. Chief constable David Crompton was told to "get a grip" on child sex offending in Rotherham by senior MPs last year following claims of widespread abuse of girls by Asian men in the town. In 2010 five men were jailed for grooming teenagers for sex. It was the first in a series of high-profile cases over the last three years that have revealed harrowing evidence of exploitation across England including Rochdale, Derby and Oxford. South Yorkshire Police has faced claims that it was reluctant to bring about prosecutions of alleged sex gangs because of racial sensitivities over the ethnicity of alleged perpetrators. In 2012 it bought no successful prosecutions, a senior officer told the Home Affairs Select Committee. An investigation by The Times claimed police and child protection agencies in Rotherham had extensive knowledge of these activities for a decade, yet failed to act. Today's report found: "Many of the staff interviewed for this inspection felt that the emphasis from senior and middle local managers was still more focused on dealing with offences such as burglary and vehicle crime, rather than child sexual exploitation (and both the notices displayed in police stations, and some of the documentation reviewed for this inspection support this perception)." HMIC called for South Yorkshire Police, which is also at the centre of continuing controversy over its role in the Hillsborough disaster, to carry out an audit of its response to child sexual exploitation in in accordance a national policing action plan -something it was supposed to have carried out in the summer. Inspectors said the force is unable to evaluate the quality of its protective work as in some cases there was no record in the case file of the level of support and intervention provided by police and partners to the victim. The report was one of three inquiries commissioned South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Shaun Wright. It concluded that Mr Wright and the Chief Constable had made child sexual exploitation a top priority for the force. Between January and March 2013 South Yorkshire trained all of its 1,700 frontline staff in relation to child sexual exploitation. It praised staff for being "conscientious, enthusiastic, and focused" on helping children. But it said whilst there were" pockets of good and effective practice" the approach varied significantly across the force's four districts - Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham. "HMIC also found that many staff in public protection and children safeguarding specialist units were working in crowded offices, were poorly equipped, and found it difficult to manage their workloads. This situation is adversely disproportionate to the importance the PCC and chief constable have placed on this area of policing," the report said.
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