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  1. Guest

    Ontario sikh motorcycle club

    FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov FullSizeRender.mov Guru Nanak mission centre gurdwara committee member allegations of harassing a women Inderjit Singh Jagroan Conservative party candidate of record for riding of Etobicoke North husband of Sarabjit kaur. Ontario Sikh motorcycle club president Why are they not going to the authorities there trying to hush things up this is ridiculous the one on the motorcycle is the one that is accused whom everyone calls Inderjit Singh Jagroan from Toronto FullSizeRender.mov
  2. http://www.gurbani.org/gurblog/gurbani-defines-harmandir/
  3. What is the truth about him? Should i believe this website? https://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Bandai_Khalsa
  4. VJKK VJKF Sangat Jee I have been informed a while back that at GNG Smethwick Gurdwara, some miscreants took down the Shaheed Singh & Mahapurakh boards due to there issues with certain Gursikhs. The incident took place around 30th March 2018 if i'm correct. The issue has not been resolved by Sikh Council UK, GNG Smethwick etc and more so brushed under the carpet. This is a total insult to the Kaums Shaheeds and Mahapurakhs, regardless of personal Rehits, Issues anyone that has done Sevaa for the Panth on such a mass scale their Jeevan should be celebrated and followed. It is believed that the following Groups played apart in removing the boards with a drill and screwdrivers. 1. Dharam Yudh Morcha Jatha - Tividale 2. Satkaar Committee - Birmingham 3. Jagowale Jatha Some of the reasons which are communicated on a email for the removal of the Singhs are as follows: 1. Shaheed Jathedaar Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbar didn't have any kind of relationship with Sant Jarnail Singh jee and they view it as a belittling Sant jee. 2. The Nanak Niwas issue has been brought up and one point for the remove of Bhai Sukhdev Singh Babbars photo 3. Baba Thakur Singh Jee DDT cant be pictured with Bhai Sahib Jeevan Singh Jee AKJ as their views weren't the same and Bhai Sahib Jeevan Singh cant be on the same level as Baba Thakur Singh. 4. Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh jee was removed because they believe he has influenced his views and distorted Gurmat 5. None of the Singhs from Babbar Khalsa can have Babbar in there name on the boards, any text saying this must be removed. 6. Ithiaas from Damdami Taksal is missing Since Guru Sahibs time 7. The only good point which is valid was a incorrect date of birth for a Nanaksar Mahapurakh, but again the board didn't need to be removed. There is maybe some other corrections that needed to be made, but the act of planning and removing the boards which the Sangat Jee has paid for is despicable. The above shows a deep underlying hatred and biased towards certain groups. Below is evidence of what happened.
  5. http://indiatoday.intoday.in/education/story/giani-zail-singh/1/433813.html
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