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  1. A MUST WATCH CLIP - READ & FORWARD: Sarkar Di Chall - Sant Bhindranwalean Da Jawab HOW THE AUTHORITIES ATTEMPTED TO BRIBE SANT JARNAIL SINGH JI BHINDRANWALE AND FAILED: Sant Dhadrianwale Tell The Unique Remarkable Account To Thousands - NO UK VISIT FOR SUMMER 2012 - 18th August 2012 During the monthly Sangrand Samagam which takes place at Gurdwara Parmeshar Dwar Sahib in Patiala, standing on the stage in front of the thousands of people present on 16th August 2012, Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale spoke about the Jeevan of the great fearless Saint Soldier, Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale during their years of conflict with the Central and Punjab Government in the 1980's, particularly during the Congress rule of Punjab Chief Minister Darbara Singh. In an effort to inspire the Sikh youth of Punjab, Sant Dhadrianwale discussed an account that was given in a book written by General Brar who commanded Operation Bluestar in 1984. The general, who was in opposition to Sant Jarnail Singh Ji, in actual fact himself gave away how the great Saint Soldier was simply beyond any bribe. Sant Dhadrianwale spoke about the initial threatening challenges of Darbara Singh to Sant Jarnail Singh Ji, which failed, and then the subsequent offers and bribes from the authorities, which also failed. In the meanwhile, there have recently been expectations in the UK for Sant Dhadrianwale to visit the country during this summer for a few days due to immense demand from the Sangat and from the organisers of a number of events taking place in the coming weeks and events that have already taken place. However, Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale, who live and breathe for Gurmat Parchaar and Amrit Sanchaar, have had a very tight schedule which has been fully booked until at least next year. Unless where an international Gurmat Parchaar Visit has been scheduled, Sant Dhadrianwale is believed to have said there is a greater need for them to remain in India at this moment in time as per their schedule where Gurmat Parchaar and Amrit Sanchaar must remain to be the number one priority. Gurdwara Parmeshar Dwar Sahib sends out an apology to any Sangat and organisers who may have been expecting them to be present in the UK for a few days this summer, but if and when a window in their schedule is available, then the UK will be considered for Parchaar purposes. In any event, the main UK Visit for Gurmat Parchaar, which takes place every two years, will be scheduled for the summer of 2013, confirmation and dates for which will be released mid-next year by the UK Visit organisers. The full August 2012 Sangrand Diwaan can be seen online and a short clip that every Sikh should and must watch is viewable at the following link: - ENDS -
  2. **EXPOSED** Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale tell the TRUTH about Sukhwinder Singh’s False Allegations 100% FALSE ALLEGATIONS MADE AGAINST SANT BABA RANJIT SINGH DHADRIANWALE – THE TRUTH ABOUT AN ORCHESTRATED CAMPAIGN TO STOP SIKHI PARCHAR 8th May 2012 MUST WATCH (a point-by-point answer refuting fabricated claims by Sukhwinder Singh and others): In unsurprising circumstances, once again a weak attempt has been made to launch an anti-Panthic malicious campaign against Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale, a Mahaan Parcharaak of the Khalsa Panth. Without basis and evidence, serious allegations have been made against the character of Sant Dhadrianwale by Sukhwinder Singh, an individual who was once part of the Sant Dhadrianwale Jatha, albeit for a short while. The allegations, put against Sant Dhadrianwale personally, the Jatha and Gurdwara Parmeshar Dwar Sahib, are 100% false, without basis and simply an invention by anti-Panthic elements who blatantly desire to put a halt to Sikhi Parchaar and Amrit Sanchaar. It must be noted that this orchestrated campaign has come about only weeks after Sant Dhadrianwale played a leading role during the campaign to stop the hanging of Jinda Shaheed Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana and to secure justice for the family of Shaheed Bhai Jaspal Singh Ji, therefore creating numerous enemies within anti-Panthic forces. Sant Dhadrianwale have said that throughout their years of Gurmat Parchaar, they have always been and will remain to be available to answer to the Khalsa Panth as they will continue to march on the path of truth. Sant Dhadrianwale have no reason to shy away from any question put forward to them by any individual or anti-Panthic group as they have exhaustive answers, with evidence, to any such fictional lies. It is not in their nature to quietly listen to false allegations fabricated and spread about their character and moral fibre, therefore they have immediately demanded that any claim made against them must be put forward directly with evidence of any wrong-doing. This, of course, has not transpired and the orchestrated defamation campaign has collapsed within hours of its birth due to the immediate point-by-point responses given by Sant Dhadrianwale through the open media. Within hours of these allegations being published, Sant Dhadrianwale have already attended a live radio interview broadcast in Canada by telephone on this issue as well as recorded a detailed video account from Gurdwara Parmeshar Dwar Sahib on 8th May 2012 of the facts about Sukhwinder Singh and his baseless allegations. This recording, which is a detailed point-by-point reply to the allegations and a clear explanation of the facts, has been welcomed by the worldwide Sikh Sangat and should be watched by all - http://www.youtube.c...?v=rL3kts5l6jE. Further, India’s MH1 Punjabi national television channel, along with Chardi Kala Time TV have been requested by Sant Dhadrianwale to cover the 14th May 2012 monthly Sangand Diwaan live from 8:00pm (India time) taking place at Gurdwara Parmeshar Dwar Sahib (also to be broadcast on Baani.net). During this Diwaan, Sant Dhadrianwale have also invited the media where they will do Parchaar and speak in the normal expected strong gathering of 70-80,000 Sangat present, live on national and international television, about the facts of this latest so-called “issue” and explain the dangerous strategy behind what has been attempted (and ultimately failed). At the same time, the media will be able to ask any question openly about Sant Dhadrianwale personally which they will readily answer to. The UK’s Sangat Television on Sky 847 in the UK and Europe or SangatTelevision.org worldwide online has also confirmed it will do a D-Live broadcast of the Sangrand Diwaan to be played around 8:00pm UK time. Sangat throughout the world are requested to watch these special broadcasts and learn about the truth and reality behind the childish but serious allegations that have been fabricated. It is the duty of all media to play a responsible role during such campaigns instigated by anti-Panthic forces in an attempt to tarnish the image of Panthic Parchaaraks, prevent Panthic Ekta and stop Sikhi Parchaar and Amrit Sanchaar. Without doubt, a larger entity is at play behind this defamation campaign that has been designed to disrupt the immense Gurmat Parchaar and Amrit Sanchaar currently taking place throughout Punjab, India and the world, as well as divert the attention of Sikhs away from the Panthic issues that should remain to be in the forefront. Lies will always be exposed and the truth shall always remain. - ENDS – Also watch:
  3. Sant Dhadrianwale: BHAI RAJOANA'S HANGING HAS BEEN STAYED BUT SANGHARSH MUST CONTINUE UNTIL HE IS FREE: NEWS ITEM BHAI RAJOANA'S HANGING HAS BEEN STAYED BUT SANGHARSH MUST CONTINUE UNTIL HE IS RELEASED & FREE: Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale 28th March 2012 Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale, speaking after the announcement that Bhai Rajoana’s death sentence has been stayed, said that, “Sikhs around the world have once again been awoken because of Jinda Shaheed Bhai Balwant Singh Ji Rajoana, but the hanging has only been stayed.” They have said that Sikhs must not let the ‘Sangharsh’ for Bhai Rajoana go cold and he must be released as soon as possible so he can become a leading figure of inspiration for the nation and sit among us. Sant Dhadrianwale have said that if Bhai Rajoana’s letters can bring such awareness and awakening to the Khalsa Panth in such a short space of time, then what he can do when he is out of jail can only be imagined. They have said with the blessings of Akaal Purakh, Bhai Rajoana must come out. Sant Dhadrianwale have said the youth of Punjab have been reading his letters and have been inspired. The reason for this is because Bhai Rajaona speaks the truth and his love for Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji shines - he is like a Singh of Puraatan times. Sant Dhadrianwale advised we are all wearing Dastaars now, but when Bhai Rajoana comes out, we must ensure we have Dastaars on our head that never come off. It is for the first time in recent times the nation has been united with one single voice. They spoke about Bhai Rajoana’s Gursikhi Jeevan which has 14 hours of Nitnem every day - that is the power behind their courage. Sant Dhadrianwale said it is not the Government that has brought Bhai Rajoana back from the gallows and for the time being at least delayed the hanging, but the Khalsa Panth. The credit for this ‘stay’ goes to the nation. They also spoke about Quami Shaheed Bhai Dilawar Singh Ji saying if it wasn’t for these lions of the nation, many of us would have not have been here today. A whole generation of Sikh youth had been wiped out from the land of Punjab and the genocide would have continued it was not for these lions. - ENDS - Also see: http://www.sikhsanga...097#entry530097 http://www.sikhsanga...115#entry530115 http://www.sikhsanga...477#entry530477 http://www.sikhsangat.com/Index.php?/topic/65988-why-was-beanta-killed-sant-dhadrianwale-on-bhai-rajoanahail-quami-shaheed-bhai-dilawar-singh-ji/
  4. WHY WAS BEANTA KILLED? Sant Dhadrianwale on Bhai Rajoana...Hail Quami Shaheed Bhai Dilawar Singh Ji WHY WAS BEANTA KILLED? Sant Dhadrianwale on Bhai Rajoana...Hail Quami Shaheed Bhai Dilawar Singh Ji This clip was recorded during a large scale Samagam attended by thousands of Sikhs in LUDHIANA on 25th March 2012. Jinda Shaheed Bhai Balwant Singh Ji Rajoana is due to be hanged at 9:00am on 31st March 2012 - the hanging has since been stayed. Sant Dhadrianwale have pledged their full support to the nation in order to save this great lion of the Khalsa Panth from capital punishment. Also see: http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/65775-sant-baba-ranjit-singh-dhadrianwale-speak-the-facts-about-bhai-balwant-singh-rajoana-and-give-an-important-strong-message-to-the-khalsa-panth/page__p__530097#entry530097 http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/65776-a-glimpse-into-the-jeevan-of-bhai-balwant-singh-ji-rajoana/page__p__530115#entry530115 http://www.sikhsangat.com/index.php?/topic/65836-if-all-else-fails-bhai-rajoana-must-be-made-jathedar-sikhs-should-be-prepared-for-sangharsh-sant-dhadrianwale/page__p__530477#entry530477
  5. A GLIMPSE INTO THE JEEVAN OF BHAI BALWANT SINGH JI RAJOANA ...translated from the spoken words of Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Ji Dhadrianwale during the special Diwaan on 20th March 2012 held in the name of Bhai Rajoana: “Bhai Balwant Singh Ji Rajoana...we must simply glimpse into their Jeevan and we will understand them. I recently met two Singhs that have spent time with Bhai Balwant Singh Ji in jail. I have known these Singhs for around 12 years. I used to encourage these Singhs to keep their Kesh and take the Amrit of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji, but they felt they were not ready – although they would state they had an aim to be blessed with Amrit in the future. Circumstances were such that these two Singhs were imprisoned in the same jail as Bhai Balwant Singh Ji. They were sentenced for 3 months and spent most of this time with Bhai Balwant Singh Ji. They do not call Bhai Sahib ‘Balwant Singh’ but they refer to Bhai Sahib Ji as Baba Ji. Doing Sangat with Bhai Sahib Ji in jail for 3 months totally changed their Jeevan. They entered the jail as Manmukhs and came out as Gurmukhs. I asked them, ‘There are many Singhs in that jail who come out after completing their sentence the same as when they entered, but how did your Jeevan change?’ They replied saying, ‘We shall never remove our Dastaar now and never do Beadbi of our Kesh because we were blessed enough to have the opportunity to do Sangat of Baba Balwant Singh Ji’. So I asked them further, ‘Tell me what you found inspiring about Bhai Sahib Ji that led to such a drastic change in your Jeevan?’ Their reply was, ‘There are many types of prisoners within that jail that have committed all kinds of offences, but Baba Balwant Singh Ji is different from all, he is a Chardhi Kala Gurmukh who recites Gurbani 24-hours a day and does not let even one second, one breath pass without Naam.’ (Gurmantar Abhiyaas). It was Bhai Sahib Ji’s Chardhi Kala Jeevan itself that had inspired these two people to become Gurmukhs. I had this discussion with these two Singhs before Bhai Balwant Singh Ji was sentenced to death and I said to them, as I say now, Bhai Balwant Singh Ji is definitely a true Gursikh filled with Khalsa spirit. There is no doubt in this. Bhai Sahib Ji’s courage was proved later on when we heard their statement. Bhai Sahib Ji did a plea to the Jathedar of Akaal Takht that no appeal to pardon their hanging should be put forward as they shall not ask for forgiveness when there has been no wrongdoing, instead, they want to kiss the noose of death. This statement in itself will forever become an inspiration for the many generations to come...” - ENDS -
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