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Found 2 results

  1. I am not questioning any maryada. We should use dhoof and jot as that is maryada, but I was looking to buy some new doof with charcoals, but read somewhere that the coals produce smoke that is similar to that of tobacco. It is not the same as tobacco, but was linked to similar health effects due to combustion like lung cancer or lung diseases if used for many years continuously in rooms with little to no ventilation. My question was, can this be avoided if it is true by increasing ventilation and how much ventilation would you say is good. Like I was thinking of just lighting it daily at amritvela, do my nitnem in the room where we did prakash of maharaj in sancheya, walk around the entire house with it, take it back to maharaj ji's room, do ardas and put it out. Maybe an hour or 2 daily. I thought of just turning on exhaust fans in kitchen, washroom, maybe open window, although that is not preferable right now in Canada's winter.What would you suggest/recommend/advise? If you wanted to know, I was looking at bakhoor incencse with charcoal disks Then I found this article: https://gulfnews.com/lifestyle/health-fitness/burning-incense-at-home-poses-health-risk-1.1218145
  2. Waheguru In the book "The Society of Saints (The Saadh Sangat) Param Sevak: Sant Baba Jagjit Singh Ji, Herkhowale" Baba Ji on pages 88 and 89 tells how to make dhoof the puratan way: Ingredients to making Dhoof The following ingredients used for in the preparation of traditional dhoof (incense sticks), Ingredient Amount Kastoori 2 rati Kesar (Saffron) 4 Mashe Mushkapoor 3 mashe Suche Moti 1 rati Butter of cow's milk 3 shatank Suger (unrefined) 2 shatank Javiti,Desi Joon, InderJoon 1 tola Shal Shalira, Kapoor-Kachari 1 tola each Whitesandalwood, Red sandalwood 1 tola each Barchar, Bhojpatar, Agartagar 1 tola each Small cardamon, big cardamon 1 tola each Dried coconut, fresh coconut, almonds 2 tola each Raisins, special essense stick 2 tola each Black anaseed, white anaseed, Nagar motha 2 tola each Basmati rice 3 tola Scent-Rose Brahmi (should be fragrant) 1 tola Phool Dhava, Loh Bhan 1 tola each Kachoor uch, cinamon 1 tola each These should be mixed together with suger and butter to prepare the essense sticks. Where each day dhoof and jyot (holy light) are used while reciting Jaap continiously, many blessings are showered. Waheguru
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