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  1. GuestSingh12345

    How To Brainwash A Nation

    do you know who the sikh people in dastaaran are?I don' t really have any idea. Here's the full interview for anyone interested:
  2. I couldn't help but wonder that during such terrible times, that someone might have thought that khalsa raaj would be waiting on the other side.Could anyone please share any bachans mahapurkhs gave to anyone who had asked about these events of global suffering.
  3. GuestSingh12345

    How To Brainwash A Nation

    This amazing interview was done back in 1985 with a former KGB agent who was trained in subversion techniques. He explains the 4 basic steps to socially engineering entire generations into thinking and behaving the way those in power want them to. It's shocking because Europe,America,Canada have been/undergoing this transformation in the exact same way, and are following the exact same steps.It was also applied to us in british colonization and even now with emasculating men etc...
  4. GuestSingh12345

    The Sikh Revolution by Jagjit Singh

    i'll read it when i'm done my exams,do you have more recommendations to add to my reading list,if so can you please share.
  5. https://www.bitchute.com/video/i3R2XR07CioN/
  6. GuestSingh12345

    Bitchute and youtube censorship

    Bitchute is an alternative to youtube.It's a video sharing site just like youtube.The big difference is there is no censorship on bitchute unlike what there is on youtube. In fact youtube recently paid 70 billion as a result of their censorship"http://telecoms.com/497112/youtube-censorship-contributes-to-disappointing-google-numbers/ I just started yesterday and there are so many interesting things to learn that are not easily found on youtube.People from youtube who are removed for whatever reason transfer to bitchute and I think there are many more freethinkers over there so please check it out and let me know what you think.(Btw this not sponsored or anything like that)
  7. GuestSingh12345

    Disgusting dreams after simran

    it's a phase,just make sure you do kirtan sohila before you go to sleep after you do your simran to make sure it's not some demonic interference.Kirtan sohila protects you at night from these sorts of things and not doing it might be a cause.
  8. GuestSingh12345

    Defending the non muslim world

    Have muslims in a muslim majority country or kingdom ever coexisted peacefully with other religions and groups?I'm looking into it and not really anything comes up in history.I don't know if we're really meant to stop their global rise to power, I think it's just a play guru sahib is orchestrating maybe as a precursor for us to rise again against a common foe when the world won't be able to stop them.That might be the call for us to rise as a global international power and that victory might be the time where we thereafter establish khalsa raj.
  9. GuestSingh12345

    Venezuela chaos grows

    Here are some sources to brush up if you don't really know what's going on: https://globalnews.ca/news/5221102/venezuela-protest-military-truck-crowd/ https://www.cnn.com/americas/live-news/venezuela-crisis-live-may-day-protests-intl/index.html I think the above videos do the best job.I recommend listening to at least listen to tim pool which is the last video. It's like a competition between USA and Russia to prevent the production of another authoritarian state,based on the desperation and poor living conditions of the people,and to get access to their billions of dollars worth of oil.Obviously there is huge corruption going on and much more where a country having billions worth of oil can't import food. It looks like another Syria or Libya all over again,where you can't trust anyone and nothing is safe,everything is out to kill you.However Russia seems to be making the most of this by building a military base and sending 100 soldiers last month concerning the USA:https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/russian-troops-venezuela-are-joke-not-threat-51087 I think both governments are really just trying to make Venezuela a puppet state by keeping Maduro there as the leader, and it might develop into a new communist ally of Russia if things work out for them.Maybe this coup that's happening might just be another way for gangs and criminals to have their own raaj and gain full power over people like the pablo escobar over Columbia.Regardless it's going to get much worse before it gets better.What do you guys think?
  10. I want to share this beautiful chapter from the jeevan of guru nanak dev ji maharaj written by dr.vir singh ji so all can benefit and feel inspired.I definitely recommend everyone to read the full book.There might be grammar errors due to copying and pasting,though I read over it quickly to check.The full read is found here-https://www.vidhia.com/Bhai Veer Singh Ji/Sri Guru Nanak Chamatkar (Part 1)_English-Bhai Vir Singh.pdf 20 Patna - Salis Rai In a desolate place, Guru Nanak is lying down and Mardana sitting by his side, is saying: Beloved Guru, you always say, the Lord is here, there, everywhere. He is the all-pervading Lord. Why can't I see like that? Guru Nanak: Mardana, you see minutely. When we have to see something far away, we concentrate to see properly.In this way, concentrate your mind. When the mind will concentrate, then by the grace of the Lord you will be able to see. Mardana: I do try to concentrate. Even while singing the divine hymns, I see inwardly and feel some concentration. But with due respect to you, Beloved Guru, I do not get the sensation of the Lord. I recite the name also. Now, even while sitting, standing and walking, I recite the name. But you are the Lord's beloved. You are benevolent. You bless me the sensation. Beloved Guru: See, the wise men can judge the redness inside a watermelon. You are intelligent. You see the world with your eyes everyday. Have you ever tried to see inwardly? Do you know that you also have a God given sensation in you? See, everybody talks and sings. Everybody's talking and singing is on a certain musical measure or note. But nobody has a feeling of those measures or notes. Then, how do you have a feeling of the measures or sub-measures or notes? You can just say, this is Gandhar, this is Pancham, that is Ramkali. On which scale do you measure these notes? Which measuring tape do you use? In which mirror do you see them? What testing solutions you put and test them? How do you know that this is the 1st note, this is the 2nd note and so on? You tell. Mardana: 0 master, this happens, since I have been singing for a long time. When I keep on singing and singing and my mind gets some concentration, then, automatically I get the feeling of the musical notes. Guru: Alright Mardana, you automatically know the musical measures and notes. Now, on the rebeck are wires. By putting the fingers, you know this wire will give the 1st note, this wire will give the 2nd note and so on. But when you sing with your throat, then where are the wires in your throat and where do you put your fingers to give the pt note, 2nd note and so on? How, from your throat these tunes and notes come out? Mardana: 0 master, you have said something wonderful. There are really no wires and no fingers in the throat, but still I can sing on any note and tune I wish to. I, really do not understand how the tunes come out? Guru: Well, now you see, you have developed some sensation by which you can take out any note or tune. You do not have any measuring scale. You do not have to do any counting. Automatically with your sensation you get pleasure from your singing and your singing gives ecstasy to others who listen. You tell, do you not have a sensation that you perceive but you cannot tell it to others? Mardana: Yes, you are right. I do have a sensation. Guru: In the same way, by reciting the Lord's name again and again, the name gets into the sub-conscious mind, and then into the heart and then into the body cells. Then you feel the sensation and ecstasy. You see the Lord inside your body and outside in nature, here, there, everywhere. Mardana: 0 master, as I now have a sensation of the musical notes, I wish I could get the sensation of the Lord. You are the Saviour. You bless me with the sensation of the Lord. Now, I understand but what should I do? Guru: Mardana, now it is late at night. You go to sleep now. Tomorrow, you will know, there is an inner sensation that is higher than all sensations. If you are keen to have that, then you recite the Lord's name while sitting, standing, sleeping and walking. It became night and Mardana went to sleep and the Guru got immersed in the meditation of the Lord's name. . II [Vision] In the city, in a crowded locality, one jeweler and his assistant are talking. Adhrika (the assistant): 0 my master, I have spent a good time of my life with you. You have such a large stock of diamonds, gems, pearls, emeralds, rubies,sapphires, topaz, beryl, amethysts and what not. Every day you ,-pen the bundles, you buy these and you sell these and I close the bundles and put them back. But, I cannot judge what is pure and what is artificial and what is of extra-ordinary quality. I do not understand but I do listen to everything. Salis Rai: Adhrika, this is a vision. Itis not arithmetic that you can learn by addition or multiplication. Go on seeing, go on seeing, go on seeing. A time will come when you will get a vision inside you. Then you will be able to judge and smile. Adhrika: Is there no way to learn this skill a'J teachers teach other studies? Salis Rai: Yes, everything is there and you already know. In other studies, the way is outwardly experimenting. Like, you put a white powder on your tongue and it tastes salty, then you know it is salt. This is one way, but what you are asking for, is another way. It is judging inwardly with your mind. Like, a cook puts one kg of lentil in a vessel, then, he measures the water and puts it. Then he weighs the salt and puts it. When it is cooked, it is Alright The second is that a woman puts water in the utensil, then, she puts lentil in it. She sees and says it is Alright Then she puts salt in her palm. She looks at the lentil-water mixture, then, she looks at the salt in her palm, she says Alright and puts the salt in the mixture. When it is cooked, it is fine. Now, how does she know that the salt, water and lentil are properly put? This is the way of the inner vision. Then, there is another way, the way of sensation (In Indian language it is called 'Anubhav') that I have heard only but never experienced. a child, keep up seeing these. Adhrika (heaving a Sigh): Today, by your telling me, something has gone into my mind. By your grace, I should be able to visualize properly. Salis Rai: Go on seeing, go on seeing and go on seeing. At this time a servant came from the shop and said: There is a customer at the shop who appears to be a foreigner and a stranger and is in a hurry to sell something. On listening, Salis Rai himself and his assistant Adhrika came to the shop and started talking to the person sitting atthe shop. . Salis Rai: O.Rich man, welcome to you. From where have you come and what merchandise have you brought to sell? Mardana: I have come from Punjab, where the five rivers flow and I have a red stone. H you can give some money for it, then I shall have food. Salis Rai: Please show.Mardana opened a small purse and he put the five or six gram stone in front of Salis Rai. Salis Rai examined it again and again and got lost in himself and said: Thanks 0 Lord. I adore you. Salis Rai: 0 Adhrika, bring hundred rupees. Salis Rai to Mardana (after putting hundred rupees in front of him): Take the hundred rupees and keep your diamond in your purse.. Mardana: And what for are the hundred rupees? Salis Rai looked towards Mardana and said: This is the price for having a glimpse of this diamond. It appears, this diamond belongs to some jeweler and he has sent you to the city jewelers to have it examined, otherwise, nobody will sell such a diamond. Lucky is the person, who has had a glimpse of such a clear, shining and bright diamond. My mentor had said that when you see such a diamond that gives ecstasy, then you first give something for its glimpse. So far as the price is concerned, it is invaluable. I have only gone by . the advice of my mentor. You take this money. Adhrika: 0 master, please show me this diamond. Salis Rai: 0 child, see. Adhrika got ecstasy on seeing it and said: 0 master, today, even I have got eyes. This is really a very sparkling, radiant and glittering diamond. It is , very clear and flashy. I have never seen such a dazzle, such lustre. It is giving ecstasy. Mardana: Gentleman, when my master gave me this stone, I thought he is making fun. Then, I thought this city is of rich people. Somebody will buy it for his children to play and I shall be able to buy food to fill my tummy. When. I went to the first shop, he said: I can give one radish for it. My children will play for a while. I said, give two. He said, no. Then, I went to a sweetmeat seller. He did not give even one kilogram of sweets. Then, I went to a cloth shop. He said, 'I can give one yard of coarse cloth only'. When I asked for money, he said you go to a gold shop or a diamond shop. Then, I went to a few shops and the price went on increasing. My curiosity increased and I found your shop. Now, you say it is beyond value and you are giving hundred rupees for its glimpse. This, I won't take. Salis: You take this hundred rupees and the diamond to your master. If he is keen to sell, you come back. We shall evaluate it. But as it is, it is invaluable. Mardana: 0 gentleman, I am hungry since last night but my master is not hungry but even he hasn't had food. His order was to sell this and bring food. Salis Rai: You take this. I will send food also. You let me know the address. Don't worry, we are businessmen and your master appears to be a big businessman with an inner vision. He will be happy on what I have said. He won't be angry. Mardana (with a little frown on his forehead): I don't know. He is big for certain, but if he was a businessman, then what was his need to travel places. He could have become rich while sitting at home. (A little loudly) Alright I go. With the hundred rupees and the diamond, Mardana returned where the Guru was sitting. The Guru laughed. Mardana kept the hundred rupees and the diamond· in front of the Guru and said: Here is your magic stone. At some place, it is not worth even two radishes, and at some place, it is invaluable. Guru: This is the position for invaluable things. Where there is insight, they are invaluable. Where there is no insight, then they are of no value. Insight is the prime thing. Somebody who did not have the insight, valued it at one radish and somebody who had the insight, said it is invaluable. The hundred rupees, he has given for his insight. But we have no right to take money without selling anything. You go and return this money to him. Mardana was tired, but he understood that accepting the hundred rupees was not justified and the Guru will not accept it. So, perforce he went back to return the money. III The Guru was sitting under the shaded trees in the love of the Lord, singing His hymns. At this time, Adhrika reached with delicious food. When he listened to the divine music he was dazed. His eyes stopped blinking and he got a deep attraction, and he forgot that he had come to a jeweler. He was beyond himself and he went into ecstasy. 0 When the Guru finished singing, he touched the Guru's feet and with folded hands said: 0 Saviour, forgive me. I had come thinking you to be a jeweler, but you are the Lord's image. You are the Lord's embodiment. There is a sweetness and fragrance corning out of you. 0 Image of the Lord, you have given your glimpse. You have given me ecstasy. You have given me inner vision. Your graciousness should ever remain on me. Mardana returned after giving the money back to the jeweler. The jeweler thought that the person who is not accepting money might not be a jeweler. He must be a Lord's saint. He also came walking along with Mardana. He was also dazed to have a glimpse of the Guru. He also went into ecstasy after having a glimpse of the Guru. Then he alerted himself and came forward and bowed to the Guru. The Guru welcomed him. Then, Salis Rai sat down and with folded hands said: I am delighted to see your diamond. It gives ecstasy. Your glimpse gives ecstasy. He was quiet for some time and then he asked: Can I ask your name, country? Guru: Country is Lord's. Name is 'Of the Lord'. Salis Rai looked at the Guru's handsome face and felt an attraction and said: Can you give me the sensation of the Lord? Guru: Lord is here, there, everywhere. Salis Rai: You can see the Lord everywhere, why can't we see Him? Guru: Listen Salis Rai, the lotus and the scum both are in water. The scum is dirty. The lotus is clean and has sweetness in it that is called nectar. Both are very close to each other but the lotus is un-affected by the scum. The lotus does not become dirty despite its closeness to the scum. Then, the frog also lives in that water. It eats the scum but it does not drink the nectar from the lotus. The frog living in the water close to the lotus has no awareness of the nectar in the lotus, but the black bee comes from a distance and sucks the nectar. Meaning: The frog is so near the lotus but it has no inSight of the lotus. But the black bee has the insight, so it comes from a distance and sucks the nectar. Salis Rai: 0 Godly soul, what is the reason? Guru: Lack of sensation (In Indian language 'Anubhav'). See, the white lotus. It opens up when the moon comes up. It has the sensation that works. It gets the sensation that the moon has come up. As your eyes have got the sensation of judging the diamonds, Mardana has the sensation of the waves of music. Similarly, those who love the Lord, get a godly sensation of the presence of the Lord within the body. On listening to this, Mardana recollected the conversation ofthe first day with the Guru. Similarly, the jeweler recollected the words he had earlier spoken to Adhrika. So, they understood the point well. Salis Rai's respect and love for the Guru increased. He requested the Guru to have food. The Guru had already returned the hundred rupees, saying, we saints do not desire for money, but food, he accepted with love. He and Mardana both had food. Adhrika served food to the Guru with extreme love. The Guru blessed Adhrika with the Lord's name. He got ecstasy. Salis Rai: 0 Godly soul, be gracious to me. Give me the Lord's sensation. Guru: Your assistant has already got the sensation of the Lord. He looked inwardly deeply, and by the grace of the Lord, got the sensation. Listening to this, Salis Rai looked towards his assistant and fell at his feet. When the Guru saw Salis Rai's soft heartedness and humility, then the Guru got up, and the one and a halfmetre turban, he took off from his head, and'tied it on Salis Rai's head, and with a loving glance, blessed him with the sensation of the Lord. • . Meaning: When Salis Rai tied the Guru-given turban on his head, then the veil between him and the Lord vanished and he got the sensation of the Lord. He got ecstasy and rapture. In this way, both were blessed. Now the Guru again said: The inner vision of the jeweler, when lie examines diamonds and the inner sensation of the singer, when he sings or listens to music, is there, but it is within the worldly frame work. But there is another vision 'the vision of the soul'. This is higher than all other visions. This is a sensation of the Lord within your body. This, you have got now. This sensation always remains in your mind. With this sensation, the mind is elevated. It rises above this visible world and goes into wondrousness. The body soul meets the Supreme soul. It crosses all barriers and gets immersed in the Supreme soul. This gives a sensation to the mind and you see the Lord inside yourself and outside everywhere. Then, one does not forget the Lord while seeing the world. One feels the world as a house and the Lord living in it. Then, you feel, o Lord, I adore you. You are limitless. We cannot find your limit. In this way, Salis Rai and Adhrika went home in ecstasy. The Guru stayed here for a few months. There, about three kilometres on the other side of the river Ganga, was a place where a fair was celebrated in the month of October. The Guru stayed here, so that he could guide the people who came to the fair, take them out of their mistaken beliefs and put them on the true path of 'recitation of the Lord's name with love'.Everyday, there was singing of divine hymns and people started loving the Lord. Now, in Patna, many people became Guru-disciples and a holy congregation was formed. The Guru blessed everyone. Now, he wanted to depart. The congregation prayed to the Guru to fix a person who should guide them further. Then, the Guru said: Salis Rai will lead the congregation now and after him, Adhrika. Later in Patna, Fateh Chand Maini who was Salis Rai's heir became the disciple of the tenth Guru. Guru Gobind Singh used to go to his house when he was a child. This place is now called Maini sangat. Adhrika's heirs were the masands ofthe tenth Guru and their children are even now in the service at a Sikh Gurdwara at Patna. This Sikh Gurdwara is the birthplace of Guru Gobind Singh. It is called Takht Sahib. Salis Rai was immersed in the Lord's love and he wrote poetry also. By reciting the Lord's name with love, Salis Rai got the sensation of the Lord in his mind, heart and body. Let us also get that sensation. Let us recite: oLord, 0, Lord, 0 Lord, 0 Lord WaheGuru, WaheGuru, WaheGuru, WaheGuru, Starting with at least five minutes a day. Handsome Sweet Beloved I heard you are handsome you are handsome, But without sensation how do I see yOu? I heard you are sensation you are sensation But without Insight how do I feel yOU? I heard you are near you are near But my mind is far away from you You tell me 0 Sweet Beloved How do I feel your ecstasy and hug yOU? A voice replied : Recite Recite Name Name .
  11. GuestSingh12345

    Parent's are setting me back in my Sikhi

    Similar problem here where my parents want me to focus more on studies than on sikhi.I can't even do any simran or path when they are around,and when I do it's never aloud and I try my best not be seen doing it in front of them.The problem is they mock me when it's convenient or inflate my ego making harder for me by telling relatives and every other person they can show off to. Another huge issue is that they "don't have time" to take me to the gurdwara,and frankly I don't want to keep constantly depending on them for that for the same reason I can't enjoy simran with them present.Always in katha,I hear that sewa is the grindstone to building the love to further your sikhi and progress,sewa builds sharda,and wipes away so many of your bad karams.Having darshan,doing sewa and having sangat of maharaj on a hopefully daily basis would make life much easier in the war over the mind. That's another very key thing which our youth lack nowadays;that relationship with our guru which lack of makes sikhi harder until your old enough to drive by yourself (once you get your own car and parental approval) to your local gurdwara. I feel like I could've done much much more progress in sikhi within the past 5 years if I could've even spent an hour or 2 at my gurdwara 2-3 times a week. It makes a drastic difference as I am now coming to realize. As for advice,don't disrespect your parents but present your stance firmly and present your arguments.Don't do whatever typically makes them mad or triggers their attitude like maybe speaking too loud and aggressively or in a certain tone,because you'll probably end up in a worse situation than what you started with.It should be in a way which is calm,orderly but they should know your being serious and they should be listening attentively. I find it concerning that she said: "whats an ardaas going to do for you, stop with all this nonsense and do revision".Only you would know your parents well enough on how you could best respond to that according to how easily they get insulted/offended. You could always do ardaas on your own as already recommended above or convince your parents. The important thing which is key to ardaas is sharda,but I think you already know that. It's saddening because everyone wants the panth to be better or they want someone else to come along and make it more chardikala but that enthusiasm usually disappears when it means that their own children have to make sacrifices for that to happen.Just keep going,don't be afraid to let go and fall into maharaj's lap,hopefully maharaj keeps you on this path,and hopefully it takes you to great heights.
  12. GuestSingh12345

    Terror attack in Sri Lanka

    To add to this painful memory, I talked to some sri lankan kids in my class. They were saying that these people put "free buffet" signs in the hotels to draw in as many people possible. She was saying that the children of her dad's old boss were actually killed in that attack.She even talked about how those churches were memorable for her parents as they used to go to them when they were children.
  13. GuestSingh12345

    Terror attack in Sri Lanka

    I think they have Canada as their next target after europe that is

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