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  1. Most of you are probably aware of China's "education camps" especially for Muslims and other religious people but here's a video where you can see it for yourself,the fear on their faces,how they are dead on the inside. I can't help but feel bad for them.
  2. GuestSingh12345

    A legend lost in history - Bibi Susheel Kaur

    thanks for sharing,it's a shame that he hasnt decided to keep his kesh. Another video to watch I'd recommend.
  3. I think the talk outlines what we are meant to be as singhs in the khalsa panth.
  4. i dont think baba ji could ever lie, but I can't come to accept that sant ji left darbar sahib while it was being desecrated.Khalsa doesn't run from the battlefield.I think they are shaheed.How else could you explain this picture: Here's a scenario I thought where they are shaheed but still "come back". They might pargat as a jot like how people have darshan of shaheed singhs and "come back" like that. Sant ji isn't gone anywhere from where they need to come back,like all shaheeds and other Sikhs in sachkhand.I also thought that perhaps they would take birth for the sake of the panth again as if they haven't done enough already. Regardless of what we think individually, it isn't going to change anything for ourselves or for the panth.We just need to focus on ourselves and what will happen will happen.
  5. GuestSingh12345

    indian govt. return historical manuscripts to sgpc

    we need a digital database with full pictures of the original saroops alongside a typed version of each aang.That might be a solution to remove suspicion of editing,and modification.It should be available to all online on a database and form a library. It would be a huge benefit to the panth if the sgpc would work for the panth.We can make our panth a force to be reckoned with on an international scale,and make Sikhi flourish.Most people don't know about Sikhi and denounce religion for reasons like not matching with science but Sikhi does,and people don't know.I think it needs to be restructured in a more dictatorship like structure where you have one appointed jathedar who has full control and no elections or democracy to elect people.The jathedar should be a brahamgyani,someone the panth will stand behind. Of course, the challenge is finding such a leader,maybe maharaj will/has sent someone.
  6. GuestSingh12345

    How To Brainwash A Nation

    do you know who the sikh people in dastaaran are?I don' t really have any idea. Here's the full interview for anyone interested:
  7. I couldn't help but wonder that during such terrible times, that someone might have thought that khalsa raaj would be waiting on the other side.Could anyone please share any bachans mahapurkhs gave to anyone who had asked about these events of global suffering.
  8. GuestSingh12345

    How To Brainwash A Nation

    This amazing interview was done back in 1985 with a former KGB agent who was trained in subversion techniques. He explains the 4 basic steps to socially engineering entire generations into thinking and behaving the way those in power want them to. It's shocking because Europe,America,Canada have been/undergoing this transformation in the exact same way, and are following the exact same steps.It was also applied to us in british colonization and even now with emasculating men etc...
  9. GuestSingh12345

    The Sikh Revolution by Jagjit Singh

    i'll read it when i'm done my exams,do you have more recommendations to add to my reading list,if so can you please share.
  10. https://www.bitchute.com/video/i3R2XR07CioN/
  11. GuestSingh12345

    Bitchute and youtube censorship

    Bitchute is an alternative to youtube.It's a video sharing site just like youtube.The big difference is there is no censorship on bitchute unlike what there is on youtube. In fact youtube recently paid 70 billion as a result of their censorship"http://telecoms.com/497112/youtube-censorship-contributes-to-disappointing-google-numbers/ I just started yesterday and there are so many interesting things to learn that are not easily found on youtube.People from youtube who are removed for whatever reason transfer to bitchute and I think there are many more freethinkers over there so please check it out and let me know what you think.(Btw this not sponsored or anything like that)
  12. GuestSingh12345

    Disgusting dreams after simran

    it's a phase,just make sure you do kirtan sohila before you go to sleep after you do your simran to make sure it's not some demonic interference.Kirtan sohila protects you at night from these sorts of things and not doing it might be a cause.
  13. GuestSingh12345

    Defending the non muslim world

    Have muslims in a muslim majority country or kingdom ever coexisted peacefully with other religions and groups?I'm looking into it and not really anything comes up in history.I don't know if we're really meant to stop their global rise to power, I think it's just a play guru sahib is orchestrating maybe as a precursor for us to rise again against a common foe when the world won't be able to stop them.That might be the call for us to rise as a global international power and that victory might be the time where we thereafter establish khalsa raj.

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