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  1. Day 1. Got up at 5 about to eat and get ready for the day. Did 6 days in May, aim is 12 days atleast for June doing 1 hour everyday. Maybe by end of summer it starts becoming a natural daily routine.
  2. Got up 6-6:30 doesn't count but keeping it up. I think I got up 6 days this month so there's a 20% chance I get up every day. Not great but something to start with and improve. Will get up for rest of month to get it to 10 days. Glad to see more people joining in, success is much easier as a sangat, there's more kirpa in sangat.
  3. Good for you, hopefully with kirpa we stay on path. If I'm just doing simran and plan going back to sleep and taking a full bath later, then I like doing panj ishnana, just wash face,hands, feet. Saves time and no one else in house hears you.
  4. Up at 2:30 with guru sahib's kirpa. Did 1 hour simran. There's so much garbage and darkness in my mind just starting to realize how bad my spiritual state is. Hopefully kirpa continues and I get up more consistently and can start washing away the dirt. Going back to sleep
  5. Day 1 finally got up at 4am today without alarm clock, hoping to keep it going this summer
  6. Day 1 today again. Got up around 5 because I heard birds chirping from the window. What if part of the purpose of birds is to be natural alarm clocks signalling us to getup early and do simran to get out of this matrix. These birds are also part of guru sahib's flow of life under their hukam. Going to workout now and start the day off with a good breakfast but that's something I'm going think about more.
  7. Day 1 today, I keep getting up at 7am now and sleeping earlier too and rest of routines are getting stronger, keep doing ardas before sleep to be more consistent
  8. Day 2 again, this time hit day 3 tomorrow and start a running spree
  9. Day 1 again today got up at 6am, still late but better than nothing, becoming consistent with doing simran atleast everyday and building a daily routine so will get better with time.
  10. Day 0, slept through alarm and got up at 7 instead of 5.
  11. Thank you ! Hit day 1 this morning but the website was down or something and I wasn't able to post an update
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