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  1. dive into gurbani and search for answers directly from your guru. I love using igurbani at this link: https://www.igurbani.com/search. It's so convenient and really makes it much easier to connect with and understand guru sahib. You can search SGGS in different ways. For ex, you can search all of SGGS with a key english word for example and it will return a list of all gurbani that has that full english key word in its english translations. For example,you have a question about 'kaam' and in this context specifically to lust so we search lust. You will get the results as in the screenshot, an
  2. how is this stuff not sorted out or found before marriage. Usually you can pick up some vibes from people by meeting them.
  3. This sounds amazing, but I am not seeing too much yet about curriculum or what and how they are actually going to teach. It's probably too early but would be interesting to see. I think the main deciding factor about big projects like these being effective for our community's growth is the people and leadership behind the project. If the leaders and teachers are deep in sikhi, then naturally the students will be more drawn towards sikhi itself and the values will carry on. Hopefully it is not the case where the admins are in it for the money and status and could care less about the values and
  4. full shabad a little slower pace to enjoy more
  5. You can feel bhai sahibs prem its contagious!
  6. The Anandpur Sahib Resolution : The Anandpur Sahib Resolution represents a pivitol point of Sikh history, after many years of failed negotiations with the Govt, a list of minimum Sikh demands was drafted. It is interesting to note that it was drafted in 1973 and it was only after the Govt failed to accept these basic demands (many of which most States already enjoyed from 1947) that the Sikhs were forced into the Dharam Yudh Morcha (Agitation and protest).Read more: https://khalsaforce.in/anandpur-sahib-resolution/ Point by point demands found here: https://www.satp.org/satporgtp/co
  7. Shaheed Bhai Anokh Singh ji Babbar A jeevani can be found here: https://khalsaforce.in/anokh-singh-babbar/ The last video is from basics of sikhi in english, the first video is in english from bhai sukha singh uk as well mixed with punjabi,the other 2 videos are punjabi. There was a longer video from basics here:
  8. A Tribute to Shaheed Bhai Kulwant Singh Ji Nagoke: A well written jeevani of Bhai Sahib ji can be found here at this link: https://www.1984tribute.com/shaheed-bhai-kulwant-singh-nagoke/ Sant Jarnail Singh Ji talks about the shaheedi of bhai sahib in their speeches. If you go to speech number 12 at the link posted above sant ji directly talks about the shaheedi of bhai sahib. You can feel that love and pain in their hearts as they talk. Also I found this clip of Giani Jangbir Singh head kathavachak at sachkhand sri hazur sahib talk about bhai sahib ji and how close the
  9. All speeches of Sant Jarnail Singh Ji can be found at this link in mp3 format https://soundcloud.com/ouruitowl/sets/all-sant-baba-jarnail-singh
  10. I want to start a thread about 84 and the movement afterwards so anyone can come here and learn about it more.There isn't enough about it in one place so hopefully with guru sahib's grace this thread will serve to become a useful resource to learn about 84 .It's up to us the sangat to contribute and keep this thread going. It is all our responsibility to honour our shaheeds and to remember them and to keep their legacy ever new and alive to inspire our future generations. No one else can be blamed if our new generations aren't aware of their own heritage. It is all our fault for never teaching
  11. a question i have been meaning to ask.I plan to start going to an mma place near me and start learning jiu jutsu, the problem is I keep worrying that my dastar will come off or become loose and I will have to spend more time fixing it rather than practicing or sparring. How do you guys get around this?I don't really want to tie a patka as I'd look really funny , how do you guys tie a tight small dastar that will stick to your head even if your rolling around jumping ,getting grappled etc.I know if I am training with apney they might be more careful and try not to take off your dastar but if an
  12. https://www.opednews.com/articles/During-Shutdown-5G-Being-I-by-Beverly-Jensen-Absence_Dept-Of-Education-ED-gov_Education_Educational-Facilities-200322-906.html https://worldhealth.net/news/thousands-satellites-set-launch-5g/ 5g towers are being installed during this lockdown in the U.S especially near schools and other areas. I just found out about this today and wanted to share to let the community know. This is being done in secret where vans disguise themselves as cleaning companies for maintenance in this quarantine as you can see in the third video. Another reason why I
  13. I wouldn't imagine that some of our apnay would be doing work with North Korea.
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