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  1. Bhai Saab answers common question of how long it takes to merge into Waheguru and explains the method from Gurbani.
  2. https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/rare-books-on-sikhism-punjab-emerge-in-london-sale/story-It445bHhVoPN2bUC7Qi2dM.html June 24 2020 A London-based rare books dealer on Wednesday launched a collection of rare books, original manuscripts and artwork on India that includes several first editions of work on Sikhs, Sikhism and Punjab dating from early eighteenth century. The 40-item collection from dealer Peter Harrington includes the first translation of the Adi Granth into English and several travel narratives set in the kingdom of Ranjit Singh, and military handbooks dedic
  3. This video provides a detail answer to your question.
  4. Mind is overpowered by this world and doesn't want to do Simran. Gyani ji explains very practically how to overcome Maya to meet Waheguru.
  5. Here is a rare video of Sant Baba Waryam Singh Ji Ratwara Sahib describing how to do simran and the different stages
  6. Waheguru Breaking: Namdhari Leader Wants to Join Khalsa Panth(DSU News Bureau) 3 June 2015- Namdhari leader Thakur Dalip Singh and his followers arrived at Hassanpur, Punjab to visit Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa and to express his willingness to join Khalsa Panth. Bapu Ji was arrested by police and taken to the hospital for force feeding. Although, Thakur Dalip Singh couldn’t meet with Bapu Ji but he met with Sangarsh committee leaders and expressed unity for the cause. It is important to point out that not all Sikh groups under the Akal Takht have come in support of Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa nor h
  7. Waheguru When we do ardas 'pratham bhaguti simr ki' at gurdwara we 'matha tak' couple of times. Does anyone know when this tradition started of doing matha tak, was it during the Guru period or after. Also, the panth added more to the ardas in the early 1900s, how did they get everyone to matha tak after the dohra was read 'sab sikhan ko hukam hai gur manu granth'. Also is there any historical granth that tells how the ardas was performed during the Gurus time or after Waheguru
  8. Wahguru I have seen some maps with parts of pakistan,rajastan and haryana in khalistan. Sikhs dont even form 5% of the poplution of those areas how will they just give up land, we cant fight them.
  9. Waheguru Sorry everyone for not being clear what i met was a harsh law against those people who burn Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, like whats been happening recently. I think a petition will certainly bring awerness. My english is not too good. Can someone please write a write up on why we want the punjab government to adapt a much harsher law, so we can spread awerness. waheguru
  10. Waheguru This is a great documentary on nihang singh, it seems to be a old one because all the jathedars look younger.
  11. Waheguru I wanted to know why there isnt a really harsh law against anyone who does beadbi of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in punjab since its a majority sikh state? Can we start a petition to do this. I think we can really make this happen.
  12. Waheguru Can someone please answer some of these questions? 1 if khalistan is created what will happen to all the Gurdwaras that will be left outside of khalistan in india, will they be abandened like the ones in pakistan, because the hindus will kick out all the sikhs because they will say now you have your own country go there. 2 Right now we can do parchar all over india easily, if khalistan is created how will we spread sikhi in india? sikhs living outside of khalistan in india will be hated and the parcher will not go on. 3 right now punjab is 60% sikh. Namdharis radhaswami and othe
  13. Waheguru From: http://dailysikhupdates.com/uk-sikhs-establish-first-ever-parcharak-school-for-sikhs/ Sangat ji, *New Parcharik School – by Basics of Sikhi* Starting from End June 2015-* In our search for parcharaks we found many people saying, “I would do parchar if I knew more about Sikhi”. Since not everyone is able to go to India to learn Sikhi, Basics of Sikhi is setting up a Parcharik School in the UK to train-up people who want to become parchariks. This will be a full-time 6 month course and we are hiring a full-time tutor to teach it. He is a native British Sikh who has spent many
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