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  1. Guest

    Dad Issues

    I was working today on our family desktop when I decided to look at picture we have on the computer. As I was clicking through our family pictures, I ran into some naked pictures of my father. Turn out my brother had icloud stream setup on our iPhones so all our picture automatically get to our desktops. Shocked, the first think I did was deleted the picture and uninstall icloud stream. My 11 year old uses the computer on a regular basis as well as my sister and I for homework since the printer is set up there. I didn't not want my siblings running into something like that accidentally like I
  2. Okay. I have been thinking about this for a while. I am at an age where my friends are getting married and I am thinking about my future in terms of married life. A little while to go and my parents will start pushing it! But for some time, I've been consciously thinking about how much I do not want to have children. What does Sikhism say regarding this? I know Guru Nanak Dev Ji said we should live among the world and part of that includes having kids and teaching them about Gurmat. What if I take the time out to teach other children Gurmat, at the Gurdwara perhaps? I am still teaching kids,
  3. WJKK WJKF If you've been in a similar situation, your advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance. My parents dont get on. No matter how much my mum trys to make my dad happy, he always finds a fault, an excuse to shout and swear and belittle her. He drinks every single day without fail. And once his had a drink, his temper and attitude is just too much. I cant cope anymore. Ive seen it all my life. When i was younger i tried taking my life after seeing my dad hitting my mum. My mums a gem. I just want her to be happy. Its gone on too long. Im scared shes going to do somethin
  4. Hey everyone, So I have been lurking this forum for quite some time, and I really like the help that everyone is getting. A lot of the people that post here are very intelligent in the Sikh ways and I hope you guys can help me out too, being that I don't know a lot of Sikh people besides my immediate family.It's only fair that I post my story so that other people can gain insight from my situation as I did. So I've been through a lot mentally, so I'll try to leave out the details. Basically I've been going through a lot with coping with my identity. I grew up in a Sikh family and I was havin
  5. WJKK WJKF I have a friend who's 16 and she's been suffering from this problem. For most of her life, she has been caring and ready to help anyone in any situation. For the past little while she's realized that those feelings have been shutting down. It's more natural for her to get upset in a situation where she has a problem rather than a situation where someone else (who she cares about) has a problem. It used to be the complete opposite before this year. She really wants the old state of mind back, but it feels as if her mind just doesn't care about much anymore. Is this because of age?
  6. What does gurbani and the various janamsakhis say about the responsibilities of person towards their parents, especially if they are not sikh? Please answer from sikhi and not a cultural point of view. Traditionally the east has had a greater focus on bending backwards to look after parents and consent to their wishes, especially when they are in old age, as opposed to nuclear family units in the west and urban centres worldwide. What is the sikhi line? Do we have parents live with us or leave them to their own devices? If living together and if they are not sikh do you permit them to practic
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