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Found 4 results

  1. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! I need some urgent help with something very time sensitive, this will affect the entire panth! If a perfectly round roti has a diameter of 15 cm, what is its area and circumference? If the density of roti is 0.86 g/cm3, what is the mass of the roti? Assume the thickness is 0.1 cm.
  2. A Sikh lady got into scuffle with Korean Christian ladies who were being disrespectful and trying to convert Sikhs at our Harmandar Sahib in Amritsar. Some people tried to malign the Sikh lady saying she was a Hindu convert and trying to pitch the Sikhs against Christians in Punjab. But now the Christian missionaries are going live themselves on their FBs in Harmandar Sahib. When will Sikhs finally wake up? Only a few Sikh youth were going to convert to Christianity in the late 19th century and it triggered the biggest revival in our faith in the form of the Singh Sabha movement and today lacs have become Christian and we're still sleeping.
  3. April 1st is #IndiaFools Day. http://t.co/SfqdPngjOg Please kindly share on FB, Twitter, Blogs, Email. #AprilFools #India #Punjab
  4. Two lines from different shabads below: ieh ibiKAw idn cwir iCA Cwif cilE sBu koie ] eih bikhiaa dhin chaar shhia shhaadd chaliou sabh koe || This poison shall last for only a few days; everyone must depart, and leave it behind. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ hir nwmu iDAwey qw suKu pwey pyeIAVY idn cwry ] har naam dhhiaaeae thaa sukh paaeae paeeearraidhin chaarae || Meditate on the Lord's Name, and you shall find peace; your stay in this world shall last only four days. And then this scary shabad: mÚ 1 ] ma 1 || First Mehla: pehilai piaar lagaa thhan dhudhh || First, the baby loves mother's milk; dhoojai maae baap kee sudhh || second, he learns of his mother and father; theejai bhayaa bhaabhee baeb || third, his brothers, sisters-in-law and sisters; chouthhai piaar oupa(n)nee khaedd || fourth, the love of play awakens. pa(n)javai khaan peean kee dhhaath || Fifth, he runs after food and drink; shhivai kaam n pushhai jaath || sixth, in his sexual desire, he does not respect social customs. sathavai sa(n)j keeaa ghar vaas || Seventh, he gathers wealth and dwells in his house; at(h)avai krodhh hoaa than naas || e ighth, he becomes angry, and his body is consumed. naavai dhhoulae oubhae saah || Ninth, he turns grey, and his breathing becomes labored; dhasavai dhadhhaa hoaa suaah || tenth, he is cremated, and turns to ashes. geae sigeeth pukaaree dhhaah || His companions send him off, crying out and lamenting. ouddiaa ha(n)s dhasaaeae raah || The swan of the soul takes flight, and asks which way to go. aaeiaa gaeiaa mueiaa naao || He came and he went, and now, even his name has died. pishhai pathal sadhihu kaav || After he left, food was offered on leaves, and the birds were called to come and eat. naanak manamukh a(n)dhh piaar || O Nanak, the self-willed manmukhs love the darkness. baajh guroo ddubaa sa(n)saar ||2|| Without the Guru, the world is drowning. ||2||
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